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Please investigate S+LMB input skills' not working after S+F input skills

Discussion in 'Classes and Skills' started by Marzipan Stan, Oct 9, 2020.

  1. Marzipan Stan

    Dec 6, 2019
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    I can only confirm that this happens on both awakened berserker and, it seems, awakened hashashin. After activating a skill with the inputs S+F in main hand, if one continues holding S and then adds LMB to activate a skill that should activate with S+LMB, the S+LMB skill will not activate.

    On awakened berserker, this manifests as Frenzied Destroyer failing to activate after Predatory Hunt, and your character gets stuck in S-block until you remove your fingers from the keyboard and mouse and then refresh your WASD. If you attempt to input the full Frenzied Destroyer S+LMB+RMB cancel, and you have Beastly Wind Slash unlocked, your character will activate Beastly Wind Slash, which suggests that the LMB element of the required input for Frenzied Destroyer does not register or is overridden somehow after using Predatory Hunt. This input problem has been known to berserker players for at least a year, and many have reported it. It is dangerous in PvP. It interrupts combos, and if the player does not fully remove their hand from the keyboard to refresh WASD before quickly attempting to re-input Frenzied Destroyer, they will repeat Beastly Wind Slash. This moves their character away from their opponent in a way that the player did not expect, and leaves them unprotected for their opponent to CC them, likely from behind.

    On awakened hashashin, this manifests as Shadow Splitter failing to activate, and instead your character will default to activating Sand Slicer. If Sand Slicer is on cooldown, your character will wait until the Sand Slicer cooldown is over and then activate Sand Slicer. I have not experienced this issue enough in PvP to notice its effects on combos, yet, but it is easy to anticipate that it will become an increasingly significant problem over time as people get more practice on hashashin.

    Both of these issues are at minimum irritating in PvE, and in monster zones where quick and responsive movement is necessary to avoid being CC'd and/or killed, they can become dangerous.

    I will try to add clips of these issues when I can.
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  2. Chrixalis

    Oct 9, 2020
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    I Agree! as a zerker we mostly use Frenzied Destroyer to all our combos PVP/PVE.

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