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My own scene-by-scene breakdown of Crimson Desert's reveal trailer

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Maevynn, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Maevynn

    Dec 5, 2015
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    (Thanks to @SoggyCow for the inspiration behind the idea, and @T800 for noticing the baby dragon that I had somehow missed!)

    Note: It has been clarified that this is not BDO's world (press release from PA here) and that the story surrounding this guy (Macduff, son of Martinus) is from Crimson Desert's single-player campaign. I'm analyzing it as such with the interpretation that it's not just cinematics, but is in the same style of cutscene-heavy trailers like those of Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Witcher 3. Since this game originally started as a prequel to BDO before becoming something else, I'm also on the lookout for comparisons to existing areas!​

    0:03 — Cutscene of a fight that reminds me of the GoT fight scenes that were very well-received. Dark, claustrophobic, camera moving all over the place, bounces between the main characters (Macduff, the orc, and the other human guy). Macduff gets tackled by a goblin, then almost gets killed by a guy with an ax. The soldiers seem to be wearing outfits similar in style to those of Serendian soldiers, but with a very different take.

    0:25 — Macduff riding into the Crimson Desert. Some sort of structures can be seen in the distance.

    0:33 — Macduff trudging through the snowy mountains with his horse.

    0:37 — We see the side of a mountain with a few small buildings on it, and a large valley below with a river running through it, and a Medieval-style town on the other side of the river.

    0:40 — Macduff riding his horse through medieval-style fields/farmlands.

    0:44 — A lot more fields/farmlands. Somewhat reminiscent of the Serendian farmlands but much larger and on both sides of a river.

    0:49 — Large medieval-style castle with what could be a town beneath it. Despite others' comparisons to Heidel I don't think it looks very much like Heidel's setup aside from the obvious comparison of castle+town. They seem to have pretty different environments around them, and a different setup overall. The mountain range in the back seems to connect with the castle in Crimson.

    0:52 — Macduff is either ginormous, or he's talking to a short person (short human?? dwarf??). There's also a goblin sitting on the wall, seemingly giving Macduff directions. Hard to tell where he is, seems to be overlooking some countryside. The peoples' clothes here are very similar to those at the party seen later on.

    0:54 — This place seems clearly inspired by Trent, and is actually really cool to analyze. Right off the bat though, there are some massive snowy mountains right behind it which we don't see in BDO. Like Trent, we see people seeming to have enslaved large creatures for work, though they aren't green like ogres and look more like some weird combination of cyclopses and giants. Humans and orcs seem to primarily inhabit the town, which is also like Trent.

    1:03 — Here we see Macduff talking to a woman carrying a barrel, but also—we see Elder Futhark on his pauldron:

    Mannaz — Kenaz — • — Gebo — Berkana — Isa — Dagaz
    1:07 — The orc often seen accompanying Macduff and the knife-wielding man also often seen with Macduff carry a large number of scrolls from somewhere.

    1:12 — This whole scene gives us an interesting little look into the story. The "young master" is clearly not from the region and is being warned by what looks like a native that the lands are cold and barren. If I were to guess based on how the man with the knife reacts and how the kid slaps his plate of food off the table, the "young master" likely complained about his food. The scene seems to take place in a more Norse-styled building and many of the characters are present.

    1:23 — Here we see a bunch of guys in what seems to be "northerner" equipment killing men in a different style of armor in what seems to have been an ambush based on the cart and their position in the middle of the road.

    1:27 — We get a somewhat wide-open view of Crimson Desert's more forested wilderness in the background here, along with a really cool monster design.

    1:28 — This part I find really neat. There are various bodies on the streets, and right at the beginning of the cut, it seems a body has fallen out of a window. There are crows everywhere overhead. It's been compared to Heidel, but isn't the same models/textures at all and seems to run off of different architectural inspirations. Heidel entirely lacks jettying in its architecture, as well as medieval timber framing. We can also see three more letters on Macduff's bracer:


    Aside from that, we can see climbing hooks/claws on the unknown masked person's feet. (Seemingly continued at 2:16)

    1:30 — We see that the old man's using a gun here and that imps in Crimson Desert's universe are extremely terrifying monstrosities.

    1:31 — A caravan along the road being scared by a massive dragon flying overhead.

    1:33 — A giant bites off a man's head while a woman and child hide inside a house.

    1:35 — Goblin jesters with sparkling hands and colorful smoke dance around and put on a show while a large box with chains around it is wheeled into what seems to be a part. The clothing of the people here is a notably different style than we see Macduff and the people in the 'Trent'-inspired area wearing, much more reminiscent of clothing seen in the early-mid 1500s (1520s-1550s).

