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Patch Notes - June 14th 2017 - *UPDATED on 19/06/17

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by CM Aethon, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. CM Aethon

    Community Manager

    Oct 4, 2016
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    Greetings Adventurers,

    This week we invite players to participate in a brand new event where they can help grow a beautiful Kamasylve Tree! In addition to this, we’ve also introduced several adjustments to the available space within a number of Calpheon Houses. This week's patch will be ~ 1.09 GB

    UPDATED* on 19/06/2017 on Guild - "Growth of a Kamasylve Tree" event

    [Guild Tax System - Updated]

    ● Guild Capital Property Tax will now be charged depending on the amount of Guild Funds your guild owns.

    - Guild Capital Property Tax will be collected automatically every Sunday (24:00)
    - The amount charged can be found below:

    PN 14-06.PNG

    ● Guild Welfare Funds will now be paid out according to guild size.

    - Guild Welfare Funds will be given out automatically every Sunday (24:00)
    - However, Guild Welfare Funds will only be given out if there are at least 10 members of your guild in-game at the time of the allotting. If less than 10 members of your guild are online at this time, you cannot claim the Guild Welfare Funds for that week.

    PN 14-06 (2).PNG

    • The “Growth of a Kamasylve Tree” Event has begun!
      • Event Duration: June 14 ~ June 21 (08:59 UTC)
        • Do your part to help grow a Kamasylvia Tree, complete a short series of daily quests to contribute to the growth! Each day participants may complete 2 of these quests to receive one “[Event] Gift of a Spirit”
          • Begin the daily quest “[Event] Sacred Energy of Spirit” by visiting the NPC “Cartima” in front of the inn in Heidel to collect the event item “Bowl of Spirit”.

          • Once you have collected this, take “Bowl of Spirit” to the NPC ‘Herawen’ and use 10 energy to gain “Energy of Spirit”.

          • After spending the energy collect the quest “[Event] Young Kamasylve Tree” from the NPC ‘Herawen’, interact with the small Kamasylvia Tree to complete the quest.

          • Each server will track the individual growth of their Kamasylvia Tree up to five stages. Once the fifth stage has been reached players can no longer turn in the daily quest(s) on that server and must find another tree in an earlier growth stage.

            - The Young Kamasylve Tree has been completed on EU server(s).
            - The Young Kamasylve Tree has been completed on NA server(s).

    • “[Event] Gift of a Spirit” Contains one of the following items:
    [ System ]
    • Some adjustments have been made to improve the available interior space within housing residences in the Calpheon Territory. Some homes will have an added staircase and a whole new floor to explore, raised ceilings, expanded floor space, and door placement changes.
      • Please note all interior items (including wallpapers and floors) for these houses will be reset and all items will need to be placed again.
        • Single use interior items will be sent to Calpheon storage.
      • Homes with new 1st floors
        • Market Street
          • 2-4
          • 6-2
          • 6-4
        • Noble Quarter
          • 1-1
          • 1-2 2nd Floor
          • 1-3
          • 1-5 2nd Floor
          • 2-4 2nd Floor
        • Merchant Lane
          • 3-1
          • 3-3 2nd Floor
        • Workshop District
          • 1-3
          • 1-5 2nd Floor
          • 2-1 2nd Floor
          • 2-3 2nd Floor
          • 2-4 2nd Floor
        • Chapel
          • 1-3 2nd Floor
          • 2-1 2nd Floor
    • Homes with expanded space
      • Market Street
        • 2-3 1st Floor
        • 2-3 2nd Floor
    • Homes with heightened ceilings
      • Merchant Lane
        • 3-7 2nd Floor
    • Fixed the issue of character customization resetting to default when entering Character Adjustment UI.
    • The displayed volume for the amount of weight for silver items as rewards has been fixed.
    [​IMG] Ranger
    • The description has changed for Penetrating Wind III and IV.
    • The description has changed for Dagger of Protection.
    • The chance of decreased durability has been reduced for certain skills.
    [​IMG] Valkyrie
    • The description has changed for Shield Push.
    • The grapple success rate has been improved for the skill Punishment
    • While in Lancia Form (Awakening), you can now use the skill Punishment via Quick Slot
    [​IMG] Ninja
    • Fixed an issue where shortsword was displayed when using Ninjutsu: Concealment in Awakening mode.
    [​IMG] Kunoichi
    • The chance of decreased durability has been reduced for Lunar Dash and Danse Macabre.
    • The following item’s combination patterns have been changed to either (+, -).
      • Small Sword Fragment
      • Mother’s Veil
      • Bride’s Birth Wine
      • Borrowed Glass
      • Giant’s Lightstone Powder
      • Remains of the Bautt Lithograph
      • Barattan’s Statement
      • Ancient Relic Crystal Shard
      • Forbidden Book
      • Basilisk's Piece - Snake Skin Belt
      • Basilisk's Piece - Ring
      • Basilisk's Piece - Alignment Pin
      • Cadry's Piece - Blue Ring
      • Cadry's Piece - Ruby Ornament
      • Cadry's Piece - Obsidian Decoration
      • Part for Explorer's Compass
      • Awakened Red Nose Summon Scroll Piece
      • Awakened Giath Summon Scroll Piece
      • Awakened Bheg Summon Scroll Piece
      • Awakened Muskan Summon Scroll Piece
      • Awakened Dim Tree Spirit Summon Scroll Piece
      • Awakened Hexe Marie Summon Scroll Piece
      • Black Spirit's Claw Piece
      • Margoria Treasure Map Piece
      • Marod Alom’s Trace
    • Players who don’t belong to a guild can now fill cannonballs to the following cannons.
      • Vype Stoner Cannon
      • [Practice] Lynch Cannon
    • The following items can now be sold to NPC vendors:
      • Dried Common Minnow
      • Dried Spotted Barbel
      • Dried Miho Spine Loach
      • Dried Diamond Minnow
      • Dried Bleeker
      • Dried Stumpy Bullhead
      • Magic Tanning Knife
    • Movement Speed has been added to the description for Silver Embroidered Sailor’s Clothes.
    • [Guild] Fire Shot, [Guild] Poison Shot, [Guid] Flashbang not applying proper damage when moving the camera angle issue has been fixed.
    • Trainer’s Clothes description has been changed from increased skill EXP → increased training proficiency.
    • “Blacksmith's Secret Book” item has been added.
      • “Blacksmith's Secret Book” allows you to extract the amount of failstacks and create an Advice of Valks with the same amount of failstacks.
      • There are 4 versions of “Blacksmith's Secret Book”; Blacksmith's Secret Book -20, Blacksmith's Secret Book -30, Blacksmith's Secret Book -40, Blacksmith's Secret Book -50. Each one only allows you to extract a number of failstacks below the amount of what it is listed on the item.
      • For example, Blacksmith's Secret Book -30 can only be used to extract failstacks below 30 failstacks. And for extracting 31 failstacks, Blacksmith's Secret Book -40 needs to be used to extract 31 failstacks to create an Advice of Valks (+31).
      • “Blacksmith's Secret Book” can be purchased from the Blacksmith NPC or Armor Vendor NPC in each town.
    Pearl Shop Update

