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KR Patch Notes July 17th: Shai can ride horses now

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by Keldorn, Jul 17, 2019.

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    google Translate. Invenglobal translation later.
    July 17 (Wed) Update Information
    Black Desert 2019-07-17 09:00


    Hello Black Desert Service Team.

    July 17 (Wed) We will inform you of the latest update.

    Today's update has 114 updates, including the creation and enhancement of Capote accessories.

    As an adventurer, I hope you will enjoy a better adventure in the game.


    Major updates - Capote accessory creation and enhancement
    ● Capote accessory production formula has been added.
    • Capote Accessory Production conditions and methods material
      Capote ring
      Level 61 or higher

      Made as a peacock

      Debris of Jonah x 325

      Potential Czaca's Energy x 3

      Fortified Oil x 5

      Capote Earrings
      Achieve level 62 or higher

      Made as a peacock

      Jonah's Fragment x 300

      Potential Nouvelle's Energy x 3

      Oil of the Fallen x 5

      Capotea Belt
      Achieve level 63 or higher

      Made as a peacock

      Jonah's Fragment x 350

      Potion of Cactus Energy 3

      Tranquility Oil x 5

      Capote Necklace
      Achieve more than 64 levels

      Made as a peacock

      Jonah's Fragment x 400

      Potential Karanda's energy x 3

      Storm Oil x 5

    • ● Capote accessories have been added to enhance the ability.
    - Capote accessories can be reinforced with accessories of the same name.

    - When Capotaia accessories are not reinforced, they are not destroyed, their hardening phase is lowered, and their maximum durability is reduced by 10.

    - Maximum durability restoration is possible with accessories of the same name or fragments of Jonah.

    Capote Necklace
    Base effect: ATK 25 / enemy gravity 16

    Chapter (I) Attack power 26 / enemy gravity 16
    The light (II) Attack power 27 / enemy gravity 17
    High (III) Attack power 28 / enemy gravity 18
    The oil (IV) Attack power 29 / enemy gravity 19
    Copper (V) ATK 30 / enemy gravity 20
    Capote Earrings
    Base effect: ATK 13 / enemy gravity 8

    Chapter (I) Attack power 13 / enemy gravity 9
    The light (II) ATK 13 / Enemy Gravity 10 / DEF 1
    High (III) ATK 13 / Red Gravity 11 / DEF 2
    The oil (IV) ATK 13 / enemy Gravity 12 / DEF 3
    Copper (V) ATK 13 / Red Gravity 12 / DEF 4
    Capote ring
    Base effect: ATK 14 / enemy gravity 8

    Chapter (I) ATK 14 / enemy gravity 9
    The light (II) ATK 15 / enemy gravity 9
    High (III) ATK 15 / enemy Gravity 10
    The oil (IV) Attack Power 16 / enemy Gravity 10
    Copper (V) ATK 17 / enemy Gravity 10
    Capotea Belt
    Base effect: ATK 14 / enemy gravity 8

    Chapter (I) ATK 14 / enemy gravity 9
    The light (II) ATK 15 / enemy gravity 9
    High (III) ATK 15 / enemy Gravity 10
    The oil (IV) Attack Power 16 / enemy Gravity 10
    Copper (V) ATK 17 / enemy Gravity 10
    [​IMG] Capote accessory was introduced for the purpose of giving symbolic rewards for the first level up. Since it was a high-grade accessory, at that time, the reward itself was of great significance.
    But not only when viewed from the current standards, but also as time passed ... I decided that the appeal of Capote accessories would be diminishing. We have added a production formula to make it possible to utilize a bit more widely, such as developing a sub-character, and added an enhancement function so that the value of the accessory itself can be slightly increased. We have prepared this patch and we focused on making sure that these two updates do not affect the market right away. It may not be necessary for everyone right away, but I hope that it will become more meaningful and usable for a longer period of time.