    There's also a symbol here: [​IMG]
    Potentially the emblem of a nation or house.​

    The helmet seen on the guards is a 'pikeman's pot', an armor piece seen in the early-mid 1600s.

    1:40 — Macduff stops someone while riding a horse, not much to go off of. Pine forest environment, orc rides in during the last few frames.

    1:41 — The northerner that's seen with Macduff who has a knife is seen on the other side of the door of one of those people wearing a pikeman's pot. The background and architecture here look more 'northern' if we have anything to go by.

    1:42 — Macduff kicks a man in the face in front of a pine forest background while someone stands around being green. (Probably Mr. Orc friend)

    1:44 — Macduff looks on silently while the knife-wielding person yells at (what seems to be) the kid who slapped his plate of food away, asking 'who cares if we die?'.

    1:46 — Macduff rows a rowboat while someone in what seems to be a wolf pelt sits there holding a lantern. Their fingers look like they could be green, might be an orc.

    1:48 — An unknown figure in very atypical and spiky armor rides a horse—this person was labeled as a 'villain' by the presentation. Many strips of what may be paper hang from his helmet, and seem to have writing on them. A large troll-like entity walks behind the horse, also in armor, while a green orc walks in the background. A bit of white snowy mountains peeks in through the background.

    1:50 — For me, personally, this is the most interesting and mysterious scene. Wielding a torch in what seems to be a desert sandstorm, Macduff approaches a massive glowing-eyed entity chained to a rock with huge chains. We can see other similar stones in the background, one with a skeleton hanging from it. Steps are carved up to the stone platform he's made to stand on, indicating he wasn't just put here quickly and without much thought. This massive entity is also labeled as a 'villain' in the presentation.

    1:53 — Inside of some wooden structure, the knife-wielding man asks how the "Lowlanders" took over an Empire.

    1:55 — The green orc looks on as Macduff explains that they are beaten, shamed, and hunted.

    1:58 — Something sends the knife-wielding man falling on his back as debris and embers fly everywhere.

    2:00 — The giant Bheg-like creature grabs a woman by the head with its mouth and shakes her around before throwing her clear across the room. Going to say she's probably dead. We can also see that the Bheg-like creature has various chains around it. This seems to be at the party shown at 1:35.

    2:01 — The knife-wielding man yells for Macduff and someone named "Eli" as a fire roars around him, he seems to be inside.

    2:04 — A woman seems to be inside of a tent of some kind, and points out that 'he' nearly died out there. The cold mist on her breath suggests that they probably aren't someplace warm.

    2:07 — Macduff, wearing clothes similar to the others in the party, is thrown by the Bheg-like creature into some wooden debris. This seems to be related to the scenes shown at 1:35 and 2:00.

    2:08 — Someone seems to be dragging someone else away from a building in flames.

    2:11 — The orc tells Macduff that he's their leader. When Macduff turns around it's actually seemingly a different scene, since he seems to be looking at a man with facial hair.

    2:15 — Macduff, the knife guy, and the orc take out their weapons.

    2:16 — What looks to be a continuation of the 1:28 scene. A pale person in a crow mask and fur cape with tattooed arms takes out two swords. The swords they produce look to be Egyptian khopesh, which is extremely peculiar for the rest of the setting and likely something extremely important in their character design. We see many more bodies on the streets and a lot more buildings in the background.

    2:19 — A giant-like man tells everyone to 'go away' and picks up a wagon to throw it at Macduff and two men, showing exceptional strength. The background seems to be relatively pastoral and a pretty pleasant climate, like the one seen at 0:52. The armored men here are shown with a different type of helm than before, though this may not mean much of anything.

    2:22 — As Macduff rows in what seems to be a continuation of the 1:46 scene at night, with a passenger holding a lantern, some sort of a tentacled monster begins to emerge from the water.

    2:24 — The chained-up beast rampages through the party while men try to shoot it with guns, seems to be the same party seen at 1:35, 2:00, and 2:07.

    2:28 — What seems to be the female mercenary under Macduff carries a baby dragon in a bag as a large dragon swoops in to stop her. She's almost killed by being bitten by it. In the far background we see snowy mountains, but closer than that we see a city that looks similar in style to the one seen in scenes 0:52 and 2:16.

    2:31 — A humongous snake rises from the water in what seems to be a trap set up by Macduff and his mercenaries in the form of using a bull as bait. The orc is seen behind some reeds as Macduff extends a hand out to tell him to stay back, and someone else is to Macduff's left. This area seems somewhat like Serendia's swamp, and the snake itself was labeled as a 'villain' in the presentation as well.