    • Storm Typhoon duration has been adjusted.
    • Sandceratops spawn location has been changed.
    • Rookie Soldiers in Cron Castle has had their appearance changed and now has steel armor with a new steel effect and sound when hit.
    • Masked Owl Warrior’s attack motion has been fixed.
    • Rewards for awakening quests for all classes have been changed.
      • Now players will receive an additional +10 enhanced green colored base awakening weapon.
      • Players will still get the non-enhanced blue version of the awakening weapon.
    • The Awakening quest in Marni’s 2nd Lab has now been changed to Soldier’s Grave.
    • The Awakening quest to hunt Wilderness Golems has now changed to hunt 3 Wilderness Golems.
    • The Awakening quest to hunt monsters in Hasrah Cliff has been changed from 80 → 40.
    • A new quest has been added:
      • This new quest can be accepted after completing the awakening weapon quest.
      • This quest can only be completed once per family name.
        • [Awakening Weapon] Artisans in Mediah
        • [Awakening Weapon] Make it Stronger with Enhancement!
        • [Awakening Weapon] Max Durability Recovery
    • NPCs near the Altinova Blacksmith NPC ‘Mevo Muranan’ have had their dialogue changed when interacting with them.
    • Heidel Villager’s dialogue has been changed.
    • Not being able to exchange Dim Magical Vambrace to Calpheon’s Arms Dealer NPC ‘Ronatz’ has been fixed.
    • Rewards have been improved for completing the quest to take out Centaurus in Valencia.
    • Durability is now properly displayed when on a Galley and Epheria Sailboat.
    • @ function to differentiate color is now disabled when whispering.
    • Maximum quantity (F) button is now displayed for all general UI number pad.
    • Issue that changing Chatting Options is not saved has been fixed.
    • Fixed an issue where the effects weren’t being displayed with Tamer pose #1 for new accounts
    • [Maehwa] Lahr Arcien Helmet R becoming transparent at certain angles issue has been fixed.
    • [Tamer] Anemos Outfit Set having display issues have been fixed.
    • Not being able to give Worker’s Elixir to NPC ‘Sugarsh’ for the quest ‘For the Weary Workers’ issue has been fixed.
    • The abnormal cooldown time display for changing servers has been fixed.
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  2. Alicia Dominica

    Apr 27, 2016
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    Valks cry when?


    So slow, @Jojo
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  3. prymortal

    prymortal Sorceress 61 NA

    Nov 29, 2015
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    hmm Kakao, Havnt even come close to fixing even 1 of the past issues, You are Utter Trash Kakao! lets back up this statement!
    learn to fix stuff!

