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Musa Rework Concept V 2.0

Discussion in 'Musa' started by HongChong, Oct 9, 2020.

  1. HongChong

    Mar 9, 2018
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    Made a previous thread where I also threw out an idea for a full scale rework of the class. Something I still think are good, something's I agree were pretty stupid. So here's another crack at making something feasibly balanced without asking to make the class broken.


    • Dragon's Bite and Blind Thrust
      • Putting these 2 together because they both just need their stamina costs removed or lowered. Nothing massive here.
    • The arrow Skills
      • All arrow skills now share a global cooldown. When 1 skill is put on cooldown all others can not be used until that skill's cooldown is finished.
      • All arrow skills can now be used during Musa's Chase animation without stopping the character or hindering him in any way.
      • All arrow skills now share the same keybind. To use different arrow skills a new quickslot available ability will be added to cycle through arrow types.
      • All arrow skills can now be used in Awakening by pressing E and no longer swap you back to Pre-Awakening.
      • Stub Arrow is changed to a 5/s cooldown but otherwise remains untouched.
      • Charged Stub Arrow is removed and now replaced with Blunt Arrow. Blunt Arrow has a 10/s cooldown and stuns the target instead of stiffens it, as well as applying a -10 DP debuff to the character for 6/s.
      • Evasive Stub Arrow is removed and now replaced with Poison Arrow. Poison Arrow has a 15/s cooldown and debuffs the target with a mild DOT and a -25% movement speed debuff for 7/s.
      • Quick Shot has it's cooldown reduced to 10/s, the movement speed debuff removed, damaging hits increased from 2 to 4, and accuracy rating increased to 20%.
    • Musa's Resolve
      • Passively, this ability now grants Musa a new secondary resource bar that we'll just call "Resolve Stacks" for now. Dealing a prerequisite amount of damage, which is based on character level and increases as the level gets higher (as well as differs from PvP to PvE), grants Musa a stack of Resolve. Musa can hold up to 5 stacks of Resolve at once.
      • Activating Musa's Resolve consumes Resolve stacks and grants a 90/s buff as well as restores HP and WP, the amount of which scales with the stacks of resolve consumed.
      • The buff granted by Musa's Resolve enhances the abilities of his Awakening kit based on the number of stacks that were consumed.
      • Reactivating Musa's Resolve will reset the timer of the buff back to 90/s and will retain the buff level in the process. However a higher tier of the passive buff will not be achieved until the required number of stacks have been acquired before activation.
      • Both the stored stacks as well as the active buff are lost upon death.
    • Crosscut
      • Crosscut's hits per rotation is now based on attack speed while the maximum number of hits per rotation is set to 54.
      • Give it a 10% accuracy rate.
      • Crosscut gains attack speed for every stack of Musa's Resolve currently applied. I'm thinking about 5% per stack but I'll let the feedback help me with that.
      • Crosscut loses the secondary swing animation when it is used off cooldown and it now becomes 1 continuous spin throughout the entire swing. Use berserker's spin as a visual reference point.
      • I say per rotation because the animation should remain the same or similar, just the number of hits applied increases. Reasons for this are for practical damage purposes (like berserker and shai) and also so that it doesn't shorten the animation, thus weakening it's usage as a protected skill.
    • Crust Crusher + Foul Play
      • Will refer to these as CCFP for short so that people reading, and myself who is typing this, don't want to commit sudoku at this part.
      • In this part I'm also looking at CCFP as 1 single ability. Some people may disagree with that, however I think I'd have a lot of people who agree with my viewpoint.
      • CCFP's cooldown is lowered to 8/s.
      • CCFP's damage is increased by roughly 10%-15%.
      • CCFP's accuracy rate is increased from 10%/6% to 20%/10%.
      • CCFP now gains increased AOE range for every stack of Musa's Resolve currently applied. This number is much harder to come up with in theory so I'll leave it up to your judgment on how much it should be.
      • CCFP's 200% Black Spirit Rage ultimate now replaces Projection as Musa's new 100% ultimate. This does not mean the damage numbers are transferred over, rather just the mechanical part of the ability itself. Damage can/would be scaled down accordingly.
      • CCFP's new 100% ultimate should include a vacuum. This part I'm not pressing too hard. I personally think it'd be a great idea, however I know there are some who don't share that opinion. That is more of a preferred but completely optional addition.
    • Dash Slash
      • Increase accuracy rate from 6% to 15%.
      • Increase DP debuff from -15 to -30.
      • Slightly increase the animation speed.
      • Fix the delay/jankiness of trying to use it during Fiery Angel and out of Pre-Awakening.
    • Backflow
      • Increase accuracy rate from 6% to 10%-15%, whichever you want. Everything definitely needs an accuracy buff of some sort.
      • Decrease the cooldown from 12/s to 7/s
    • Projection and Extra Credit
      • Increase the range of the summons by 15%-20%.
      • Increase the speed of the summons drastically.
    • Fiery Crevice
      • Increase the accuracy from 6% to 15%
    • Below the Belt
      • Increase damage slightly
      • Grant an additional hit for the 2nd, 4th, and 5th stacks of Musa's Resolve.
    • One Step Back
      • Revert the Super Armor back into an I-Frame.
      • Increase the damage from 730% to 1030% and add an additional hit.
      • Give it a 50% movement speed debuff like Backstep from Pre-Awakening.
    • Fiery Angel
      • Fiery Angel changed into a channeled ability instead of a 1 time use. Musa will continue running for as long as you have willpower or until you cancel it. You can cancel it by using an ability, attacking with LMB, or dashing out of it with Chase.
      • Fiery Angel has a 3/s cooldown that starts after ending the dash
      • For every stack of Musa's Resolve increase the WP consumption by 5 and increase the movement speed by 5%
      • Remove the delay/jankiness of trying to use it out of Pre-Awakening.
    • End.
    Now time for rationalizing my thoughts and ideas on this whole thing. One of the simplest things to explain away are the accuracy modifications. I don't really think anyone would argue against the point that Musa just has too many accuracy problems.