    • ● Added the ability to acquire Jonah fragments by heating some yellow grade accessories.
    * In order to acquire Jonah's fragments through the yellow-rated accessories, you must learn the "special heating method of Osadilla" from Valencia's weapons dealer Osadilla.

    Item name Number of pieces of Jonah available
    Ring of Ogre 7 ~ 9
    Tongrad Necklace 9 to 11
    Rite's power stone 7 ~ 9
    Black Erosion Earrings 9 to 11
    Tunghard earrings 7 ~ 9
    Nark's Ear Ornament 5 to 7
    Ring of Forest Rona Ross
    2 to 4
    Ring of the Eye of Ruins 5 to 7
    Tongrad ring 9 to 11
    Valhalla's Hidden Light Belt 7 ~ 9
    Tunghard Belt 9 to 11
    Orkinrad's Belt

    7 ~ 9
    ※ The quantity and quantity of the fragments of Jonah through the existing accessories are as follows.

    Item name Number of pieces of Jonah available
    Ring of the Crescent Guardian 3 to 5
    Cardrie's Guardian Ring 3 to 5
    Sedab's Necklace 3 to 5
    Chiche's Necklace 3 to 5
    Tunghard earrings 3 to 5
    Belt of the Basilisk 3 to 5
    Belt of the Centaur 3 to 5
    Additions and improvements
    • ● Attack rate buff applied with Rage Absorption (Common) technique.
    - In the past, when you are receiving buff rage (common) buffs, attack rate buffs are not superimposed when using the Black Raid: Congestion technique. This has been improved so that the attack speed buffs are applied in a redundant fashion when using the Blacklion: Congestion technique, even though an anger-absorbing effect is in effect.


    ● After a fierce practice, Shai learned how to ride a horse.
    - It is possible to ride in the back seat of a horse that has acquired the skills of two-person boarding, either directly on horseback with the Shay character.

    - It is now possible to use hunting matchlocks on horseback. (However, the technique can not be used on the horseback)

    - Shay can now use the capture rope.
    [​IMG] Shay can now board the horse. Thanks to all the Shay adventurers who have been waiting for you.

    Originally, we hoped that Shay would travel on a donkey and play with a different feeling from the old characters, but after the update, we received feedback from adventurers around the world and decided that they were not compromised . Today we have improved to enable horse riding through patches. There are many adventurers who love and love the donkeys, and I promise to patch them steadily as a way to make more use of donkeys after the patch for them today.

    Shay's talent patch is also ready to be patched live as soon as possible after the introduction of the Black Desert Research Institute. We hope that Shai will be a friend of your adventurer as a character with unique charm, and will spare no resource investment and development to match him. Thank you.

    • ● When using the Finger technique in the opposite direction after using once to the left or right, it has been improved so that it can hit twice in the opposite direction.
    • ● Improved to use faster, faster, faster, and faster.
    • ● The first strike action of the swing technology in place is improved slightly faster.
    • ● The attack range of the following techniques has been increased to correct the phenomenon that the actual attack range is narrower than the attack effect seen in the attack using Florent.
    - Pinggrr

    - One, two, three

    - Three sets.

    - Quickly

    - Fingered three

    • ● While using the right technology in the left / right direction, the linkage of the fingerprint technology has been improved to be a little faster.
    • ● The damage of the attack techniques using Florent has been changed so that it can damage more than a certain amount by adjusting the part where PVP was applied very low.
    • ● The wind effect of technology using Florent has been improved.
    • ● Costumes The following costumes of Shay characters that can be produced in the 1st stage have been added.
    • - [Shai] Florin Herb Picking Clothes
    • [​IMG]
      • ● '[Shay] Florin Herb Kitsuit' to create a 'Pattern: Florin Herb Kitsuit - Shi' is required.
      * 'Pattern: Florin Herb Collection - Shay' can be rewarded when you complete a series of 'Herbal Remedies for the Life of Someone' next to the NPC 'Kunatan Don' in Florin Village.

