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Kr Patch notes March 31 (google translation)

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by Caldra, May 31, 2018.

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    Hello .

    The MMORPG, black desert.

    May 3, 2018 1 days (the neck) Black Desert will guide you through the update.
    Through today Check Add occupied before daejangjeon system, based around the rules changed , and 112 cases of updates (patches capacity of about 848.04MB ) conducted a.

    Please refer to the following for details of the update.

    【Event 】

    Summer preparations ●! June Hot time event is going on.

    - Period: May 31 (Thu) 20:00 - June 28 (Thu) 02:00

    - During the hot period of the event, you will benefit from additional experience points and increased item drop rates!

    (Except for Olivia Server and TinWorld, the benefits of experience are excluded.

    ※ Orbia Server and Tinworld always benefit: 100% combat experience + 20% experience

    [Event Page]

    ● The 1st black desert representative election event is going on.

    - Date: Thurs May 31 when 09 ~ Thurs., June 28 checks prior to

    - Choose the representative of the black desert! Check out the attractive promises and event benefits of each NPC today!

    [Event Page]

    【Character 】

    ● The base damage of the following skills has been increased .

    - the character's armor and some monsters from the last balance patch process ( Heath triazole , ahkeuman , this pin, etc. ), the defense has increased . On the other hand, the base attack power of the pet is not increased, and there is a part where the damage of the specific character using the pet is felt to be low, and the base attack power of the following pet is increased .

    - In the case of a pet summoned by a character, the ability of the pet will be determined by adding the ability values excluding the bonus value of the summoner, in addition to the base attack power of the pet.

    * Black and White

    - Summoned Black and White Increases the attack power by 30 from I level, increases by 5 per level, and increases by 80 from XI level black damage.

    * Blade of Darkness

    - Increases the attack power by 20 from I level, increases by level II 25, III level 30.

    * Wave crossover

    - Increased attack power by 30.

    * Gor, Mag, Ane, Tet

    - 80 ATK increase

    * Flooding poison, lava zone

    - Increased damage 30

    * Married couple

    - Increased damage 50

    * Admirable chest

    - Increased damage 30

    * Blue Dragon

    - Increased damage 30

    * Tactics: Cut tendon

    - Increased damage 30

    ● A state anomaly effect has been applied only to one hit of an action, and a phenomenon where a state anomaly effect can not be applied to an enemy of a long distance has been corrected.

    - In the case of forward-attacking techniques, such as howling winds, knockback effects have been improved so that only the first-strike blows of the technical movements apply to the rear-strike damage.

    - Fixed the situation where IMMUNE phrase is always displayed while one effect is applied when the status error effect and smash effect are applied at the same time .

    - If the operation is long, the number of status errors may accumulate.

    EX) In the case of the tendon cutting technique of Kunoichi technology, the state abnormal effect is applied for each attack operation, but the action is long and the state abnormal effect is accumulated. (Modified)

    - For more details, please refer to the update for each character.

    ● Even if you do not have the equipment in the actual game, the character selection screen has been changed to look like equipped with a main weapon / secondary weapon.

    ● Fixed a phenomenon where the effects of weapons are not seen intermittently

    [Warrior ]
    ● "Front Guard" phrases have been added to match the technical description of the following techniques with the actual effects.

    - Shield Vacuum I, Shield Vacuum II, Gin: Shield Vacuum, Multi Layer Shield Vacuum, Polar: Shield Vacuum

    【Ranger 】
    ● The way to open the wind only the first blow of the technology has been modified to apply the state anomaly effect.

    ● Flow: The ability to use the evasion blast technique after using the will of the wind in the state of acquiring I technique of the wind has been corrected.

    [Sorcerer ]
    ● Gin: The state of the Shadow Emergency has been modified so that it only applies to the first strike.

    ● Flow: The evil revenge technique description has been added to the phrase "pushing opponent on hit success (only for monsters)" to match actual effect.

    【Giant 】
    ● Flame Weapon technology has been modified so that the Down Smash and Air Smash effects are not applied during cooldown time.

    ● Strength of elasticity Some descriptions have been modified to match the description of the technique with the actual effect.