    The point of adding in that whole Musa's resolve mechanic was to give him more leg room for buffs while not just giving him free stats. He has to work for his shinies and in my little envisioned world of this rework he'd have to work hard. PvE doesn't really matter, it's just a straight buff and it's easy to both proc full stacks and maintain. PvP is where you're tested.

    You have to deal enough damage to get your stacks and then you have to survive to keep them. Ideally you'd face a much greater challenge to get where you want to be, and you're always at risk of dying and having to start over. Preferably it'd be something like having to get about 3-4 kills worth of damage to proc full stacks.

    Adding in a leveled component means just because you have big E peen doesn't mean you get free stacks. So a level 56 Musa would require less damage dealt than a level 62 Musa, but since no one is running around in a full set of PEN gear on a 56 toon then ideally it'd balance out.

    The arrow changes are basically something to give him a bit of variety and added flexibility to his old style of engage. It doesn't change much but now he can choose different options for different purposes. Stub arrow is the same as always and offers a pretty good mix of everything. Blunt arrow is a great CC and engage tool but offers a higher CD, and considering how hard it is to land an arrow against attentive players I think it's a fair trade off. Then there's Poison arrow which serves as the tool for when you want to debuff a person but also don't want to go anywhere near them. Kinda like a warrior or Valk who is just deploying a spartan shield wall and is ready to end your life if you so much as look at them the wrong way.

    Crosscut is just a straight PvE buff. Musa has been too far down on the PvE ladder for too long. Even in his "golden" era he was still meh at best. It sucks being the class that you'd only pick for grinding low tier areas, and even then it's like why not just pick something like archer which does just about as good but is so much better in other aspects. This gives him a tool similar to Shai and Berserker that allows him to effectively grind it hardcore style in end game areas and finally start competing instead of being at the bottom of the PvE food chain. I think even with something like that he still wouldn't beat guardian so it's not overly strong either.

