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Optimize some things for better game play.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Muhaha, May 15, 2018.

  1. Muhaha

    Muhaha Valkyrie 62 NA

    Feb 19, 2016
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    Yo! So IMO, I think some things could be changed to make better smoother game play.

    1: Skill effects ~ even at 30% effect opacity w/ effect optimization mode on (leaning on effects), skills in group pvp can be somewhat blinding. I always see a ghillied wiz teleport though all the skills going off, then just meteor and ult, while my team sits there with their thumb up their ass watching as he does it.

    2: Node Wars/RBF/Life Skills ~ They all need their own channel, Life skill channel can have a slight life skills exp buff or relic buff. RBF/NW should have its own dedicated channels for better game play, NW channels should remove everyone who isn't apart of the war, dump them in the life skills channel.

    3: Market Place ~ Since the game has been out for a few years to make the catch up mechanic a touch better, let multiple people win on small things. Like say theres 5 mem frags, and 2 people won the bid, instead of 1 person getting the 5, they'd both get the 5 frags. Small things though, like don't do that for boss gear n stuff like that.

    4: Fishing ~ Let us filter what we want and don't want. For instance, if i wanted relics, golds, and blues I could just check mark those and only catch those.

    5: Option to remove others title/guild icon. ~ Just to shorten the mass amount of blue names/give the screen one less thing to render

    6: Dedicated times for Field/World bosses ~ Bosses Spawn at certain times (does not spawn during war times), cycles through each boss (so if rednose spawned at 10am yesterday, karanda would spawn at 10 am today, so to say)

    7: Quick travel ~ It is pretty much already set up from the story quests. Be able to quick travel at gyfins, the island near coastal cliff, and under valencia castle. (only able to use quick travel on Characters that have done the quest line, keeps it from being over used and adding to the lag.)

    8: Transport ships/wagons ~ Keep them at the same pace, to keep from adding more lag, but instead of following a normal road, toss them underground and straight line it to the destinations.

    9: Meme frags/Sharp Shards ~ Spending 25 mil and 30 min to get 26 mem frags is a joke.. Having to night vendor to even get sharps is stupid... Increase the amount of frags you get from bundles. Make sharps and hards have the same drop rate.

    10: Horse Training/Auto Pathing ~ If the horse has sprint, should be able to auto path while sprinting. (can do this now by placing something heavy on the RMB then hit Auto Run, but the auto pathing for it is trash, does super wide turns, reworks/falls off the trail, or you get stuck on something.)

    Oh and would be nice if forced AA/DD/SS/WW (double tap) movement was removed. As a valk, this ruins game play, especially with the new pvp changes. I've seen numerous people have an issue with this, addressed it to GMs, plenty of stuff was posted in suggestions; GMs just drop a copy/paste, ignore their player's concerns, or give you the worst advice possible. (like locking one of your main movement/defensive skills) Ain't that right? @GM Dranzerkai @GM Nemaphos @GM Peperoncino @GM Szyslak @GM Gemu
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