    - Push the opponent when the horse is hit successfully → Push the opponent when the horse attack is successful (applies only to monsters)

    - When using the technology to restore the fighting spirit + 5 additional phrases

    ● Fierce attack technology description to match the actual effect, 'Fighting in the state of lack of fighting skills when using the +5' phrase has been added.

    ● Too Much To help the description of the technique match the actual effect, the phrase "Restore Poison with Technology + 3" has been added.

    ● The state-anomaly effects of the following techniques have been modified to only apply to the first strike .

    - Gin : The falling rock , Gin : Gone , Beast attack , Flow : Ancient power

    【Fountain 】
    ● State of Surviving Wave Technology Anomalies have been applied to only one hit of an action, so that the effect of a state anomaly can not be applied to an enemy of a long distance.

    ● The distance to target attack target has been increased by 25%.

    ● The attack of black and white, come and improved the technique.

    * Attack

    - When the distance between the Black Rang and the attack target is over 5M , when attacking with attack target and using technology, Black Rang is rapidly approaching the target, causing powerful damage to the target and its surroundings .

    - When the distance between the Black Rang and the attack target is less than 5M , attack with the targeted target, and when using the technique, drag the target and nearby enemies to the black position and damage it .

    - The speed at which Black and White ran towards the enemy increased 1.5 times .

    - Attack damage has been increased by 1.5 times for Black and White attacks using Skill, and knockback has been modified to not apply .

    * Come on

    - Improved the use of technology so that black and white appear next to characters regardless of distance .

    - This will be improved in the future.

    ● Flow : The front guard effect applied when using emergency technology is omitted in the description of the technology, and the corresponding phrase has been added .

    ● everywhere backhoe unconventional weapons , when used Suzaku technology , has been modified so that the effect applies only to the state over the first blow.

    【Valkyrie 】

    ● The despair rushing downsmash effect has been modified to only apply to the first strike.

    ● Shield casting, Holy Earth state of the state of the effect is applied only to one hit of the action, the effect of a state far-away effect can not be applied to the enemy has been corrected.

    ● The state of the Chastisement has been modified to apply the Chastisement to the first strike and the last strike.

    ● Defensive Stats Description of the technology, the required endurance values have been deleted.

    ● Light Shifting I Fixed a phenomenon in the description of technology that describes the effect of the spinning effect.

    【Musashi 】
    ● Abnormal state of wind technology abnormal effects have been modified to only apply to the first strike.

    ● The state of the crafting skill of the castle has been modified so that it only applies to the first strike.

    ● Wrath and Spinning: The phenomenon that the damage amount of Wrangling technology does not apply normally has been corrected.

    ● Special Edition: Reinforced, Gin: Improved to be able to use the knitting technique a little faster during rear pursuit while acquiring special knitting techniques.

    ● The damage of all ranged attacks of wave breaking technology has been confirmed as a level II damage, and the damage has been modified to suit the level of wave breaking technology .

    ● Flow : The effect that the attack damage of the extreme technology has been applied to the I level damage of the wave technology has been confirmed and the damage has been modified to adapt to the wave technology level .

    ● Storm II, III, IV, V, Evolution of the technology that does not apply the push effect differently from the description of technique when hitting a single skill has been corrected.

    Special action has been added to the set of sculptures of the nose .

    【Plum 】
    ● Improved to use sleet walking technology in sword combat.

    ● The movement distance of the first striking action has been increased so that you can attack while moving while using the skill .

    - However, during the cooldown time, the same movement distance as before is maintained.

    ● The first strike state of the Ripple skill has been changed from stiff to stunned and applied to PVP.

    ● Damage of snowball techniques has been increased.

    Skill level

    Before change



    753% x 4

    791% x 4


    808% x 4

    848% x 4


    821% x 5

    862% x 5


    962% x 5

    1010% x 5

    ● Gin: Fixed a problem that the technology can not be used during the cooldown time when registering the cut-off technology to the slot.

    ● Added strikes to 'Strike opponent when hit is successful (only for monsters)' so that the stigma description matches the actual effect.

    【Location & Wizard 】

    ● Description of magic power recovery of cardiac skills of magic has been corrected.

    - Spirit +50/80/110/150/200 Recovery + Spirit + 50/100/150/200/250 Recovery

    【Wizard 】

    ● Fate of the explorer When stoning a dagger, the phenomenon that dyes are not reflected in non-combat has been fixed.