    The CCFP changes I suggested is something I REALLY want to see. It's such an amazing ability and it sucks that it has such a high cooldown when other classes have similar or even better abilities that have less than half the cooldown time. The base ability changes are more for PvE than PvP because of how the ability works, but the 100% change is most definitely for PvP all the way. His 200% is in my opinion one of the coolest abilities in the game, but we never get to see it. How often do you honestly get to use your 200%? From a player standpoint I think the 200% is much more enjoyable to use, and from a gameplay standpoint I think it works considerably better then Projection's 100%. And as I said, the damage can be scaled down accordingly so it's not just a swap for better stats.

    The dash slash debuff change was also for PvE purposes but also because Musa doesn't really have any good debuffs like other classes high.

    Backflow's CD change is something I've had multiple people agree on. It just feels out of tune with the rest of his kit when your rotation is coming back up around 7-8 seconds but backflow is still on cooldown for another 4-5. It's not like the ability is particularly strong so having it up more often shouldn't pose a big issue.

    Below the Belt is a simple one. It's your bread and butter. So much so to the point where if you're a true Musa main then you can feel yourself pressing Shift + LMB even in your dreams. It could use a nice damage buff.

    One Step Back has a few reasons. The first is the I-frame. A discussion popped up from the last thread where a fellow Musa main made a very good point about protections and which ones are necessary. Super Armor doesn't amount to anything if you're dead, and Musa definitely isn't ranked well on the tank list. Having it back to an I-frame would do the ability so much more justice. The damage is just to bring it up to respectable levels, and the movement speed debuff is to bring the Backstep debuff forward into his awakening kit as well as the same reason for Dash Slash's change.

    Fiery Angel is the last proposed change and one of the more core ones I'd say. Musa has been in a bit of a hole since the great PvP overhauls of days long passed. Our knees got crippled and now the once great mobility king of BDO is huffing and puffing after taking a couple steps.

    However I fully understand how terrible it is to be right on top of a Musa's glistening greased up butt cheeks and not be able to stop him because he just doesn't stop dashing. So this is an alternative. While keeping the original core of the ability there, Fiery Angel instead can become an unprotected high mobility replacement to chase. You reclaim the top with what could be arguably one of the best mobility spells in the game while not becoming overly oppressive. You can outrun most classes but 1 well placed ability still puts you down, and it would really improve his PvE mobility a lot without constantly draining his stamina at larger locations.

    On another class it'd be inexcusable to give this sort of ability to them, but for Musa I think it's appropriate. He is supposed to be THE premier class for mobility in BDO.

    Speed and glass cannon assassination were supposed to be his identity. However now he's kinda nothing. Just an old dusty class that exists. Doesn't really break any barriers or excel in any one thing besides running away, and even then his ability to do that is questionable at best. And that's basically the whole purpose of this proposed rework. To bring him out of the dust and give him a brand new shine to compete in modern BDO instead of just being known as the class that perpetually sits at the bottom.

    Thanks for reading!

    EDIT Update: One thing I completely missed was a simple yet important change. Changing Musa Soul (His awakening E buff) so that it's now a quickslot ability. That's to open up E in awakening to the arrow skills.
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  2. Decoy#401

    May 23, 2019
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    I like these suggestions, but very few Musas players remain and the ones that test them are KR players that have much better servers than that of NA/EU.

    Musas don't sell outfit as before, so they are unlikely to receive any attention.