    • - Someone's life-saving herb

      - The fragrant fragrance

      - Hand-to-hand.

      - Azalea, white?

      - Dawn at dawn

      - Maybe once in a few years?

      - The substance of the revealed herb

    • * This request can be completed once per family, and can be accepted if the level is 40 without any limit of characters.
    • * After completing the request, you can purchase it through the intimacy shop of 'Jerpinis', the armor merchant of Florin village.

      • ● [Event] Eyeglass box, glasses can be obtained with an owl has been added.
      • ● Mysterious Powder of the Element Explained in the description of the items added to the parenthood can not be obtained from the soul.
      • ● Some functional costume boxes have been modified as follows.
      - "Open the box, you can acquire the costume of the job" → "Open the box, you can get a box of clothes for the job"
      • Corrected the phenomenon that the names and effects of the following order books that can be acquired through some commission compensation, interaction with the structure, exchange of broken star pieces, etc. were applied abnormally
      Before change after change
      Combat Experience + 100%

      - Use Effect: Combat Experience + 100%

      - Duration 10 minutes

      - Cooldown 10 minutes

      Combat Experience + 10%

      - Use Effect: Combat EXP Experience + 10%

      - Duration 10 minutes

      - Cooldown 10 minutes

      Experience + 50%

      - Use Effect: Added experience + 50%

      - Duration 10 minutes

      - Cooldown 10 minutes

      Experience + 5%

      - Use Effect: Added experience + 5%

      - Duration 10 minutes

      - Cooldown 10 minutes

      ※ However, it is not possible to use the item until the inspection of the borrower.
      • ● [Shay] Kwangdok Kwangdak Collector Weapon, Costume Set and [Shay] Exciting Alchemy Weapon, costume set when you wear a collection / increase in pension experience + 10% Set effect name has been changed as follows.
      Before change after change
      Costume effect (4 parts)
      Kwangdok Kontak Collector's Wear (4 parts)

      Warming Alchemy Wearing Effect (4 parts)
      • ● Pearl product description of the Naparts camp and the effect description of the campsite store have been changed to the same.
      • ● <Correction of Ancient Elements - Variety, Karimsa, Quick> Added a phrase that item descriptions can be obtained by heating "costumes".

    • ● Achievement Achievement The All Receive function has been added at once.
    - However, you can not use the Receive All function if you have an item that does not accumulate achievement completion compensation and you have an optional compensation.

    • ● Immediate admission function has been added to each illusion of blood altar.
    - Only the fantasy that the party leader succeeds in challenge is possible immediately.

    - You need nightmare fragments for immediate entry.

    - The number of nightmare fragments for immediate entry of each fantasy phase is as follows.

    Illusion phase Number of nightmare fragments
    The first illusion 0
    The second illusion One
    Third fantasy One
    The fourth illusion 2
    Fifth fantasy 0
    The sixth fantasy One
    The seventh illusion 2
    Eighth fantasy Three
    Ninth Fantasy 4
    The tenth fantasy 5
    • ● The party request has been changed to be impossible while waiting for the party to match the bloody altar.
    • ● When NPC presents, it has been changed to be influenced by the price of the integrated exchange in the old item exchange market, and the phenomenon that some items have abnormally high likelihood has been corrected.
    • ● The phenomenon that the name of the maker of the equipment was deleted when the modified stone is extracted has been corrected.
    • ● Added ability to retrieve only the quantity that was entered when collecting the desired goods for purchase or sale at the web integrated exchange.
    For example, if you recall 100 pieces of vitality instant remedy (small) when you want to sell after registering, 80 pieces will remain registered.

    • The summoned giant summoned by the Seal Seed Recovery request has been improved to start the battle after the adventurer has fully examined the black crack.
    • • Villagers have driven out some of the pool beetles in Olbia's north cow farm, and the number of grass beetles has been reduced.
    • ● The attacking method of the Protectorate of the Historical Heritage summoned by the Black Spirit request has been changed.

