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Missed Out Balancing for Maehwa

Discussion in 'Maehwa' started by galiron, Aug 13, 2019 at 8:22 PM.


How do you view Maehwa in her current state compared to the old (pre PVP Patch) state

  1. Weaker then before! Pls revive this dead class

  2. I think she's somewhat viable? Could need some balancing/buffs

  3. Maehwa is still fine, just requires a lot more skill then other classes.

  4. Maehwa is still strong, can still easily delete people better then other classes.

  5. Maehwa is still OP as ****, are you drunk?

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  1. galiron

    Jul 6, 2017
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    Well, i play Maehwa and i'm a bit sad as i see PA updating classes, making balancing patches but completly forgetting the details that actually balance classes. So first of all i want to state my view of balancing. Usually there are multiple aspects of a class like for example damage, mobility, protection, health and so on. If a class is in a good state she's usually viable in some aspect like for example grinding (Musa). If a class is balanced, you can keep it in this position usualy by nerfing one aspect and buffing another. For example reducing damage and increase mobility. So the Musa could grind faster but with less damage, making him better at low ap places and slower at high ap places. So this is balancing. BUT in my opinion with some "balancing patches" they forgot to balance the classes compared to each other. Here so examples for the Maehwa

    -Block mechanics for multiple classes got introduced. Other Classes now got a benefit, Maehwa had this mechanic exclusive with some other classes, So she loses this advantage in a certain point but not getting anything in compensation

    - Removing Iframe from Sleetsteps (sideway dash) made the class way more vulnerable, making it way harder to trade damage, but again nothing in return.

    -Increased Stamina Costs on dashes. Yea well, they tried to adapt due to lower stamina costs on other skills. But honestly it doesn't really worked out well.

    -The big pvp update which removed a lot of protection. So after that maehwa was pretty much left with no safe engage at all, no damage trades are possible anymore, since you're locked in the frost pillars animation or using the petal drill which is dealing hilarious low damage (844%*4), without cc effect and reduced pvp damage and the flow(728%*3), also with reduced pvp damage. So even if you use these 2 skills you will most likely end up in a grab or die while u try to trade damage.

    -Yes the ability to use sleet steps from non-awa made red moon viable for pvp. But for example the ability to use Petal Drill from nonawakening is like a pretty weak compensation since Petal Drill is such a weak skill.

    Overall i think they should just buff PVP instead of PVE damage for maehwa, so she can be what she was meant to be, a mobile deadly assasin. (Since she lost most of her mobility) or revert the stamina changes again, so maehwa is able to controll the fight again without running out of stamina after 6 seconds. All those patches just left Maehwa in a bad state when she was once good.
  2. Xplato

    Feb 16, 2016
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    Maewha won't ever be buffed only nerfed PA hates the class becuese they are racists.

    Better go play the wheelchair class musa since it's made easy mode and requries no skill.
  3. Aurasormr

    Jul 6, 2017
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    They should continue the class balancing in general. It still feels like they stopped caring after 2 steps...
    Its not jsut mae having struggles... all classes do to a certain degree.

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