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Payouts - Why it's Destroying BDO for new/returning players

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by LightningFFXIII-4, May 31, 2018.

  1. LightningFFXIII-4

    Dec 14, 2016
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    In order for BDO to be successful, it needs fresh new players/returning players.

    At the current state, new players/returning players don't stand a chance against the Veterans who received massive payouts for months or both so they just quit and find another game.

    Here are the numbers according to forums/reddit and world chat:
    1.) Sea Monster hunting payouts (600mil silver in the mail a week) - Shooting a cannon at a mob that cant even kill you and it rewards you 600mil silver??!

    2.) Node wars T1-T3 Payouts (200mil silver in the mail a week) - Sniping nodes since barely anyone plays rewards you with 200mil silver??!

    3.) Siege guild payouts (800mil+ silver in the mail a week) - 2-3 hours of sitting in a castle while watching Netflix rewards you with 800mil silver?! plus you can jump to a nodewar guild on weekdays to collect an extra 200mil?!

    Not to mention almost all guild members of all 3 types of those guilds get the max daily pay of 5mil so that's another 35mil a week on top of that.

    How is a new player/returning player supposed to compete with that?

    Join a payout guild - Cant! GS is not at softcap (550 RS is apparently softcap now), your not a wizard/witch/berserker, you have to talk in discord, you have to make it to nodewars/siege/sea monster hunting. By the time you reach 550 RS, the softcap would be 575 RS.

    Grind like you don't care about RL - Does not work since Payout carried players have a 200-800mil headstart each week.

    Buy everything in the pearlshop and win - Lol, that doesn't work either, you can spend thousands in there and it would beat payouts.

    How to fix it:

    1.) Remove payouts from the game and replace them with a guild buff.
    2.) Introduce new Gear enhancement tiers. Make getting PEN as easy as getting +5, then introduce new 20 tiers after PEN.
    3.) Introduce new currency called Gold. NPC's will only take gold now instead of silver.
    4.) In addition to disabling PVP in world bosses, they should also make the relic/ancient relic + forbidden book scrolls locations a safe zone.
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  2. aswedishtiger

    Dec 10, 2016
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    Your problems are fine

    The solutions you present are absolutely horrid
  3. Suh

    Suh Sorceress 62 EU

    Apr 15, 2016
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    So, you have to do something or you have to do nothing for unearned money? Make up your mind at some point.

    tl;dr: I'm lazy and I know it.
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  4. residente

    Jun 14, 2017
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    Jesus Christ this is horrifying.
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  5. Tdogg88

    Feb 24, 2016
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    Is this game even worth me playing? A little over a month ago I was doing research for how I could earn silver and I stumbled upon some info that top guilds or siege guilds were getting like 500m+ payouts weekly for the past few months. I paid it no mind at first. Then I saw a video of someone who was in a top guild, likely getting those payouts, spamming 6bil+ worth of cron stones to get a PEN item. How can you compete against that wealth?

    I would have to really spam real life cash to catch up...selling costumes buying tons of artisans, etc. I already spent alot of cash and I made a promise to myself not to spend more. Better to go back to WoW or go back to my other hobbies as they're not nearly as expensive.
  6. Scoregasms

    Jun 18, 2017
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    Joined in 2016, makes multiple posts about how softcapped players are ruining the game because of pvp....What have you been doing in this game since you joined?

    T1-T3 NW do not make 200mil a week, clearly you've never been in a NW guild.
    Siege guilds do not make 800mil+ a week, well only 1 does now, used to be 2 guilds making that much but you know...
    Never done sea monster hunting, but I know to even get the highest payout, you have to contribute x amount daily/weekly, so youre mad they spend practically their whole time hunting sea monsters?

