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Mysteries of Summer

Discussion in 'Events' started by CM Yukimura, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. vKilljoyy

    Jun 29, 2018
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    Really feel that those who are currently on a stage of the quest (such as Earth as an example) should still be able to get the title for THAT STAGE after the patch.
    Titles are given out after the maintenance...
  2. vKilljoyy

    Jun 29, 2018
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    I can relate, been grinding since last Thursday for 12 hours (at least) per day, so around 80+ hours. Had a Kamasylvia active for 3 of the days (paid for using all of my loyalties) as well as 2 drop rate scrolls for the first 2 hours of grinding. Only had golden mirage to get left and obviously didnt get it in time.
    If there has to be an RNG element in the quest, dont have the quest last such a short time, or make the RNG a lot fairer. Alternatively they could (as I also saw suggested earlier) have a target of mobs kills to get in order to get the items ("Kill 1,000 Stone Waragon's" for example), that way it is fair for everyone, and should take the same time for all to complete (while still being challenging) as a posed to having the CHANCE of completing the Essence of Earth gated behind horrendously tough RNG.
  3. Flysen aka Fly

    Nov 10, 2017
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    First I was angry that the event was extended and we got to know 1 day before it ends... We did everything to finish before the Deadline spending every free Minute, using energiepotions on cooldown, kamalsivebuff etc. Now I am happy because I think the solution that players that dident finish in time dont get the titels and rewards is a good and fair one! Thumbs up!!!
    #2763 Flysen aka Fly, Jul 18, 2018
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2018
  4. Mamouchka

    Jun 17, 2018
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    I hope they increase the drop rate so you are even more salty :)
  5. RealXared

    RealXared Witch 61 EU

    Feb 14, 2018
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    in japanese patch notes (google translated):

    Specification change concerning telmi an waterpark

    ● Changing the number of Telmian pearls that can be earned on request and challenge from 1 to 2
     ※ The challenge will be two from 7/19 (Thu) 19: 00.

    ● increase the drop rate of the following items of secret-related request of Terumian
    -red mercury
    -Samoga Fang
    -golden mirage
    , jet-black dust
     up to about 25 times to 80 times increase by ※ items

    ● wrought the item "thousand pounds of Elixir" Relaxing the conditions so that it can be produced regardless of the gold level

    ● During the pursuit of purple greedy, the "gnawing desire" in the camp is not going to disappear even if someone interacts
     , Change
     to move quickly * Because you move very quickly, you need to pass the item in a very short time after interaction.

    ● Adjust the degree of difficulty of the following requests in relation to the secret of Telmian
    · [EV] missing meat
    → change 30 beef in the request completion condition to 5 beef

    · [EV] stinking stone
    → jewels of the completion condition of the request Change to gemstone

    · [EV] Glove to catch fire
    → Request completion condition, change collection of clear liquid reagent from 50 to 5

    · [EV] glove used by blacksmith
    → highest level of request finish condition of heavy leather 50 To cow leather 3 pieces, linen cloth 50 pieces to linen cloth 10 pieces

    · [EV] In order to put the power of water
    → Request complete condition, distilled water changed from 100 to 20

    · [EV] Memory of the day
    → Change so that you can always accept requests you could only accept at night

    · [EV] Mission without finish
    → Request completion condition, changing pirate extermination on Pirate Island from 100 to 50

    · [EV ] Causality magnetic field
    → Change to be acceptable for items that you can receive when you complete five stages of Telmi's

    · Source of Darkness
    → Under Request Completion Condition,
     items necessary to listen to the request of the third guardian Change to easy-to-purchase items
  6. Winterklinge

    Jul 22, 2016
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    This event was...a experience...I loved it, and I hated it the same and now I am just happy to get the prices and the titels. And I am even more happy, that only the players who did finish before today will get the titels.
    Of course it is kind of unfair to all the ppl that are still stuck in earth quest, cause the RNG sucked hart. I grinded like 15+h hours and only used a lootscroll ats sulfur....and I dont think, that that helped. That was the worst part of the event....cause u could not make it faster on ur own and I almost gave up.

    To the jumpingpuzzle....yes it was more easy if u had a Lahn, but Kuno, Ninja, Sorc, Tamer, Bersi, Mystic and Striker worked well too. I liked that part a lot...but the invisbile moving platoons where stupit -.-
    And all the hint-gates did destroy some of the fun for me too....and the bugs that let me stuck at metal for one week...and the bug that did not let spirit chest spawn...lost another day....
    And the Tradinglevel and procressing skills/level and alchemy level and materials u needed....that was stupit. Its not so easy to get that high trading level....they should have it been another item. And they should have made the questitems not charabound but familybound.