    Commissioning, knowledge
    • The "Wind Footprint" movement speed buff, which can be obtained as compensation during the main commissioning, has been changed from 1 minute to 3 minutes.
    [​IMG] In the beginning, there is no horse, and you have to run everywhere on your feet. The footprint of the wind was a step to help novice adventurers to adjust to the black desert world by moving a little faster.
    It may be a minor change, but I think this small part is important too. In addition to this patch, I will continue patching to help beginners adventurers.

    • ● The title of 'Leaping the Elven Skies' has been changed to 'Leaping Rupture of Horrors'.
    - The request has been changed to a more appropriate title as it is about hunting the ordinary Rutum, not the elite Rutum.

    • ● Completion of the "Bonnie Lauren's Message" request has been improved to better communicate with the NPC from stealing to the NPC. Even if you use stealing in the same way as before, you can complete the request.
    • ● In the hint of Star Trek Adventure Diary II, all expressions indicating the supply port were unified into the ports of Calpheon Northwest Forwarding Base.
    • ● A request name has been added to the "Cliff's Weapons" request description that is displayed in the Request (O) window.
    • ● During the "Return" request, instructions have been added to the Ambassador of Black Elements in the main commission widget to make it easier to reach the next destination.
    • ● The commissioning of the main character with "Shake Character" has been corrected when the commissioner of the 'Merchant Craftsman' and the [Choice] each person commissioned a 'request for the gift of black spirit' (bag and black stone).
    - Advisers who have already made a request for 'Secret Book' or 'Saving from Florin' can order and complete the request from the black spirit.

    • ● The location of the request for 'Odd Devices' has changed.
    • ● '[Level 50!] The huge Catfish Cubes' submission process has been changed in such a way as to use the Summoner directly, and to interact with the Black Crack to summon monsters, and the tutorial is no longer displayed.

    Background, NPC, effect, cut
    ● Kepplan's Stall Patch When Parthus has an affinity of 500 or more, the phenomenon of selling armor in a shop has been corrected. When acquiring more than 500 intimates, Parthus sells donkey harnesses in stores.

    • ● The convenience of donkeys and carriages has been improved.
    - Improved for faster running when moving donkey or moving automatically via W key

    - When a donkey is damaged by a monster, he runs away and hides himself. However, if the donkey is within 25 meters of the adventurer, he will not escape.

    - Donkeys who hide their bodies can be called by using the boarding button.

    - The wagon has been improved to stop faster when pressing the S key when moving at slower speeds.

    • ● In order to improve the inconvenience caused by the interaction of collectors while boarded, it has been changed so that the interaction window of natural collection (wood, ore, etc.) is not displayed when boarded.
    • ● When using the technique of "I'll be resting" technique of the donkey, the action waiting on the donkey is improved more naturally.

      • ● In the server selection list and the server move list, the color of the following server status icons has changed more clearly.
      - During server inspection, Arsha server, Patriji server, Olvia server, Restricted server movement, Pre-occupation

      - In case of server checking icon, it changed from blue to red.

    • ● World Map (M) has been added with a limited numerical notation in the description of the base point, attack power, and 1 step base point where the defense limit is applied.
      • ● Level-up information The name and numerical representation of the ability values of the guide window have been slightly modified.
      - Shows the maximum number of abilities to be increased and the number to increase.

    • ● Tomorrow's reward guide displayed at the end of the game The main character in the UI has been changed to Shai.
    • ● In the description of the function of the fish offensive grade, "Death" has been changed to "Release".
    • ● Weights have been modified so that weights are not displayed when we acquire items with zero weight, such as silver.
    • ● When purchasing a product that is subject to purchasing restrictions at the Pearl Store (F3), the quantity has been improved so as not to exceed the number of purchases.
    • ● Prior to level 10, the strong monster warnings around you have been changed so that they do not appear.
    • ● Fixed durability related messages for equipment that has not been repaired at the time of sale.
    • ● Perl shop (F3) LIMITED LIMITED (LIMITED) Details of the item has been added to the sales period.
    • ● The phenomenon that the integrated exchange market price displayed in the item description was reflected late has been improved.
    • ● When the first machining is failed, the message that the machining has been completed has been changed so that it is not displayed.