    [Kunoichi and Ninja]

    ● Using technology manufactory falling , the conditions over effects 1 has been modified to apply only once .

    【Kunoichi 】
    ● Fixed the problem that the stiffness effect does not apply in PVP when using I, II, III technology from the horse.

    ● Gamjin Gin: Fixed the problem that the stiffness effect does not apply when using the IsoSmoke technology.

    Difficulty: Difficulty of overlapping stun effect when using four-wheel technique has been fixed.

    ● Under the effect of crimson crimson flow: The phenomenon that the stun effect does not apply in PVP is corrected when the W key is input after using the technique of the chopper.

    Fixed the problem that the front guard effect is not maintained intermittently when you are hunting while moving backward from the combat state.

    ● The state of the Yoshitane skill is applied only to one hit of the action, and the phenomenon that the state abnormal effect can not be applied to an enemy of a long distance has been corrected .

    [Ninja ]
    ● The effect of the flood effect of Yongryong light technology was changed to the first strike.

    Fixed a problem where the stiffness effect does not apply to the Illuminating III technology.

    ● In the explanation of the technique of Lee, Yong-Ryong, 'the blowing success of the blade' phrase was corrected to 'hit success' to match the actual effect.

    ● Gin: The phenomenon that the down-smash effect of the rotating blade technology does not apply has been fixed.

    ● In the battle of Suwado, it was modified so that endurance is restored in the switching action when switching to the sword during forward movement.

    【Dark Knight 】

    ● Attitude In case of using foggy I, II, III skill in combat, the phenomenon that the movement speed increase effect does not apply has been corrected.

    【Fighting 】

    ● The state-anomaly effects of the following techniques have been modified to only apply to the first strike.

    - Flow: Vicious teeth, Connection: Torch Wind, Arang Pod, Gin: Arang Pod, Flow: Upwind

    ● The status of the spiral wound technology is applied only to the first strike of the technology .

    ● Fixed a situation in which technology could not be used in succession when using the Equivalent IV technology on the horse.

    ● Transit Armor In case of non-combat, when you switch to combat by using 'Tab key', temporary appearance of armor is fixed.

    ● Fixed the problem that when using the explosion striking technique during the cooldown time, the striking amount is different from the technical description.

    ● Fixed the problem that the damage of last action is not applied properly when using hungry beast technique using 200% rage of Black Elementals.

    - Fixed the phenomenon that the hair is unnaturally expressed when wearing LARASHENE Helmet .

    ● After the explosion battered use technology when used in conjunction with Purgatory tteolgugi technology , the damage does not affect normal development has been fixed .

    [Mystic ]

    ● Changed the status of each technology is applied only to the first strike of the technology is abnormal, the status of the effect can not be applied to the target hitting during the process has been corrected .

    ● Flow: The effect of a state anomaly effect on a batting other than the first batting has been corrected when using the rib technique.

    [What ]

    ● The state of death martial arts has been modified so that it can not apply the state anomaly effect to the target that is hitting during the movement .

    ● In the wavy, the state of the wavy line technology has been modified so that the effect is only applied to the first strike.

    ● The appearance of abnormal appearance when wearing some living clothes has been corrected.

    ● Phalaenopsis weapons, description of the costume set, "awakening weapons" phrase has been removed.

    ● In the combat posture of the horse, "Z, Y, C, V" key input when the semi-sword light sword was fixed so as not to see.

    [Item ]
    ● Eli unloading the resurrection with tears , the negative tendencies adventurers also the same experience as the general decline adventurers 100% has been changed to be recovered .

    ● The phenomenon that can not sell collected wild Rakiaro to the shop has been corrected.

    ● The description of the wreckage item of black aura has been added to the description of the weapon's weapon production.

    ● Fixed the problem that the installation area of the next Duvencourt furniture is unnatural.