    Then there was the first amity game....it was ok....wat the ****ing trashloot that u could only farm with a twink? not so much....I had every character over 56....and had to use my tradingchara but at 28 the droprates where **** anyway -.-

    Then the lightquest and more amitygame and that was one of the worst parts. I mean...I have all character slots (Loyelitys) and over 511 energy on every character...and it was not enough to make this amity game. I spent like 1 whole night and the rest of the next day doing this part of the quest, buying energypotions, usin kamabuffs (event rewards) and GM-Blessings (Tickets) to make it.
    And the I heard that the event would go on for more time...and I was mad about it. I mean....I am happy, that ppl get to finish the quest, cause in parts it was very fun and exiting. But on the other hand....I and many others worked hart to get to the end in this timespan and the Titels should be kind of exclusiv.
    The way they solved it now is perfect...everybody still gets a reward, but only that few that made it to the end got the titels.

    And another point. I am happy to for the winners in NA and EU. I was on the summer event discord from the begining and Potionshop (NA) and Internet (EU) helped there a lot. They earched non stop for clues, and helped everybody else. They did it in the open and helped with the guides everybody got in the end. So a big thank u, to all ppl who helped the community in Discord, in Stream or in the Forum to make these guides and stuck to the quest untill the end.
    And to everybody who crys now: Everybody could be part of the discord....the link was in the forum. And RNG is a Part of this game....its the biggest part of the game...

    I hope there will a event like this one again....maybe better (without bugs that get ignored for a week, or without this much dropRNG, or that much amitygame) but in the end I loved the event for the most partsa and had much fun in discord. For the first time in BDO ppl worked together to get Quests done. Good job ^^
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  7. Titansheart

    Jun 15, 2016
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    I still dont get how so many people complain about stuck at earth , it took me around 6 days to get all items for earth , i would say it was around 60 hours grinding but i managed to finish all stages before 18.7, and i did also powerlvl for processing and than trading so i could finish all stages, and then do amity 2x 10k with my 270 energy, i was basicly stuck hard anywhere i moved on this questchain
  8. Fasque

    Aug 16, 2017
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    Hey everyone!

    I have completed all stages of the Mysteries of the summer event (somewhere around 270rank) And I want to share my opinion about the extention of the event period so as the rewards and the salt about them. Everything written here is my personal opinion and thoughts and don't has to go along with the majorities :)

    When I decided to participate in the event I already knew that I won't have any chance to win one of the rl prices. For me it was clear that ppl will win who are eighter very popular in streaming/youtube with a good network, dataminers or ppl with an insane amount of ingame silvers they are sitting on.
    So I started it for the completion and because it was something active where I could play through together with my boyfriend.

    Now that the event is over and I've done everything Alustin wanted from me I am sitting here with a bitter taste to be totally honest.
    - I grinded the Items for essence of earth which really brought me to the edge of what I can stand. It wasen't the amount of time needed. I think I was kinda average in terms of that (got the helms item randomly during my daily grind, 8-10h sulfur, 5-6h Waragons and 30h Soldiers grave) what really really really made me almost giving up was the hostility of other players who created conditions in those grindspots which reminded me of the movie "The Purge".
    For a peacefull person like me who even asked the ppl for Light if they would be so kind to bomb my karma this was really mentally stressfull to grind under pressure in such a hostile enviroment.

    -I leveled up to artisan2 trading where I have chosen the old school way oif manually trading since my node setup and hoarding tendencies haven't allowed me to clear a storage and blow up all my nodes and stuff for using the container method. It wasen't too hard for me since manually trading and following the suggested quests was time consuming ofc but semi-afk and I used my peridot wagon for the first time which made me very happy tbh.
    But my thoughts where by all the ppl who could impossibly made it in time to level up to this because of the lack of time or cp or whatever. In my opinion Pro1 or so would have been enough!

    -I went red for the essence of light which is something I would never have done and never will do again. I am a peaceful person not bothering with any pvp activity if not really really necessary. So I asked ppl in the server chat if they would be so nice to bomb an alt of mine that I don't have to randomly slaughter afk fishers. I have to say at this point that I find the decision to make it necessary to go red during a fishing event very questionable. I think that most of the participants of mysteries of the summer just went to the beach and killed random ppl for it which shouldn't be supported in anyway since its really a dickmove to do something like that.

