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Persistent Node Wars

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Behemothh, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. Behemothh

    Jul 3, 2017
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    Persistent node wars.

    Just like there is a constant RBF, i would like to have persistent NW's.

    This NW's would be on fixed channels, and pre build bases where players are unable to repair, rebuild, remove any structures, the idea behind this is being able to progress thru PvP, with a contribution system that already exist it would just need to be adjusted to give silver isntead of medals/HP buff.

    The NW duration could be arround 55m, not instanced ofc on the current NW channels so mobs would be completely removed from this channels and 1 NW per channel, 5 minute intermissions to sign up for the NW and able to sign up as a party.

    If there needs to be a lore behind this or something, could be X territory is invadin X territory and both are recruiting mercenaries to atk/defend.

    Contribution system could be something like 1m per kill caping at 50-70kills, 5-10m per structure including fences caping at 20-30m, and another 20-30m for victory.

    This opens a way to progress thru PvP wich there is none at the moment and i dont see one being implemented anytime soon.

    Can start with 1 fixed node territory and slowly expand and make it rng wich node u will be fighting on, pretty much players will be mercenaries all the time in this nw's but still be able to take the summon to node like u would or just be teleported to the NW fort when it starts, once player signs up u would be locked on server till NW is over unless u cancel registration before NW starts.
    Size of NW's 30v30 and increase if demand is sufficient.

    If there is a stalemate the structures would just disapear and every players gets rewarded for their contribution exept the 20-30m for victory, and with NW's being every 1h ur already caping silver per hour so grinding still stays ahead of PvP but now u can actually do some gear progression thru pvp.

    Can also add 1-2 tittles that last 24h if desired for this persistent NW's.

    Apologize for my shitty english and spelling not my main language.

    No gear cap tho, end game content right here, and dont forget pvping is way more expensive than grinding if ur using elixirs or draughts.

    Could also implement an assist system for shai's so they dont miss out on contribution points from kills but would only be a system for shai's.

    This NW's would be disabled 1h before guild NW's and siege and reactivated 1h after NW/siege ends.

    And you should be able to put tents down during the 5 min intermissions to rebuff villas.

    Also if ur say in serendia 1 persistent nw then the node should be in serendia so ppl can run back during intermission for church buff.

    Hope the comunity welcomes this pvp idea, not perfect but its a start.

    Even if you own a region you should be able to participate in this NW's even if ur the GM.

    Instead of raw silver there can be other rewards like the AOB but based on contribution, Doesnt have to be same rewards as AOB can add sharps/hards, black stones, caphras, draughts, some gold bars for repairs/villas.
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  2. DarkGG

    DarkGG Darkiee DarkKnight 62 NA

    Oct 15, 2017
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    That sounds pretty cool tbh, my only issue would be their horrible balance of classes.
  3. WhySoSeeryus

    WhySoSeeryus Wizard 63 EU

    Jan 31, 2018
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    How would u reward dp builds in these "nodewars"
  4. Behemothh

    Jul 3, 2017
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    not a perfect idea idk how dp memes work so if u got a suggestion for how to reward the dp memes post it and i can add it, maybe an assist system implementation with party members?. idk the idea behind this is to add pvp content, progression and more group content cus group content is almost none existent outside of normal NW's and siege.

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