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New Lifeskill Idea?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by AngellosVulpinos, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. AngellosVulpinos

    Oct 4, 2018
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    So, I seen how people make out that questing should be tolerable at a certain point then you stop at a cap because it gets more tedious and time consuming for more contribution points. There's guides on what to spend it on and seeing how its limited gave me an idea:
    What if there was a lifeskill that, whenever you do a quest or amity minigame with a NPC; it increases this lifeskill bar that would allow you to gain more amity, more contribution point percent? can introduce clothes with this as well and call it 'Adventurer clothes' and the lifeskill 'adventuring' for example, even a pearl shop clothes as well as people who want more nodes and passive money will be interested in it.
    While crafting costumes I also saw the 'stealing/pickpocketing' mechanic,it would be a great way to also tie the lifeskill to that as well, players could interact with NPC's in the form of stealing - which could be a way to lower karma if they get caught (Could be a minigame), but the more lifeskill of this you have-the more silver you can earn from it. You could tie in valuable mats or treasures that can be tradeable/sold in the mp at a certain % based on the lifeskill.
    Overall it would be good alternate path of lifeskilling that could increase the contribution point cap as well as providing a bit of fun for people.
  2. elephantgrey

    May 10, 2017
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    You can already use the cooking/alchemy/farming lifeakills to gain CP. I don't think that we need another CP lifeskill.
    A thievery lifeskill might be a good idea. I would suggest it opens up more options for things to steal from instead of lowering the karma for failure though. Maybe you can start stealing from different types of NPC's, from wagons, from stalls, ending with gold bars from storage keepers.
    maybe also use it to gain different types of blueprints. Both as an alternative to repeatable quests, and new items altogether. Furniture comes to mind. Maybe also steal recipe's for food/potions from appropriate vendors.

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