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Kunoichi Awakening Skill Bug

Discussion in 'Classes and Skills' started by Libgy, Oct 23, 2020.

  1. Libgy

    Oct 23, 2020
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    Hello, I was playing some BDO as usual trying to grind and I was just messing around with the skill menu, looking at abilities and whatnot and all of a sudden I can't cast my awakening SHIFT + RMB (Wheel of Wrath) which for me is a crucial ability for grinding and AOE. Locking my abilities and unlocking them does nothing. I reset my game, my abilities, reset all settings and keybindings, I even got on a ship and off yet nothing happens and I still can't cast it. I'm really not sure what I did wrong I tried manually resetting my main attack keybindings which then led me to (Note). I also now can't cast my secondary awakening attack ( Vertical Slash up and down) nor my normal secondary attack ( Kunai Throw) I would really appreciate some help because I kinda can't play without that ability.

    Note: When this bug initially happened I couldn't cast awakening SHIFT + RMB but I could still cast normal SHIFT + RMB (Fox Claw).

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