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Nayriko's Ninja/Kunoichi Guide

Discussion in 'Kunoichi' started by Nayriko, May 14, 2017.

  1. Nayriko

    Apr 26, 2016
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    Nayriko's Ninja/Kunoichi Guide
    Last Updated: 5/14/17

    (Due to my concentration on Ninja over Kunoichi now on NA, I will be updating Ninja info on here more quickly than Kunoichi info. Sorry for the inconvenience!)

    ----Table of Contents----


    -The Basics

    -Gearing Tips


    -Skill Breakdown and Builds

    -Leveling Tips

    -General Tips for Success



    Hey I'm Nayriko. I've been playing ninja/kunoichi for quite a while now on both the Japanese server and Korean servers. I really enjoy the ninja class and usually play the ninja/assassin/rogue/thief class in every RPG and MMO that I play. I believe the ninja/kun requires a very specific mindset and play style to be effective and to fully enjoy the class. That being said, the ninja is not for everyone. I am by no means an expert or pro and this guide is based off of opinion and suggestions by myself and other great guides compiled into this guide. You do not have to agree with the information below as it is your right to disagree with whatever. That being said, let's begin!

    I’ll also begin streaming ninja gameplay on my new twitch account once the class is released in NA/EU on Twitch for anyone who wishes to watch! Follow me and see what the class is all about!


    The Basics of Ninja/Kunoichi:
    -Pearl Abyss did a great job capturing the vision and concept of the Japanese Ninja/Kunoichi. The class is an assassin that uses speed and agility to take down its opponents and has a large toolkit of mysterious ninjutsu and weapon attacks using blades and sharp throwing projectiles. The class is agile and squishy and relies on i-frames to avoid damage as taking too many direct hits will quickly end the ninja’s rampage. It’s important to understand the Ninja/Kunoichi's role as an assassin that uses tricks and fast/hard hitting attacks to get in, kill someone, and get out before the enemy knows what hit them. This guerilla warfare tactic the class is designed for is a great addition to standard battles in the Black Desert Universe. Make sure to learn the class well through practice and use of this guide to master the class and show other shinobi the true potential the class has to offer [​IMG]

    Gearing Tips:

    Main hand-
    Rosar Shortsword is the best weapon overall to use and enhance until you get your hands on the much more rare and expensive Liverto Shortsword or Kzarka Shortsword. Kzarka is amazing but hard to obtain without amazing luck or massive amounts of wealth. Ranking system so far based on current items in the game:
    Kzarka Shortsword (best)
    Liverto Shortsword (great)
    Rosar Shortsword (good)
    Suggestion: I'd suggest buying a Liverto or Kzarka already enhanced to 15+ from the market instead of enhancing one yourself to save a lot of money and reduce hair loss from the stress caused in failing your enhancements. Right now they are pretty hard to snipe on the marketplace but it will get easier to find them the longer the game is available.

    -Quitar Shuriken/Kunai is the best for pvp until you get upgraded Bhegs gloves and/or nouver offhand. Accuracy is extremely important even at lvl 56 and only starts to lose its effectiveness around lvl 58 (unless new content comes out before you reach that point)

    -Estique Shuriken/Kunai gives an extra boost of AP at the cost of the increase of accuracy. While AP is nice, the lack of accuracy will be very noticeable and turns out that AP is useless (no matter how much you have) of you're always missing. If you're grinding Valencia mobs or doing PvP, you'll want to stick to the Quitar offhand. Only use Estique if you're lvl 58+, have the Nouver offhand, or you're only sticking to PvE and sticking to mobs your own level.

    -Tadd Shuriken/Kunai gives you a boost in evasion but the lack of accuracy and AP will leave you hitting like a wet noodle. Evasion isn't worth stacking at the loss of AP unless you're wanting some kind of weird ninja tank build like Final Fantasy 11 used.

    -Kutum Shuriken/Kunai is BiS and godly for PvP because of its "ignore all resistances +10%", accuracy, and AP, Best of luck getting it!
    Suggestion: Use Quitar offhand until you reach level 58, get upgraded Bheg’s gloves, or get Kutum offhand.

    Armor Combinations-
    Rocaba Chest/Feet & Grunil Helmet/Gloves
    -This provides the user with 4 extra gem slots, a nice +5 AP, and a little extra HP/WP. Not a bad choice but most JP/KR PvPers would prefer the Extra AP and HP from Full grunil than the small boost to WP that Rocaba gives. If you're just starting out, it doesnt hurt to go this route until you know how to manage your WP properly then go full grunil for sure.

    Taritas Chest/Feet & Grunil Helmet/Gloves
    -Taritas gives a nice amount of WP but the loss of gem slots is a crucial blow to your efficiency as a ninja. You'll want to stick to full Grunil or the Grunil/Rocaba hybrid set and just leave Taritas to the Musa/Maehwa.

    Full Grunil Set
    -this gives you the 4 gem slots to customize your gear and another 7 AP to melt opponents before they know what hit them. A very good choice for pvp.

