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Lv.60 Grinding skill rotations please!

Discussion in 'Musa' started by Eltruism, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. Eltruism

    Dec 14, 2015
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    Sold a few things and managed to quickly gear up an lv.60 musa with 236AP.

    I got this musa to 60 during the 1000% XP event so I know nothing of it.

    Can anyone share their skill rotations for these two scenarios?

    Assume I have all skills and max SP.

    1) 1-2 shot mobs.

    2) High HP/Eva./DP mob pack. (like manshaums/miru./etc.)

    I would think 1) would be dash in, crosscut + space, then dash to next pack.

    I would think 2) would be Blind Thrust non-awake 30% crit. buff, then, all the instant cast cooldowns in non awakening and some twisters here and there, then dash to next pack.

    Are there better cookie-cutter/meta combos for grinding really fast?

    Thanks ya'll.
  2. Foggen

    Foggen Musa 63 NA

    Jun 5, 2016
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    When you can 1 and 2 shot, crosscut and twister(space) with occasional firey crevice (f) is pretty fast. I've heard about a meta where you dash to the center of a group and Rising Storm (preawakened shift-Q) then go to the next. That sounds boring to me though.

    Against tankier mobs (which is generally my preference) you kind of have to have a multi-phase rotation where you go through skills that are available while your other ones are on cooldown.

    So, you can do something like dash in with firey angel (w+f), flow:dash slash (hotkey, for dp debuff), below the belt (shift+lmb), crust crusher (shift-f) to foul play (hold lmb after crust). This is big damage and likely to finish any pack around your level. Then you can fill with crosscut->flow:backflow (a/d+lmb->a/d+rmb), twister, crevice, etc. If you have SP for it you can also quick swap to preawakened by canceling chase into blooming:phantom ([w+]rmb->shift+lmb+rmb), then rising storm and/or dragon bite combo before a quick c swap (w/s+c) back to awakened to continue.

    Getting used to Musa is about getting a feel for what flows well into what, and getting used to that. Grinding mobs that can take a hit is a good way to practice it. I had to look up the key combos for some of these moves because I've practiced them so much my hands just do them now.

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