    Your solutions are crap lol, you want to make hardcap 100% guarantee, then increase the GS???? Wut.
    Also saw your post about no-pvp at boss times because of strong guilds having decs on lower GS guilds and they have no choice but to kick their members to hopefully drop the war.....again WHAT DO YOU DO IN THIS GAME, there is a thing called protection you can put on those members where they cant be attacked because of a war.
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  7. Micariel

    Micariel Sorceress 61 EU

    Apr 28, 2016
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    I still can't see where that applies. Why do new or returning players not stand a chance against Veterans. (Not that veteran players are called Veteran players for a reasons)

    Didn't we have the same pointless discussion a few months ago?
  8. TeRRoRibleOne

    Mar 12, 2016
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    You literally just took what I told you in another thread and are using it as your own data for another spam thread about payouts..... You are so stupid.
    1) I literally told you that. You had no god damn clue about it. You were arguing that siege guilds make the most money and I factually showed you how wrong you were.
    2) 200m silver is not paid out to every single nodewar guild once again. If you were even smart you would be able to do simple math. I'm going to quote myself from the other thread of you complaining: "Now lets do the math for nodes only. So you only get 2 t3 nodes in a week, that's 10 billion silver. Once again say we have a 100 person guild so that comes out to 4 billion that can be paid out overall. So each individual would get 40 million silver each if paid the same amount. Once again we are short of the 200 million number he stated." Snipe guilds can't make that much because they can't get 2 T3 nodes a week to make that. So once again you are wrong. And you can't even make that getting 2 T3 backtaxed nodes because guess what, you have to fight over backtaxed nodes.
    3) Quoting myself again: "I can tell you they don't get that anymore, they haven't owned a castle in 2 months. So for the sake of math, let's see how much someone normally gets paid. So if you get 2 t3 nodes in a week, you get around 10 billion silver. Now if you win Valencia for the first week, you get around 25 billion silver. So overall for one week the guild gets 35 billion silver. For a payout, you can only pay out 40% of those funds. So 40% of 35 billion is 14 billion. Now if you have a 100 person guild and everyone gets the same level of payout that's 140 million silver. That sure seems a lot smaller than the 800m Lightning posted...."

    Also this moron forgets to add some things to everything. For starters, if you do sea monsters, you have to have a boat that costs at a MINIMUM of 200m silver if you buy it or you have to spend hours upon hours of lifeskilling to make it. So he forgets you have to actually make things in order to do it. Also forgets to mention this is in lue of grinding for money since you don't get a personal gain while doing this, just guild rewards.

    As for nodes and siege this fool forgets guild members have to use buffs like villa, elixirs, and potions. Notice he doesn't add any of those into his flawed math once again?

    I'm getting sick of people spreading complete misinformation in the game because they are saltlords who are mad they don't know how to make money. If you notice, the OP doesn't mention anything about the money you can make while life skilling. Ever wonder how much people who only life skill make? I can tell you it's a lot more than a node or siege payout plus grinding. But he purposely leaves that out. So keep up spreading your flawed misinformation.
    #8 TeRRoRibleOne, May 31, 2018
    Last edited: May 31, 2018
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  9. RengerEl

    Jun 1, 2017
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    So you have to play the game to get rewards. Or not play the game to get rewards. If you go out with your guild in team activities and get rewards, that's bad. If you don't do anything with your guild, you don't get rewards, and that's bad.
    OK, got it.
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  10. Ravare

    Dec 16, 2015
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    You sound like a broken record.

    Seriously you spam and hijack people's threads with this argument constantly then go and create your own on it.

    You've done this before multiple times. You continue to do it when it doesn't even relate to anything else.

    Please just stop, seriously.
  11. Angarato

    Feb 17, 2016
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    this kid is either a horrible troll or just batshit retarded.

    sea monster guilds dont require a 550 gs. tier 1 nodewar guilds dont require a 550 gs.
    just stfu
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  12. Valient

    Valient Ninja 60 EU

    Jun 24, 2016
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    dude prolly has never gone sea hunting, never been in a proper nw guild, never done siege, etc etc.

    you cant expect a person who joined a month ago to compete with someone whos been playing for 2 yrs, time is a very big concept which splits players apart.
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  13. Solsi

    Feb 13, 2016
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    The game also needs it's veterans and already established players to stick around. They also buy new outfits, undies, value packs, AM, tents and all the new cash grab stuff.