    - Dovenkorn old-fashioned confessor

    - Dvenkroun thigh suspect

    - DeVen Crouch column lieutenant

    - Deborah Kroon, the old man

    - DeVen Crouch Neck Stone Chair

    - DeVen Crouch Chairs

    - Debircroun neck anvil chair

    - Debenkroun square neck chair

    - Debenkroon cedar shelf

    - DeVen Kroun Boom Display Rack

    - De Vencon multi-purpose tool box

    - De Vendre cloth holder

    - Dévencorne decoration holder

    - Dejvenkroun rhombus holder

    - deuben Kroon cheukbaek small bookcase

    - deuben Kroon cheukbaek large bookcase

    - Devenkrun Chinwood Intermediate

    - Deben krone processing neck

    - Deben Krohn Hoorong Thrust

    - Debenkrohn leaf decorative staple

    - De Venden Crocodile closet

    - deuben Kroon target list table

    - Debrecorun Neck Comet dining table

    Added to the use of wood plywood as an abrasive stone paving stone patron ● .

    ● The number of palm plywood and plywood has decreased when polishing guard seats.

    ● Mysterious crop seed / hyphae icon has been changed.

    Fixed a situation where maximum durability can not be restored when the potential breakthrough level is at its maximum rating.

    ● Some crops with the magic power of seeds to improve the type of fruit can be obtained different from the special product seed has been corrected .

    - More than seconds , carrots , peppers , olives , Arrow Mushroom

    【Content 】
    ● The rule before the base was added and changed .

    ※ occupied before the season five starts and one this rule to the occupation of bases ago has changed .

    By a lot of preparation 1 was created to let you create an environment where you can focus on one base 1 yieoteuna stronghold occupation rules the opinions that you feel that lack those adventurers who enjoy the bases before using more traditional pleasure through more base before participating We have changed to get it .

    Powerful one is the stronghold of rigid guild guild occupied more to prevent the results to be exclusive to occupy several bases in accordance with the number has been changed to a guild captain can set the occupation opportunities . Occupation opportunity to stop the monopoly of very large guilds , but also intentions , those voluntary participation by itgekkeum can be set lower for the occupation opportunities for adventurers who feel that it is free to join every day before hub and enjoy the battle is one limitation on the base occupied So that you can enjoy the battle more.

    - You can occupy up to 6 points every week in the future. The number of occupied bases is reset every Saturday after occupation.

    - It is not possible to take both basic and general base at the same time.

    - You can only proceed within the same territory .

    - You must take at least one general base to participate in the occupation base .

    - If the guild is being taken over the general bases to participate in the occupation base , participation is possible estates divided by the base being occupied .

    - Dominion ( Ballet North , Serendipity Boutique ) guild that is occupying the base of the general can be a challenge to the base of one of the territories occupied area .

    - under the direct control commands ( sword peon , Media , Valencia ) occupied the plain base being guilds can challenge the bases of the occupation under the direct control of the command area .

    - Depending on the number of bases occupied, there will be a limit on the number of people who can participate when trying to capture additional bases .

    0 When the base is occupied

    Up to 100 people can participate

    When 1 base is occupied

    Up to 80 people can participate

    2 When occupying the base

    Up to 60 participants

    3 When occupying the base

    Up to 40 people

    4 When occupying the base

    Up to 20 participants

    5 When occupying the base

    0 people can participate (only castles can be built)

    - Guild members to join the base can be determined by the newly added Occupation Opportunity System. Guildmen can use a dedicated UI at the guild window to grant a guild member up to 5 times of occupation.

    - Occupation opportunities can be configured up to 20 people each time, and regardless of whether or not you are participating before the actual base , the guild will be deducted once for each successful base occupation.

    - Guild members who do not have a chance to occupy are not able to participate before the base, because they are divided into non-members .

    - For example, if a guild has 100 guild members, it can be given 20 to 1 to 5 guild members . If you occupy one base, you will not be able to participate in the first base once you have been given the first one, and only 80 people who were originally given 2 ~ 5 times can participate before the next base.

    < Example of Occupation Opportunity Setting for 100 guild members >

    Participation in the 1st base = 1 ~ 5 members

    The second hub engagement when ( a base that is taken over 1 corresponds million cases ) = 2 to 5 can only participate circuit set guild

    The three base engagement when ( a base that is taken over 2 corresponds million cases ) = 3 to 5 only participate circuit set guild

    When joining the 4th base ( only 3 bases occupied ) = Only 4 ~ 5 guild members can participate

    Participation in the 5th bases ( only 4 bases occupied ) Only 5 guild members can participate

    Participation in the 6th base ( only 5 bases occupied ) = Only construction of the fort

    - Occupancy opportunities can not be changed before or during the capture phase.