    - And then finally after I have to panic-complete the Val1 questline first (shame on me) I stood in front of Saya Nesser, a huge virtual wall to climb for me! Due to the pain of the quests before I just wanted this to come to an end. I haden't that much energy left because of my way to level up trading, the stealing for the lockpick (costed me around 600) and no nerves for an amity game which asked for combos not even possible in 75% of the cases. Like "fail 5 times" and I had 3 portraits less than 100% chance. I didn't wanted to give up and decided to "invest" the rewards I will get on completion in wine to fill up my alts to ride them manually to valencia city and F5 her to 10k amity. I used around 200kk for this which nullified the silvers of the last two stages for me.

    Overall I have to say that I now regret a bit to have participated in this event. It costed me so much nerves, time and wasen't fun for me most of the time. So the first thing I did when I finally handed over the essence of light to Alustin was to shut down my computer and asked myself what I've done here?
    I think I've spent fairly more than 100h on this event which felt mostly annoying to me and sometimes bothered me in a way a game shouldn't do in any way.

    I find it good that the event period is extended so as I think that everybody who completes this event should get the title and the full rewards of it even with a lower difficulty and guides for the compeltion. Because an event with active playtime should be more rewarding than just parking a toon in the waterpark and fish octopus while enjoying the nice weather outside. For everybody who completes it now it will be rewarding and enjoyable without the pressure.
    And we have to mention that it is still a huge amount of work! So yea - everybody should get the original rewards and titles on completion for the effort of participation and completion.

    We have to mention all the brave souls who've spent hours to discover the invisible plattforms, blowing up items to figure out patterns, had to suffer from huge backstrokes for the sake of discovery or ppl like me who blew up the rewards to buy wine to be able to complete this event in time.
    For us who went through this all without a clue most of the time and the loss hundreds of octopusses because we tried out stuff and tried to solve things this event was a huge loss in terms of silvers.
    I think that the rewards for us who are already done should be adjusted and a bit increased to make this event rewarding for us too. (compared to the higher effort we had)
    Because in my opinion those titles aren't that fancy to be worth the money I've missed/spent on them. I simply don't care about having one-word-titles and I wouldn't use them anyway, even if they would be cooler, bcs I don't wanna show everybody that I was one of the ppl who was so stupid to really do this :x

    This event was an event for everyone
    It wasen't. It simply wasent.
    This event was designed for endgamers whith many stations I had to ask:
    "how the hell should somebody with just a lvl 58 toon have done this?"
    "How should somebody who haven't 10 toons should have done this"
    "How should somebody with a gs under 480 should have done this?"
    It wasen't an event for everyone in my opinion. There where too many walls to climb which where too high for ppl who don't play this game already a longer time. I find it very questionable to send ppl out to sulfur for random items, slaughtering caravans, or let them get 10k amity and claim that "this is an event for everyone".

    That's really the last one
    There was a computer to win of course but the majority who started this even was just after the completion of it, because we knew that there is no chance to win this thing.
    I think that this game should stop to give insane rl prices like that and instead should rather focus on smaller prices but for more players. Because so huge rl prices for "just" a questchain attracts ppl to cheat, datamine ect. which really shouldn't be the spirit of an event.
    Maybe some ingame Items or Pearlshop coupons would be totally enough for an event whith more fun than this one and less pain, wouldn't it?

    for example:
    top 3 - TET Acc
    Top 10 - TRI Acc
    Top 100 - 7Day VP, Pet-coupon
    Top 200 - Blesing of Kama and Laurens Boxes
    And all the higher places ppl would get the rewards of the lowers too - something like that.
    To make the prices rewarding for a higher amount of the playerbase. And not letting some ppl standing here with less money for active playtime than they would have earned with afk-ing.