    Full Rocaba Set
    -This set puts the ninja into a more defensive role and limits the ninja quite a bit in its damage with a tradeoff of getting a small amount of evasion which you must stack a lot of to be useful but at a heavy cost. Evasion was extremely nerfed and not as valuable to the ninja until they hopefully buff it a little more some day. The 4 gem slots is amazing and gives you distinct control over the way you build your ninja to get you the stats you need for maximum efficiency. Not recommended for pvp.

    Boss Armor/???
    -This is obviously BiS. Once you start getting boss armor, you'll want to use gear that works without gear specific requirements for the set bonuses. Heve is a great set to pair up with boss gear because of the great boost of HP it gives and the lack of gear specific requirements to use the set bonuses.
    Suggestion: use Grunil/Rocaba or full Grunil as a ninja. The Grunil helm/gloves combo is a must have for the ninja because 5 AP is a lot and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The extra 2 AP and 150 HP from Grunil chest/shoes is nice but can be substituted for Rocaba pieces if you're feeling constantly drained of WP (make sure you have lots of herbal juice to chug at all times to keep your WP up). If you feel you can manage your WP well, stick to full Grunil (which is also suggested by most top tier ninja pvpers like BJGodna, Zioku, Hihaku, and many other great players)

    Basilisk Belt : Base Ap : 5 Extra Effects : +80LT Upgrade : +3 Ap
    Tree Spirit Belt : Base Ap : 5 Extra Effects : +80LT & +1 Accuracy Upgrade : +1 Accuracy & +2 Ap
    Belt of Shultz : Base Ap : 3 Extra Effects : +50LT Upgrade : +10 LT & +2 Ap
    Ancient Weapon Core : Base Ap : 4 Extra Effects : +50LT & 4 Dp Upgrade : +10LT & +1 Ap & +1 Dp
    Suggestion: BiS is Basilisk Belt but pricey if you can even find it. All the other 3 options mentioned are great choices to use. Until you can get your hands on a Basilisk Belt, start upgrading what you got or get one already upgraded.

    Tungrad Earring: Base AP: 7 Extra Effects: Ulti +10% Upgrade: +2 AP
    Witch's Earring : Base Ap : 5 Extra Effects : None Upgrade : +2 Ap
    Blue Whale Earring : Base Ap : 5 Extra Effects : +100 HP Upgrade +2 AP
    Fugitive Calcs Earring : Base Ap 5 Extra Effects : +50 Stamina & Max MP/WP/SP Upgrade : +2 Ap, +20 Stamina & Max MP/WP/SP
    Red Coral Earring : Base Ap : 2 Extra Effects : Accuracy +3 & Stamina +50 Upgrade : +2 Ap +1 Accuracy
    Suggestion: Blue Whale and even more, Tungrad Earrings are BiS but extremely rare and expensive. You should be using Red Coral Earrings until you can afford the BiS earrings.

    Mark of Shadow : Base Ap : 5 Extra Effects : None Upgrade : +2 Ap
    Ring of Crescent Guardian : Base Ap : 5 Extra Effects : None Upgrade : +3 Ap
    Blue Coral Ring : Base Ap : 5 Extra Effects : +25 Max MP/WP/SP Upgrade : +1 Ap & +5 Max MP/WP/SP
    Red Coral Ring : Base Ap : 4 Extra Effects : 3 Dp & +50 Stamina Upgrade : +1 Ap & +1 Dp
    Suggestion: BiS is Ring of Cresent Guardian but it's extremely expensive, You should use a combination of Red Coral and Blue Coral rings until you amass enough money to buy BiS.

    Necklace of Shultz the Gladiator : Base Ap : 7 Extra Effets : None Upgrade : +3 Ap
    Sichil Necklace : Base Ap : 7 Extra Effects : 3 Dp Upgrade : +3 Ap & +2 Dp
    Ogre Ring : Base Ap : 10 Extra Effects : None Upgrade : +5 Ap
    Ancient Guardian's Seal: Base AP: 6 Extra Effects: +5 Acc Upgrade: +2 AP & +1 DP
    Suggestion: Go with Ancient Guardian's Seal or Sichil until you can afford a an upgraded Ogre Ring or Necklace of Shultz.

    Main hand : Use a mixture of atk speed or crit crystals to plug the holes on your stats until you have both stats at 5.
    Off hand : Black Spirit Crystal hands down
    Helmet : Knockdown resistance is the best bit you can use HP if you never PvP
    Chest : HP and maybe WP if you’re struggling hardcore
    Gloves : Attack Speed to fill your stats to 5
    Shoes : Movement Speed and/or Red Battlefield Crystal Adamantin

    Skill Breakdown and Builds:

    Ninja Skill Build (this is the build you’ll want to push for ASAP) I leveled to lvl 50 with this build in under 3 hours using gear that's under +15
    1-55 http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/25090
    56 (Use Free Reset) http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/25091
    60 http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/25092

    Kunoichi Skill Build (this is the build you’ll want to push for ASAP)
    1-55 ---
    56 (Use Free Reset) http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/21091/
    60 http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/21086/

    Leveling Tips:
    If it's your first time Leveling a character on BDO, I'd highly highly suggest doing all the quests you find in the game and not rush to high level. These quests give extremely useful rewards that increase your inventory slots, max energy points, and max contribution points. They also help you gain knowledge on people, places, and things that give you advantages later on. In this game, knowledge is power!