    ● For a comfortable pre-occupation environment, all PVPs are restricted on servers that are under occupation control from 8:50 PM.

    ● Large-scale war was added before occupation.

    - The Blacksmiths are the victors of the battlegrounds' victory by raising the morale of the battle and raising the morale of each guild (or alliance) by fighting against the oppressors who represent the siege and Mercury before the Calpeon, Medea and Valencia occupation. It is combat content that can receive favorable buff before occupation and feel war atmosphere.

    20 City 52 is daejangjeon private arena will be built in the area since daejangjeon minutes . When the bullpen dedicated arena is built, the adventurers in the area may be trapped, so please move the character in the battlefield area .

    - Guild or League adventurers participating in a siege for 1 minute from 20:53 before the Calvary, Media, and Valencia ghost landscapes can interact with the siege gate on the Siege War zone to apply for the Battle of the Siege.

    - If the siege guild or the alliance does not apply for the big fire, the bullpen will not proceed before the day of capture.

    - All players can apply for the battlefield. Players can not use barbarian cracks, guild battle, individual battle, Red Battlefield, Arsha window, free duel, duel contents until the end of the battle.

    - All of the flashing electrons in the vicinity of the stadium are moved to the nearest town.

    - Players will have a 1 minute preparation time from 20:55, and a maximum of 3 minutes from 56 minutes.

    - If one of the battlefields progresses, the win / loss judgment is made and if both of them are alive for 3 minutes, the winner or loser is determined by comparing the survivor's health ratio.

    - The prize for the victory of the battle is as follows. The effect effect is output to the enemy at the time of victory. In the case of siege side bye, it is applied when there are no participants on the water side.

    Siege Siege: Maximum Siege of the Siege Total +1000 Buff (Disappears at death, lasts 1 hour)

    Mercurial Victory: Mercurial Total Maximum HP + 1000 Buff (Disappears at death, lasts 1 hour)

    Siege side: Siege total maximum HP + 500 Buff (does not disappear at death, lasts 1 hour)

    ● Calpheon, Media, Valencia Corrected the phenomenon that the lever that can operate the gate was destroyed by the attack of the character's pet.

    ● Fixed the phenomenon that the attached building can not be dismantled properly when dismantling the attached building before proceeding before the base station / occupation.

    ● Fixed a problem that when the enemy guild member dies, the system message "Death was intermittently dead" is displayed .

    ● Before the base / pre-occupation, the phenomenon of automatic movement to the castle is alleviated even when the distance from the castle is close.

    - The distance to the fort must be at least 150M to move automatically.

    ● Fixed a situation where the enemy's appearance is not seen intermittently when the other character's hide function is activated, and before joining before / during occupation.

    ● Fixed the phenomenon that when a faint fairy is reincarnated, it changes to high speed appearance intermittently.

    - The appearance of the fairy changed to Gospy due to the phenomenon has been changed to the original appearance.

    ● When you are using a secret shop, when you are out of energy, you can see other items, click the item purchase button, and an abnormal message is displayed.

    An issue that can not be resolved has been fixed.

    ● The Rakuia collection effect has been removed .

    ● The distance from the character is changed to look only in Lakia within 50M .

    ※ After a careful review of the bitgidung screenshots to rakiah been controversial in recent adventurer you , likelihood that actual screenshots have been judged to be very small . The reasons are as follows .

    Rakiah a different method is implemented as a monster object NPC Like or monster , schedules need to access into the street after you download the location information from the server, load the textures appear in front of you adventurers . In other words , it is not possible to find out the location of Lakia, which is a very long distance like the screen shot , with simple client operations . In addition , Lakia is set to update its location information over time . Therefore , even if you click through to Dragoon and Kama Sylvia to collect your location information to Lakia , your location information will likely change during the next mini-game or while you are moving again . Therefore, it is actually difficult to maintain meaningful location information even if it is actually nuclear .

    In addition, as a result of collecting data from the adventurer , Lakia , the top tier enjoyed an average of 10-14 hours of content per day , and some adventurers were concerned that the average hourly profit was not generated .