    Again this is just my opinion and I could make this wall of text even longer ;P
    But I'm hungry now and will have my lunch!
    greez to everyone who is really reading all this

    ps. as always english is not my native language but I hope that you'll understand what I try to say :x
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  9. Dworkin Barimen

    Dec 14, 2015
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    You worked hard ?I have been farming for at least 4-5 hours,between sleep cycles each day soldiers grave for the past 7 days ,to only get the dust barely yesterday morning.Then farmed whole day for 1 single molar,farmed whole night for the second one ...And you worked hard?I couldn't progress with the dust for 7 ****ing days ,mean while on the event discord there were people posting pics of 50+ dusts in their inventory.Imagine how did people who farmed for days this dust felt.Event in that part specially was beyond badly thought out ,when there are those, that could and will as proven, hoard items just to screw with other peoples progress,this literally is part of the reason why so many people hardly meneged to progress thru that point on..........It is bad when other players can block progress for others during such events ..Just look at this inventory and tell me how many poor ****s got screwed by this person you think?And had to grind way more then,they should have.D:<
    Last Sunday at 2:00 AM
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  10. Lyvendia

    Feb 15, 2016
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    here are my two cents,

    this event was the first one of it's kind for BDO, and in my opinion that was a huge step in the right direction.
    Certainly there were some flaw's but my overall experience was positive.

    Good Points:
    • essence of Fire/Water/(Forest)/Spirit was solvable without hints from the forum
    • the use of the mailsystem / loadingscreen / low lvl characters to progress
    • new ingame recipes
    • good lore telling
    • hints with "real world" or non BDO reference (longest hair in the world ;-) )
    • excluding Magoria/Kama content
    • vague hints
    • Platform Jumping (cool thing but the movement engine isn't sufficient enough for a nice experience)
    Bad Points:
    • essence of Metal/Earth/Darkness/Light was not solvable with ingame hints only
    • essence of Earth waragon grind (low mob density)
    • Amity / Energy gate not 1-2days before the event ends but I can see the point here
    • too vague hints (not solvable without forum's hint 1-2days later)
    • Platform Jumping no "system given checkpoints" / lose of all momentum after 1-2sec jump/fall
    Points to consider for the next event of this kind of event:
    • Ingame/foren hints which refers to an ingame Item should be checked [from someone how plays the game] (eg. ghosts at darkness essence)
    • don't know if it was a bug or something intendedly but over the last couple days ppl stuck at spirit essence and things like that should be solved or clearified asap
    • for drop rates of event items, maybe an option for a number of turn-ins/ trashloot to get the event items after some hours of grind
    • each hint from the forum should have been ingame in someway (eg. painting on a wall / npc talk option /castle of sand [was a nice one])
    • following the previous point hints in the forum should help players to progress in a clear way
      good hint: Hint 18 Hint 25
      bad hint: Hint 19 Hint 21
      ( not sure if hint 32/33 contains something that leads to Saya Nesser, maybe the muiquinn quest line?
      if not done already)
    Overall it was a very cool feature of the game, a big thanks to the guide writing and hint discussing ppl at reddit / discord that was a very fun and memeful part of the event. Also thx to Kakao and PA for hosting the event.
  11. Shanfu

    Jul 6, 2018
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    In TH server, people that finished the questline due to original deadline do get an additional rewards. I think it's 150m silver and additional accessories box? Not sure if it would be the same in NA/EU but it probably going to be something similar.
  12. Mountain Hound

    Apr 28, 2016
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    So no one done your shi*ty quests with rewards, now you make it easier without rewards? I still don't think people will do your shitty quests.

    Next time, don't introduce RNG / stupid mechanics into a quest line and people mine be inclined to do it. Jumping on an invisible moving platform? I tried once and refused to attempt it anymore.
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  13. Fasque

    Aug 16, 2017
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    If I got it right we do "just" get the Tungrade accs, the acc box and the titles in addition compared to the ones who will complete it from now on.
    Thtas not enough. This should be given to everyone who completes it and the ones who made it in the deadline should get something like an "overall" reward.
    Because Even with the tungrades and all that stuff We would have still make the better deal with just fishing octopusses :x
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  14. Winterklinge

    Jul 22, 2016
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    Yes, I worked hart....I dont have more than a few hours to play this game...and I used every minute for this eventgrind. I am sorry for u, that the RNG did not work out for u....but RNG is a part of this game and it is **** that it was so hart to get...
    And that screenshot is fotoshop clearly....nobody got that many Dust. On the left side u can see the dust pocking ofer the yellow line. Most ppl got the items between 10-20 hours....
    And u can still finish the questline for less rewards now. I mean...I got stuck for 1 week in metal and then 1 more for spirit box...that was rng bad luck too...
  15. SpiralEnergy