    Modifications and Changes
    • ● Guild guestbook management has been blocked in some cases that can not be unblocked has been corrected.
    • Fixed to output sound effect when using flares.
    • ● Fixed a situation where character position was abnormal when entering the beauty (F4) window, knowledge (H) window, Pearl shop (F3), and dye (J) window when the inclination value is negative.
    • ● Dyeing (J) Fixed the case where the camera viewpoint was enlarged abnormally when the carriage was selected in the window.
    • ● Fixed a problem in which the level-up guide window displayed on the lower right of the screen when leveling up displayed the illusion of the black spirit.
    • ● Fixed a phenomenon that was fired while shooting a matchlock.
    • ● [Fleeing] The phenomenon that it was possible to carry on an abnormally black lane while carrying an item with a bag was corrected.
    • ● [Warrior] Fixed the phenomenon that the hair was displayed above the helmet when wearing the black unmanned helmet.
    • ● [Fighting] Fixed the phenomenon that the right leg disappeared when wearing a durable costume with low durability.
    • ● [Fighting] Fixed a phenomenon in which an unnatural line was displayed on the arm part when wearing a low-durability sulimide costume.
    • ● [Kunoichi, Ninja] If you do not have a main weapon, you can press Shift + W to get rid of it.
    • ● [Lan] Ent The phenomenon that the leaf part of the bloodstream can not be dyed when wearing the camouflage was corrected.
    • ● [Archer] Fixed the phenomenon that the underside of the lower part was unnaturally displayed when wearing a cardigan.
    • ● [Archer] Level up in the right-bottom of the screen when level-up guide window, Archer characters can not acquire an anger absorption (unique) technology has been fixed the phenomenon.
    • ● [Shai] Fixed the phenomenon that appearance of Taegeuk Tattoo was unnaturally displayed when customizing face shape.
    • ● [Shai] Fixed the phenomenon that the finger disappears when wearing the red nose armor.
    • ● [Shai] When wearing a helmet of an athletic costume, the phenomenon that the rear part of the head shape of No. 3, No. 12, and No. 16 is partially cut is corrected.
    • ● Fixed a blue lion wearing a crown and functioning even when the period expired.
    • ● Fertilizer Includes items incorrectly described in the description of the items.
    • ● Correction of name and content of grain bag sack knowledge has been corrected.
    • ● Fragments of nightmares Knowledge of the number of materials in the wrong number of materials has been corrected the phenomenon.
    • ● The description of the following items in the description related to the exchange was displayed as a duplicate has been corrected.
    - Shattered blade fragments of red nose

    - Shattered mask fragments of Kias

    - Beck's broken crushed fragments

    • ● A description of the buff that can be obtained by using a flavored croon formula is now described as "croon full of flavor".
    • ● Fixed the black butterfly shell to be discarded during the automatic release of the yellow fish.
    • ● The effect of the effect of light powder on the monster's attack power is different from the notation is applied to the phenomenon is confirmed that the effect of the monster added to the actual effect of the monster, as described in the description of the item instead of lowering the effect is maintained, Has been modified to display +30 monster damage.
    • ● Automated directions in the following areas are now more natural.
    - Valenos