    The likelihood that the screenshot is real, but is determined that very few , will tell anyone hayeoteum modified as above, due to concerns that can get dishonest gain in unexpected ways . Due to the change to look like a nearby Rakiah, you need to pay more attention to discover Rakiah. On the other hand , the measures to reduce the stress to find Rakiah Road which I showed you last week are being discussed and tested separately from this revision, and I will be able to show it in a very short time .

    【Monster 】
    ● The server on which the World Head monster appears has been modified to limit the PVP function.

    - You can only use PVP content in the Red Armor, Arsha's window.

    - The adventurer who entered the free duel prior to the appearance of the world head will be automatically ejected from the free duel after 15 seconds and will not be able to enter the free duel until the end of the world head.

    ● The World Head monster has been changed so that the server can not be moved for 15 minutes after its appearance.

    - Even if the world leader is killed within 15 minutes, 15 minutes must pass before the server can be moved.

    - Olbia / Patrijio / Arsha server also 15 minutes after the appearance of the World Head monster on a normal server, the server can be moved.

    ※ In recent years, various changes have been applied, such as the appearance of head and retreat time fixed, and the dropping rate of loot, so that more adventurers can participate easily . This was originally designed to give the adventurer the same level of spoil that you would have done if you were to kill the World Head once, but you would have to do more than twice with the server move. Therefore, the change of server movement and PvP should be applied together at the appearance of header, but technical problem was discovered and the above explanation was applied first. This week we will be able to apply it after careful testing, and we hope that more adventurers will be able to enjoy the battle of World Head in a more pleasant and more pleasant environment in the future.

    ● Fixed Guy and Muraka to appear on all servers .

    ● The drop item and the drop probability have been partially changed to enhance the character of each hunting ground.

    - The rate of dropping major loot items, such as ornaments, black stones, Kapras stones, gore rolls, quail training materials, and dragon scales fossils, will vary. It is expected that the adventurer will have the fun of choosing the hunting ground according to the desired item.

    ※ In the process of adjustment of the overall item drop balance, when the probability of acquiring major drop items greatly increased, the drop rate of other items was partially reduced.

    ※ However, the drop rate of jewelry dropped at the hunting ground was not reduced. (For some hunting areas set as major drop items, increase the drop rate of ornaments )

    ※ In addition to major drop items, items that can be acquired from the hunting area can be additionally checked from the ESC-drop item information in the game.


    Major drop items



    The rolled recording by Gore , Jonah of fragments ( some hunting )

    Lower probability of a stone drop of Caprice


    Asura Ring with black spell , magic lost

    Main drop items and various items available

    My family temple

    Remnants of a black aura , the magic is lost Oh Peninsula earrings , Blackstone

    Black magic crystal can not be obtained

    Titium Valley

    The black wreckage , the magical asesla ring , the scroll recorded in Gore

    Black magic crystal can not be obtained

    Cardi ruins

    Green grade equipment item , Blackstone

    Gahaz's band

    Green grade equipment item , scroll recorded in Gore

    Crescent temple

    Ring of crescent moon, ring of crescent moon

    No debris from Jonah


    Basilisk Belt

    No debris from Jonah

    Thaftar plain

    Modifications of various types of Black Magic

    Lourdes sulfur mine


    Palaku prison

    Scroll of Gore



    Can not acquire Kapras Stone , Powder of Ancient Elements

    Histria ruins


    Can not acquire Kapras Stone , Powder of Ancient Elements

    Kama Sylvia

    Illusion-awakening material , forest wrath , Manshaem's witchcraft doll

    Kapalas stone drop with a higher probability than Valencia

    Ringwood forest

    Remnants of black spirit , Blackstone

    Possible to acquire black debris

    Forest of Poly

    Caprice's Stone , Ancient Elemental Powder

    Possible to acquire black debris

    Manshaum Forest

    High-priced miscellaneous items , Manshaem's magic doll

    Tooth Fairy Forest

    Originals and fantastical materials

    Mirumo Site

    Forest wrath

    Possible to acquire source seats in Krog

    De Reagan

    Dragon's Scale Fossil , Combination Magic's Correction

    The stone drop of Kapras with a higher probability than the Kama Sylvia

    Red Wolf Village

    Scales for fossils , modifying a combination of horsepower - stole

    Tshra Ruins

    Combination of magic modifications - Mark of the Macarrod , Barbaric

    Acum Armor Not Acquired

    Shreckan's grave ( daytime )

    Modification of Combination Power - Macal Lord / Steam

    ● Goblins Chieftain Summoner has been added to the Karpen Manshia Forest item drop list .