    If you completely devalue all their hard work and gear, because a small percentage of "payout carried", you'll loose to many players. Getting a few more new players wont make up for that.

    There's always going to be a gap between new and veteran players. If you make drastic changes right now to completely remove the wealth and gear cap, you'll still be in the exact same situation 8-10 months from now. It never ends, because people quitting and starting fresh never ends. Than you have a second generation of new players being far behind and complaining over power difference. What than? Devalue everyone's gear all over again? Add another 20+ new enhance levels? Or introduce yet another new currency?

    This isn't WoW or a game with similar season system, so it doesn't work to make everything outdated and useless twice a year because "balance". Entire game and it's aggressive cash shop, is design around long term progression.
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  14. Jensen

    Feb 26, 2016
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    i wish i got 200mil/week with 2x t1 nodes, but all i get in a 60 man guild is tops 100 mil after a few months of nothing

    all your numbers are from a alternate reality

    i mean all you need to do is simple maths, 800x100= 80 bil in silver in payout, whats the maximum you can get in val ? 20 somehting bil ?
    even with payouts from 2 alt guilds both holding 2x t3 node ( which is impossible ) , its still not possible to hit 800 mil a week
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  15. ExtraSoda

    Feb 2, 2016
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    Didn't bother reading thread, but I applaud you for your dedication to the cause that is clearly dear to your heart. What amazing dedication.

  16. Tamison

    Nov 25, 2016
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    Sounds like you've never been in a node war guild
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  17. Otrsor

    Otrsor Sorceress 63 EU

    Oct 29, 2016
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    Edit: Nvm you all can skip this comment to save time, OP isnt too clever and thus there was no need for me or anyone else to answer, i leave my old answer on a spoiler if someone wants to read it, but then again, theres no need for it, its just obvious stuff thats been said over and over.

    200mil/week with T1-T3 nodes.. even if you got that money and efen if you could get that with only 2 nodes.. you have to fight for those nodes, that takes around 2hours (sometimes more, preparation time is relevant) + villas + consumables (thats a net loss of at least 20-30m a week, sometimes way more) , if you just grinded the nodewar time you could make around 20m/h, so 4-5 hours thats around 120m less from a theorical 200m/week payout (and you still have to consider consumables), and again, you dont get those payouts from nodes, most of the times nodewar payout is just enough to pay the consumables and villas you use on them, you are (most likely) LOSING money for doing nodes so STFU.
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  18. Grizabella

    Feb 11, 2016
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    If only there were stupid simple events for new players to make silver like fishing in a magic lake or something. Oh wait.....
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  19. LoganSilver

    LoganSilver LoganSilver Witch 62 NA

    Jul 12, 2017
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    Apparently siege is 800 million a week, sea monsters are 600 million a week, and T1-3 nodes are 200 million a week. All this tells me you don't do any of these things regularly in the game.

    Siege can give 800 million to a few of the players in the siege guild, or even more. But the average member will get 100-300 million based on the time the region has been owned by the guild and the number of higher tier payouts given.

    T1-3 nodes give nowhere near 200 million a week. Unless you are a small guild owning two T3 nodes and paying out 30 members. Or unless you give most members tier 1 payouts and feed a few people t10 payouts.

    Sea monsters can actually give you 600 million payouts due the the RNG drop 100 million guild fund item. But you can make comparable money doing other things like grinding or active life skilling. A 600 million payout for ALL members a week would require an insane amount of sea monster hunting activity. You could easily make the same money doing other things.

    Payouts may need to be toned down at the top end (siege). But it is not as broken as you seem to make it out to be. My payout for max attendance in a T1 guild that has owned 2 nodes for the past 2-3 weeks and dabbles in sea monster hunting was 34.9 million, and I get a daily pay of 365k (min pay for yearly contract). Once you factor time spend and money on elixirs and villa buffs, I lose money each week from PvP. While this is not true for all, payouts are not as broken as you make them out to be.
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  20. JM

    JM Tamer 62 NA

    Jan 31, 2017
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    Oh man... leave. You want a completely different game than the one you are playing. Go play something that wont hurt your feelings so much.
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