    - Serendia

    - Calpen

    - MEDIA

    - Valencia

    • ● Fixed a situation in which the experience value is abnormally applied when transferring the pension / collecting life experience value of Shai to another character or transferring the life experience value from the other character to Shai under certain circumstances.
    • ● When entering the blood altar, the phenomenon that the blood altar which was previously intermittently entered is entered without being completed normally has been corrected.
      • ● Some terrain in the Blood Altar has been modified.
      ● The bosses of the Blood Altar have been repeatedly attacked by enemies behind the wall.
    • ● Jorudaindukasu misunderstandings of knowledge content has been corrected.
    • ● We have been able to purchase purchased knowledge from NPCs has been corrected again.
    • ● Belia Village The phenomenon that the speech bubble in the ryokan ryokan is overlaid on the head of the NPC has been corrected.
    • ● Fixed the phenomenon that the structure of Belia village specific road was expressed abnormally.
    • ● [Guild] The description of sand ingot ingot knowledge and the text of the hint have been corrected more accurately.
    • ● The expression of the completion condition of the next request has been modified to suit the contents of the request.
    - Where is the girl's dog?

    - The cat needs adaptation.

    • ● Fixed a situation in which the black spirit was unnecessarily forced to be called after accepting the consciousness request.
    • Fixed the phenomenon that under the Gerbish mountain waterfall, musical instrument NPC was immersed in water.
    • ● When moving through the automatic lineage, the phenomenon of being unable to move due to clogging in a specific place has been corrected
    • ● When the "Family and relatives of the family" commissioned it, the phenomenon that the lower body of the giant worker behind it was displayed when the ethan was caught was corrected.
    • ● The phenomenon that the bushes around the ring forests became unnatural was further corrected.
    • ● Calpheon Market The phenomenon that a horse at a certain position in the street could not be retrieved has been corrected.
    • ● Calpeon City Chapel 2-1, the window was not displayed in the phenomenon has been corrected.
    • ● Fixed a problem where the scroll button could not be selected intermittently in the Level Up Guide window.
    • ● Dafuman of the requesting NPC, Deubencrun, has been modified so that it does not appear in the minimap, regardless of whether or not it is acquired.
    • ● World map (M) has been modified so that the proprietary guild information UI precedes the local information UI.
    • Fixed an unusual character displayed when the unit was closed ●.
    • ● Fixed the fact that the space key guidance was displayed as a changed hot key in the step of fishing when fishing.
    • ● Game setting → Performance setting → Fixed the phenomenon that the worker was not working even though he set worker in NPC
    • ● When selling merchandise to a merchant in a town with a warehouse, if you sell more than 50 million silver items, the sales proceeds will be sent to the warehouse. The text has been modified so that it does not appear.
    • ● When you open a production note in the equipment enhancement window, the production note window is normally closed through the ESC key.
    • ● When selling more than 500,000 silver items in a store, the phenomenon that the system message related to weight is displayed has been corrected.
    • ● The word 'maker name disappears when extracting' is removed from the modified stone extraction window.
    • ● When checking mail contents, it has been modified so as not to leave the UI area even if the length of the mail title is long.
    • ● When you enter the blood altar, the message window that appears when completing your previous request has been changed in a little more detail.
    • ● Fixed a problem where the arrow on the right side of the main category title disappears when IOS list is selected in IOS Mobile Web Integration Exchange.
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  2. tylon

    Mar 12, 2018
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    Made as a peacock? ....
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  3. Ardains

    Apr 20, 2019
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    114 updates, so we can expect all of these to be in our version innn.. 114 weeks? Kapp
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  4. ghoulz666

    Aug 27, 2017
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    Oh, the Devs are so shocked that people didn't like being stuck with level 15 donkeys that can't be bred.
  5. Keldorn

    Keldorn Tamer EU

    Feb 17, 2016
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    dam i can't change the title. This is much more importent -> "the number of grass beetles has been reduced"
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  6. WhySoSeeryus

    WhySoSeeryus Wizard 63 EU

    Jan 31, 2018
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    its amazing how much things they can pump out without focusing on actual stuff people are asking them to do.
  7. SnuffleBunnykins

    Mar 28, 2016
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    I can't wait for my Shai to be able to ride a horse. Dat donkey sheen wears out fast.
  8. Ardains

    Apr 20, 2019
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    As if 99% of the stuff people ask them to do is good for the game. Couple of hidden gems here and there but mostly pepegas crying about Karma, pvp altogether, enhancing boosts, more free stuff (easier progression), censorship(who gives a flying fuk?), boosts for classes that are already top tier and so on.