    • No class balance fixes
    • No fixes to reported & proven Emergency Escape on cooldown when it doesn't go off
      -also dying from attacks since you take damage when it first goes off.
    • No fixes to reported & proven CC's causing player to be knocked out of combat (also into curser node, Also fron "flinching"/mild fall damage)
      -A simple & easy to implement fix to this issue was also posted in suggestions.
    • No fixes to reported & proven broken skills reported in beta
    • No fixes to reported & proven broken super armors
    • No fixes to skills that say Invincible taking damage from players & pets.
    • No fixes to reported & proven & video submitted broken skills the past year.
    • No DP patch fix that you ninja removed! (OR was bugged with that bugged patch)
    • No fixes to reported & proven Offhand AP issue/s
    • No improvements or quality of life that would make a difference.
    • No 5 pets
    • No karmasilvia update (or update on release time, translation progress e.t.c.)
    • No Open battlefield update (as shown on twitch you have access to it!)
    • No menchion of server upgrade, Or server isp change, Or network controllers being fixed e.t.c.

    I could go on, i just want to you know you dissapoint us all. @PM Jouska Please fire your staff!

    Here how you do your job:
    • You take note of issues, you write them down, You log into test server & test them, bring a friend its a 2 person job most of the time. or watch the video submitted.
    • Cant see the issue, Request more information, re-read the report.
    • Keep a note of the issue! Very important! you will see why at the end!
    • Contact Pearl Abyss to fix said issues ASAP, Dont just send them a list & rely on hopes & dreams, TELL THEM TO FIX IT!, put in place penaltys if they dont. Push them Week to Week to fix the issue!
    • When issue is resolved, cross issue off from the notes you kept 2 stages above! & let player know its been fixed.
    You guys lack experiance running a game & it shows!

    Also patch notes while patching is going on would go a long way to making players happy!

    Testing content before patching eaither here or KR also would also help alot to avoid these issue in future.
    -Bit of a stretch to ask but hey need to put it out there & its really needed with the chopped up botched patches
    1. 14th June Patch Exibit A:
    2. 14th June Patch Exibit B: (i love this one, memba when DK had this, i do)
    3. Exibit c: Worker Exploit, "due to failsafe fai'lol'er"
    4. Exibit D
      Event Fail
      -Failure to allow for population difference with turn in's. (KR, NA, EU, Steam e.t.c.)
      -Failure to give NA & EU the same buffs KR had for the event.
    -Both clearly not intended & these are just 2 issues from this patch we know of, i'm sure there more we don't.

    I'm not asking for a reply, apology, PR speech about upcoming stuff that we will have to wait for, or even compensation, I'm asking you to put some effort in & reminding you to do Stuff that needs doing & make sure it gets done!
    - Note: gets done in a reasonable amount of time, not like currently Beta reported & still waiting 15 June 2017
    This is all the playerbase currently see's from you:

    ^ This was posted but as video sent to zendesk shows No Improvements have been made, still have the same Lagg issues since this was posted.
    Once again refer to image Kakao!
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  4. Jojo

    Dec 17, 2015
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    Save your FS for Kamasylvia!
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  5. Tekeii

    Feb 29, 2016
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    Your friendly neighbourhood Tekeii here!

    Whilst I appreciate you are doing everything you can to fix the server issues that first occurred on 3rd March 2016, could you please upgrade them to something faster than Oscar Pistorious after he just shot his girlfriend but left his legs at the side of the bed.

    Would be greatly appreciated thank you!
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  6. irrelevant

    irrelevant Pixelstorm Tamer 62 EU

    Jan 19, 2016
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    more valk buffs, as if this class isn't overpowered and unfair enough already
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  7. RoryD

    Jun 14, 2017
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  8. Blacksheep

    Blacksheep 60 EU

    Dec 5, 2015
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    Do i now RNG for my durability by Grind??? What the heck with this translation.
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  9. GamePois0n

    GamePois0n PootyPoot Ranger 61 NA

    Jun 12, 2016
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    first page?
  10. Nellies

    Sep 17, 2016
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    1st page! hahaha! "GET BACK TO WORK" oops....
  11. LoneWolf

    Nov 7, 2015
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    Server lag fix when
  12. wellman029

    Mar 11, 2016
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    so basically we get potions , crappy gems and magic tools again for the duration of this event , Awesome
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  13. NVG

    NVG DarkKnight EU

    Mar 1, 2017
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    What is the purpose of this "“Blacksmith's Secret Book”" . I understand how it works, but why would someone use this? if I have 40fs on a char, I can split them into 20fs + 20fs? Why would I do that?
  14. Kingeraser

    May 5, 2016
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  15. Lucyboy999

    Aug 16, 2016
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    Absolutely beautiful

  16. Nomos

    Feb 29, 2016
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    servers fixes? class balance?
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  17. Beeso

    Nov 7, 2015
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    Wait for it...
  18. coach

    Jan 31, 2016
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    Pegasus when?
  19. Valky

    Jan 31, 2017
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    Nerf tamer just bcs more salt and lemon. WTF dude go cry on tamer forum
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  20. E N I G M A

    May 26, 2017
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    I had hoped for a fix for the latency in the game, but well well. Hopefully sooner than later :D
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