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Pit of Undying Trial Bosses

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by wariat117, Oct 18, 2020 at 2:33 PM.


Add Pit of Undying boss trials?

  1. No

  2. Yes

  1. wariat117

    Apr 22, 2020
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    The idea is to let us fight the boss we want to try out which skills can interrupt boss's skills/etc
    They won't reward anything when defeated

    Personally I'm not sure if they should be in the pit (some NPC would spawn boss for us at the cost of 50-100 energy or maybe NPC would request seals of undying)
    Or maybe add them somewhere to arena of trial characters (this way trials could try out fighting even when there are no players present, and we are able to try out skills without the skill points cost or skill reset item)
    So that's something for the players to vote if the idea is accepted

    Before people go "check youtube to see what interrupts the boss"
    Youtube says that skills with "bound" interrupt the black spin of van riker,
    but, bosses are immune to grapples...
    so grapple bounds probably don't work (at least those grapple bounds didn't work on evergart, didn't try on van)

    So I tried predatory hunt, it works, but it has 23s CoolDown...I interrupted van once and he spawns 1-2 tornados before the CD passes, sooo not really a solution

    I tried Frienzied Destroyer later (it worked on evergart), but I couldn't interrupt van riker, is van immune to FD? or maybe I was too slow? -> no idea (I have used RMB instantly after I started the FD in order to activate the bound attack tho)

    Each try costs 5 days, and I need to do those 3 fights before van riker each time (and I can't buy pots + since maids are blocked, I can't transfer pots, I understand blocking storage maids, but why market maid?)

    Letting him spawn tornados and just running in circles doesn't work either, my PC can't keep up with many tornados
    Next plan is to try other classes with oasis gear (thus weaker than main), but trialing those classes would be better

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