    Honestly, it's a good thing they don't listen most of the time.

    I don't expect McDonald's to whip out a pizza for me just because I want one either.
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  9. cloj

    Mar 4, 2016
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    I agree with everything you're saying and I'm glad they don't listen most of the time.

    However, it's a mark of flawed thinking to believe that because you yourself don't find something important, it must not be important. It's a failure in understanding the reality we live in. Other people are as sentient as you are and experience life as fully as you do.

    Specifically, I disagree with the censorship part. If censorship today didn't affect you, then sure this time it didn't bother you. Maybe if they censored all the game models you would care. Maybe if they took away blood you would care. Maybe if they whatever, you would care. Let's not be lazy with our thinking.
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  10. WhySoSeeryus

    WhySoSeeryus Wizard 63 EU

    Jan 31, 2018
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    yea but rehauling life skills and additional class balance should be their utmost priority.
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  11. Ardains

    Apr 20, 2019
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    Honestly, I worded that censorship part pretty bad. But what I meant was, that it was an unnecessary change that took precious dev time just because the most vocal people wanted it, even though it was not needed at all. Prime example of them "listening" , you see?
  12. Sadalsuud

    Sadalsuud Tamer 62 EU

    Mar 26, 2016
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    In the case of censorship, I don't think they listened to players. More like they anticipated the probable reaction of some governments, and potentially wanted to avoid any kind of problem. ..
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  13. Kubla

    May 12, 2019
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    I went to the trouble of getting and am in the middle of leveling the elephant, think I will just stick with it
  14. ghoulz666

    Aug 27, 2017
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    I trained 5 and never learned any useful skills.........
  15. Aikatears

    Aikatears Tearslight Ranger 49 NA

    Apr 29, 2016
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    Yea I dont mind using the donkey with her since my main is the one training horses anyway. So she stick with that
  16. SnuffleBunnykins

    Mar 28, 2016
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    I've got one too - haven't leveled it up much yet, so hopefully it's not a potato.

    Even so, there's nothing faster in the game than a good horse. :) A donkey is like going back to dial up modems. Since my Shai is my new main, it's horribly inefficient to get around the (large and beautiful) world on a donkey, but I can't give her up.

    When I saw the Venia attire for Shai, I thought it was horsie time. Well, hopefully soon.
  17. Munchaking

    Mar 15, 2016
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    And the level gap widens.

    Highest level players Dont need MORE AP. I got my shai to level 58 and Headed off to kamasylvia. I cant kill **** with 160AP.

    So this ends her usefulness. Cant solo grind with her so she aint getting any higher.
    #17 Munchaking, Jul 17, 2019
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
  18. Rizzly

    Rizzly Berserker 62 EU

    Sep 13, 2017
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  19. Icywave

    May 24, 2017
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    Hmm, I'm not so sure... This is basically an assumption on your end. Considering a bunch of regions got the censorship I think it's more based on some laws than actual player base complaining or just a decision they made themselves without any player feedback. If It was just NA/EU I could see your point, but nearly every other foreign region got it too... I just highly doubt there was that much consistent criticism that she should be censored worldwide.
  20. GnatGoSplat

    GnatGoSplat DarkKnight 62 NA

    May 5, 2018
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    Not really sure what they expected. The special donkeys are slower than horses, no tiers, have a turning circle of a 1978 Lincoln Town Car despite being smaller than a horse, doesn't do any damage from Charge, doesn't hardly have any skills, and can't be bred or bought/sold on the market. It has no benefit over a horse other than 2 cute, but pointless Shai-specific skills that you try a few times and never use again. If they really want to make donkeys relevant for Shai, it needs to have benefits over using a horse.
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