    If you know all about that level grind due to past experience in BDO and leveled characters before, you know the importance of doing your black spirit quests. Make sure you do them for those quest chains, inventory slots, gems, and reaching level 50. Here's some good spots to grind to level 55+ to start you off.

    LvX-20: Scarecrows

    Lv20-25 Rebels

    Lv25-30 Cultists

    Lv30-33 Red Orcs

    Lv33-37 Khuruto Cave

    Lv38-40 Possessed Humans

    Lv40-45 Chimeras

    Lv45-50 Catfish

    Lv50-53 Elric Shrine

    Lv53-55 Sausans

    Lv56-60 Pirates/Cresent Shrine/Desert Fogans

    General Tips for Success:

    -Always carry around plenty of Grain Juice and Herbal Juice in your inventory and masses more stockpiled at your “home base”. These weigh much less than health potions and can be mass produced with processing and workers slaving away at grain and herb farms. It’s always a good decision to spam these in pvp to keep yourself topped off and ready for action.

    -Make sure to level up your Health (always be eating), Stamina (afk running on auto loop), and Strength (afk walking with trade packs on) ASAP to be more competitive in the long haul in PvP and PvE.

    -Use i-frame abilities defensively to avoid incoming damage and know when your enemies are about to use powerful attacks through movements, habits, and general skill knowledge of other classes.

    -Make sure to do the quests suggested on the quest log interface (especially ones from the black spirit and the inventory expansion slot quests), these are crucial for character development later on.

    Basic Animation Canceling for Ninja/Kunoichi:

    Non Awakening:
    Throw Shuriken -> Shadow Stomp [RMB -> S+E]
    Floor Sweeping -> Shadow Stomp [S+F -> S+E]
    Star Flight -> Shadow Stomp [S+Q -> S+E]
    Suggestion: use "throw shuriken" to cancel shadow stomp as its the quickest and easiest.

    Murderous Intent -> Drastic Measure [SHIFT+LMB -> SHIFT+RMB]
    Transition Stance -> Lower Transition Stance -> Ghost Step [RMB -> RMB -> SHIFT+A/D]

    these are also great videos explaining it with visuals-



    Other Guides, Videos, and References:

    This guide was created through a mixture of my own personal knowledge and experience, other people's advice and experience, other guides, videos, and tips. I cannot claim that this guide was purely created from my own knowledge therefore I will be listing references of other online sources of information I used to create this comprehensive guide to the ninja/kunoichi class in combination of my own experience and knowledge of the game and the classes. I cherry picked several things from these guides that I believed to be the most accurate, valid, and true.

    BG's guide to ninja!

    The Black Desert Bible v.1.6

    Hakklo's WIP Detailed Kunoichi Guide

    *Other shoutouts go to BJGodna, Solamis, BG, Hakklo, and Cryy for helping me make this guide!

    This guide will be added to over time with the most accurate and correct information available. I'd love to hear your guys' CONSTRUCTIVE feedback on the guide and I am willing to discuss further about the ninja and kunoichi classes and answer any questions that I can. Please keep the conversations constructive and positive to reduce the chance of this thread being locked due to other forum members violating the Terms of Service. Thanks in advance! [​IMG]
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    Thank you!
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    Thanks for posting.

    FYI the link to Hakklo's WIP Detailed Kunoichi Guide both here and in the Ninja forum is broken.
  4. Sainaya

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    Hello @Nayriko ,

    This is a very good post.<3

    I would like to ask you to allow me to copy your post for the German forum
  5. Talrain

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    Why ninja over kuno? And what are the main differences between the two?
  6. Nayriko

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    yeah it looks like he took it down. i'll leave the link anyways though until he puts it back up.

    honestly, because its a dude and i feel weird playing girls at times. honestly i think kuno is slightly better imo.

    sure :)
  7. Talrain

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    What pre-awakening combo do you recommend?

    Is there a good way to move around as Kuno? Do you just Evasion WW or is there a combination of moves. Like Tamer does Legendary Beast's Power + Evasion (WW)x2 or 3. Valkyrie does Death Line Chase WF + Lance Training Promptness. I tried using Evasion, but it drains pretty quick. Thanks.
  8. Sketchh

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    how do you feel about heve set?
  9. Nayriko

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    if you're a casual player, go full grunil. if you're a hardcore player who plans on getting BiS asap and dumping many hours into the game a week, go heve. thats my opinion.
  10. Spuddy

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    Love the guide tha k you for taking the time to make it, my only issue is being a new player I don't understand the skill calculator, can you help me understand it or give me a more pen and paper style reading? Thank you in advance for reading

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