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Marni Stone Event: Would Do It But... (How about Giving us a Quest?)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Belle Atwell, Mar 12, 2020.

  1. Belle Atwell

    Dec 19, 2015
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    Here's an idea:

    1. Hold an Event
    2. Quest appears in my Suggested Tab [Event: Kill 500 of Any Region Creature]
    - frankly, I hate Marni Stones
    - I have to go find the NPC
    - I have to fill my inventory with their thing
    - I have to kill THAT creature type
    - Usually it takes ages
    - I can do nothing else until it is over
    - and then if I miss a day or two of this event it was all a great waste of time
    3. If you're going to hold a Event for an Anniversary don't hold it on the most annoying and inconvenient game mechanics

    I realize last year the Events were pretty amazing. I had a ton of fun and made a ton of friends through them. However, the Marni Event is definitely not it.

    Remember when the Marni Stones couldn't tell us if we'd handed in enough for the last event?

    They are loathsome things best avoided.

    I appreciate the effort you put into giving us these. I really do, but they are honestly more inconvenient to use than to not use them at all. How about having us just talk to the Wacki Toshi and get quests from them like any other game's kill quests. It spares us the inventory space. Further, make the quests REGIONAL rather than creature camp specific. Then we can have some agency with our TIME.

    Time is the rarest of all commodities. If something asks me to dedicate however long it takes to do 500 of something I'm probably just not going to be bother.

    I realize too this robs some flavor from the game, but that's the times we live in.

    You ask for more time than I have and I can't do it.

    As a whole this game has real issues respecting OUR TIME. Yes, doing the quests every day will reward 1 billion silver. That's a good chunk of time multiplied or time returned. Unless... you miss a few days.

    How long do you think it takes to ride out to one of these places? How long does it take to ride back? How long are we going to be doing the quest? How much time into something else am I losing that might be better spent elsewhere? On the whole, they aren't worth the time. Even if they ARE because we basically have to SCHEDULE them. Look, I don't want to have to organize my REAL LIFE to participate with a GAME event. I don't mind logging and doing anything. I'm willing to give up that much time - obviously. I do play. A lot. But, you're asking a lot to be dedicated this much. Not because the event demand on its own is crazy or something. It's stupid easy: Talk to Wacki > Buy Stone > Ride Out > Kill > Ride Back > ... but each of these things take time. They are extra steps to using the Wack Toshi I don't need do and don't have time to do. If I could choose where in that region to go and get the quest straight from pressing O THEN hand it IN at Toshi I'd love this.

    The way it is currently?

    It just wiped out all of my play time.

    No thanks.
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