    I say play Hashashin/Guardian until this class gets a whole re-work.
  3. Shakur

    Shakur Musa 62 EU

    Jan 12, 2016
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    dont put work in this its not worth the time. we already did this on Musa Feedback Discord and they may consider some of it but realized it with Succession and not awak. And if you consider recent balance changes it all comes down for succ dmg beeing the goal for every class succ or awak so after certain gear cap around 291-297 we all will 1-3 shot each other anyway through fg/sa with draughts unless you wear sicil/centaur or around 590gs.
  4. HongChong

    Mar 9, 2018
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    Personally I'll continue putting in as much work as I need to. If no one tries anything at all then that's what we'll get in return, but if we put in some effort then even though the chance is small it could still make a change. In my first Musa Rework post I suggested allowing Fiery Angel to be quick slotted for a better swap ability than using Projection out of pre awakening. Now there's really no telling if that post actually made it to the devs and ended up being the reason for that change. However it could've, and if it did then all the more reason to put more time and effort into coming up with ideas that the devs might be willing to work with.

    Sorry for the late reply by the way. Was stuck dealing with the hurricane as I live in the southern US.
  5. Rügenwalder Pommersche

    Mar 28, 2018
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    i use onestep back for that, super fast, insta cancelable with chase, barely noticeable and can easily be used while dashing
  6. HongChong

    Mar 9, 2018
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    Seems too slow for me. My goal is using it off an arrow stiffen so I can immediately go into awakening. If you Projection, or C swap into Fiery Angel it's too slow for just a stiffen. I'm pretty sure One Step Back would have the same problem
  7. PeaceInChaos

    PeaceInChaos Sorceress 63 NA

    Jan 16, 2017
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    Even though I haven't really played Musa, I can tell you thought this out well. Not sure about Musa's Resolve you suggested, though. It seems really cool, but could it be too strong with high stacks? Pretty much the only thing to me...this is a good post...hopefully the "QQ Crew" (we know who they are) doesn't bombard this thread and ruin what is otherwise a well-thought out suggestion.
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  8. HongChong

    Mar 9, 2018
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    The stacks are meant to cap out at 5 stacks. For Crosscut this would mean 25% increased attackspeed, 3 additional hits for BTB since it was 1 hit for the 2nd, 4th, and 5th stacks, 25% movement speed but also +25 WP per second drain on Fiery Angel, and the last one would be Crust Crusher + Foul Play's range increase and that's up for debate. I'm not good with guessing ranges, and making it 5% per stack would be a bit much in my opinion. So that'd be for them to figure out.

    It'd put him in an entirely new level, but then again that's the point of this concept. Some people agree with this statement, and some also disagree, but in my opinion Musa is sitting on the bottom of the ladder in both PvE and PvP. Succession Musa somewhat fixes his PvP but further reduces his PvE effectiveness. He really lacks an identity besides the class that's good at running away.

    This rework was thought up so both problems could be fixed without giving the class free stats to be oppressive with. You can become so much stronger with this kit but you have to work for it.

    I think this would make him one of the best end game grinders in the game, which should be fine. And in PvP he'd have more viability as a flanking nuke. Get in, drop damage, get out. Which fits the class very well. His 1v1 wouldn't improve that much however I'm fine with that. No one class should be good in all aspects, and if Musa's strengths would be grinding and glass cannon in group PvP then I see no reason for that to be a problem.

    A lot of this post is also based on feedback from the previous post. I very clearly made some much more outrageous suggestions and I deserved the criticism on that part. This post was a refined version of that.

    Thank you for liking it. I had a lot of fun brainstorming the whole thing and putting it together.
  9. jenisiz7

    Jul 27, 2019
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    Really good ideas, hopefully devs can implement at least some.
  10. Kelt Rand

    Sep 27, 2016
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    Great thread! Musa desperately needs facelift!
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  11. jenisiz7

    Jul 27, 2019
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    Hoping with all the Hash rerollers, they finally decide to revisit some of the older less used classes like musa and mae. Let's keep this near the top and not let it fall into the depths that is the back pages.
  12. Distaken

    Distaken Warrior 62 NA

    Dec 29, 2018
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    Pretty cool :o
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