    SpiralEnergy MrsDarkBever Witch 62

    Dec 10, 2015
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    When the event started they gave nice rewards each part..
    that was my reason i participated.. when i had done already some parts they CHANGED the rewards..
    i was shocked but yea i saw below that it was possible that they COULD do that..
    i was mad and yes i didn't enjoyed the whole event. and yes i finished it. but with alot headache and frustration.
    and yes i had everything, i had enough energy 500+ (exept for the last npc) all materials, high alchemy/trading and max character slots.
    but if i knowed that they WOULD change the rewards and give less rewards, i never had participated..
    because u can even have more money from octo event.
    i have some guildies who didn't do this event and they made more money afk then me, if i used all my real life energy to finish this event..

    i wished they made such event but not that u need to search on internet (database to know what they mean) because the hint's where?! omg..
    best part was alot hints where bad translated. if u compared with other country's(kr/jp etc.) like i hear someone it seems it's in a cave.. everyone searching in cave's was it below under a bridge in the lake.. GG

    what i do like is that we helped eachother alot, each region helped and the discord was great :)
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  16. Dworkin Barimen

    Dec 14, 2015
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    What ever ...just lol.
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  17. Korvgubben

    Mar 11, 2016
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    Definitely shopped doe.
  18. freymarch

    Dec 19, 2015
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    Just some thoughts about the event, copy-pasted my feedback in discord (with some addition):

    >first off, don't let players datamine the info for a competitive like this one

    >don't give out hints that need hints to decipher them

    > essence of fire seemed fun enough except for being gated early on for newbies. those of us who had been in the game for long has an easy workaround but newbies are kind of forced to level up their things which are, thankfully, easy enough since processing doesn't take ages

    > essence of water is the one i liked the most and probably the only thing not thoroughly gated by anything in the game since that stage makes sense

    > essence of forest was fun. not heavily rng gated as another stage out there earth though how in the world did people figure out where the mystical tree is anyway

    > essence of metal did not made sense whatsoever. it doesn't help the fact that a lot of people from all regions were bugged out only to be ninja patched several days ago without so much as an acknowledgement from anyone official.

    > essence of earth could have been fun if not for the horrendous rng involved where the rarest of rare drops like map pieces are dropping more than the actual event items. the drop locations make sense with what they drop - but that rng is just insane.

    > essence of spirit is like the opposite of earth. whereas earth could take forever to finish, spirit was like a snap of a finger and done. interesting way to go about the quest - definitely unique, though the bug where they all got stuck on olvia isn't a very good thing

    > essence of darkness seemed okay at first glance until you realize it's a glorified alchemy questline. it also doesn't help when the hints themselves needed a key to be deciphered with all that 5s with the hints that never made any sense whatsoever. not to mention the bit with moretti plantation is stupid because none of it made sense. if i had kept the old drops, would it have worked? and considering the rng gate on earth, the gate here is art 2 trading which not all people have.

    > essence of light seemed nice enough when it started. would've been great if it ended with a bang, not with the frustration of doing amity game with the worst npc to have it with who often has changing knowledge cards that could easily cause a fail when doing the game.

    > tl;dr it's a fun event until we all hit a wall on earth with the rng gate, the trading gate with essence of darkness, and amity gate with essence of light.
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  19. OmegaXYZ

    Feb 1, 2016
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    I like this event apart the grinding session with random drops and amity game especially.

    After all this effort I would like something like a dress related to this event for ANY player who finish it, something exclusive.

    This would be nice, a dress that can be win only by effort completing all essences, a dress that cannot be bought, sold and that cannot be received with normal quests.

    I ask to PA to think about it, thanks.

    Also an exclusive pet maybe an Alustin pet or Alustin Minime would be cool that gives more alchemy XP for example.:)

    Cause It is Alustin a good 10% alchemy XP bonus.
    After all we did for Alustin I think we deserve that. :)

    Apart that I learned that if next time an alchemist ask me some boxes I should say: no thanks! :)
    #2779 OmegaXYZ, Jul 18, 2018
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2018
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  20. Dworkin Barimen

    Dec 14, 2015
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    This is the original post from discord,not the snapshot i took,zoom it in and tell me exactly where it is photo-shopped.................And i am asking again how many people you think ,that ****ed up from progressing to next steps for more then a week?Because if you think it is irrelevant and has no consequences you are out of your minds ....
    #2780 Dworkin Barimen, Jul 18, 2018
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