    2:32 — Macduff and another man with a bow are in a snowy environment being chased by a giant ape-like creature with antlers. During the first few frames, we can see some kind of wreckage—maybe even a partially destroyed wagon. The other man is hit, impaled, and thrown by the beast in a way that's hard to imagine he's survived. More wreckage is seen in the last frame, indicating that people once traveled that way but haven't at least since it had snowed last.

    2:36 — The orc mercenary and some others fight, showing off how he uses his two-handed ax a bit but nothing too important seems to be shown.

    2:40 — The knife-wielder stabs a man in a pikeman's pot, potentially in a continuation of the scene at 1:41.

    2:44 — The kid seems to have his back to stone, and looks either in pain or in shock/horror as he breathes.

    2:45 — An unknown woman in a dark dress holds a crown as she approaches a man wearing dark clothes on a throne. Beside him are two people with polearms, that seem to be wearing armets or a similar type of closed helmet. The same man is shown holding a golden crown with white gemstones covered in blood, perhaps in the very next scene. He's labeled as a villain by the presentation. On his chest, we see a brooch in the style of a deer. This brooch matches the banners seen in the background:


    2:48 — Yet another continuation of the 1:35, 2:00, and 2:07 scenes, seemingly right after Macduff was thrown. He's awake and seems to roll to a stop.

    2:49 — The woman seen in the tent at 2:04 seems to lean over a Macduff with closed eyes, who's potentially unconscious. She seems to be listening for something, like he may have made a noise.

    2:50 — The man who we've seen with the gun has just fired it, causing smoke to rise from the barrel. The gun seems to have a deer symbol on it interestingly close to the man's brooch and the banner seen at 2:45.

    2:51 — Macduff, the man with the knives, and a woman with a bow (perhaps the same woman from earlier, based on the similar hairstyle), are surrounded by at least 5 armed men with the helmet style seen on the goblin and the men at 2:19. They're all using circular shields and a sword, similar to Macduff.

    2:54 — Closeup on Macduff's face, he has blue face paint, nothing too important seems to be shown.
    • 0:40—1:08
      • Unknown Male, maybe Macduff: "Only those who live through the hunger, cold, and dangers of the wilderness may find a home in these lands. Call it 'the pride of a Northerner'. They came with their manners, rules, and ranks. I couldn't care less about the ways of you lowlanders. Up north, we have our own way of doing things."
    • 1:02
      • Female Human 1, speaking to Macduff while carrying a barrel: "At least the lands are still here."
    • 1:06
      • Macduff, to 2 male characters: "Have you forgotten already?"
    • 1:09
      • Male Human 1, carrying many scrolls: "Maybe he's to blame, maybe he ain't."
    • 1:13
      • Male Human 2, speaking to Male Character 3 (seems to be a teenager): "Young master, the lands here are cold and barren."
    • 1:19
      • Male Human 1, pointing a knife: "You can starve to death for all I care!"
    • 1:20
      • Male Human 3: Swats away his plate of food like a toddler.
    • 1:28
      • Unknown Male, maybe Macduff: "The North is full of dangers, whether you're a prince or a peasant. Whether man or beast. Only the strong will survive."
    • 1:45
      • Male Human 1: "Who cares if we die?!"
    • 1:54
      • Male Human 1: "How'd the lowlanders take over an Empire?"
    • 1:58
      • Macduff: "Look at us—beaten, shamed, and hunted."
    • 2:02
      • Male Human 1 in front of a fire: "Macduff!"
      • Unknown Male, maybe Macduff off-screen: "Eli!"
    • 2:06
      • Female Human... maybe female human 1: "Didn't you hear a word I said? He nearly died out there!"
    • 2:12
      • Male Orc 1: "Macduff, you are our leader."
    • 2:20
      • Giant/ogre-type being: "Go away!"

    Let me know what you think, and if you noticed anything I may have missed!
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  2. T800

    Jun 24, 2017
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    There are seem to be a characters that reapers multiply times through out the trailer:

    Here's most obvious one:






    I believe he might be one of the " Mercenaries " you can hire in the game. Because he is reused so often.
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  3. Dalenos

    May 20, 2016
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    It seems to me like this game was build in the same engine as bdo and they touch it up a bit. Skin textures actually look better but everything in my opinion looks the same. This game is most likely going to be another open world pvp so not even going to bother with another gankers paradise.
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