    ● The next voice of monsters , sound effects , such as 800 Hz , the overall sound has been renewed .

    - Wrap Sat chiefs Kell Cass , giants patriarch's Aku , Goblin Chieftain's hunger

    【Request, knowledge 】

    ● A new request to receive Toshi's grandson "glorious companionship" has been added.

    - When completed, you can acquire a sealed battle (1 day).

    ● [Repeat] delicacy on the shores of the lake 'The contents of the summarized request and the target have been revised.

    ● '[Repetition] Bold Investment' The target has been changed from Cuckoo bird nest to lavender cuck bird nest.

    - Along with this, the Cuckoo bird nest placed in Kamal Sylvia has been replaced by a lavender Cuckoo bird nest.

    ● During the commissioning of the 'Mungo Whale', which is disturbing the sea area, the phenomenon of intermittent flying of whale whales in the air was not fixed.

    ● The phenomenon that the Troll Siege Knowledge is not acquired intermittently has been corrected.

    [Background, NPC, effects, cuts ]
    ● Fixed an unusual movement of characters in some of the terrain.

    ● Fixed a situation where characters can not move normally on some terrain.

    ● Fixed a situation where characters could enter some unusual terrain in the Altinova area.

    Fixed the phenomenon where characters seem to behave abnormally in some places in Debrecen area.

    ● The phenomenon that a character can enter into the column of some building columns of the Calpeon capital was corrected.

    ● Crescent moon temple and desert The area of the Nagai temple area was uneven, which made it difficult to move .

    ● Fixed the problem that the NPC of the contaminated residents in the Kalpheon area are flickering while moving.

    ● Fixed a problem that the new NPCs that appear in Calpheon are blinking intermittently.

    ● The delivery of imperial objects in the Dven Kroon area.

    [UI ]
    ● Guild window UI size has been slightly increased.

    ● When wearing equipment and costume items, the position of the circular effect on the equipment window has been corrected.

    【System 】
    ● Awakening Weapons are now worn to automatically switch to battle during automatic movement.

    Please spend more time in the black desert.

    thank you.
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    This one is extra google-ish, so going to need someone to translate *sigh* but looks juicy. So they are moving on to class tweaks now. No more hidden cards? But we still have the fabled Pot-to-stamina change that was mysteriously removed.

    Looks like all around buffs??

    Today's NW wasn't so bad under the new system. It felt refreshing actually, where you actually cheer when you land your unprotected CC on unsuspecting reds, when before it was "just a CC". Still too early to tell, since everyone is randomly doing skills right now from muscle memory.
  8. Keldorn

    Keldorn Tamer EU

    Feb 17, 2016
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    Heilang gets 80AP extra, great i take it. I really don't have any idea what the other staff is, can't wait for inven translation.

    And now Fetch...........good boy!
  9. Rizzly

    Rizzly Berserker 62 EU

    Sep 13, 2017
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  10. ghoulz666

    Aug 27, 2017
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    W/E the hell I just read.
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  11. Gingen

    Gingen Guildmarm Sorceress 59 NA

    Feb 28, 2016
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    Ah yes...the "What" class. Truly remarkable.
  12. iller

    Feb 20, 2016
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    I hope this doesn't mean they're giving up on guild "Unions". ...also WTF is a "Beginner" node? b/c If those ****ing Overgeared Mini-guilds (like Severity & Cutthroat) get to keep building on them, they'll still easily own 6 Nodes at a time in the Rookie Leagues while just sh***ing super hard on "Beginner guilds" who bring 3x as many people.

    Overall, it's an interesting addition to the game if EVERY node in the game starts being included in nodewars so that actual "Beginner" guilds get to fight other actual beginner guilds. But until the Designers stop being RNG catering Jerks, and are finally willing to CAP gearscore in some way for those Tier-Zero nodes, the game's just going to continue to push away almost all newer potential PvP'ers who never ever stood a chance thanks to Renown & AP scaling
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