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Potential Exploit

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by GM Rhotaaz, May 18, 2019.

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  1. SavageOpress[SX00]

    SavageOpress[SX00] SX00 Berserker 62 EU

    Jun 27, 2018
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    Man, after all the messages you have sent giving us more and more details of your situation, I can't help but have a chuckle. You said, you ADMITTED to cheat and be aware of it, you got punished for it, and recently you even said you sent them threats?? You "demand" a second chance?? Man, who do you even think you are? You, as a client of a big company, are NOT in the position of demanding **** when they crossed you from their lists. The have NOTHING to do with you. And I'm not sure if you are able to notice that not a single person in this thread, either actively or passively participating, is supporting you. Why? You already got your answer several times, but I'll repeat it for you. You are a cheap cheater, a Karen who wants to speak to the manager. You are nothing to the GMs because you have left your POLITENESS, your humility back behind. I don't care how mad you are, how much time or money you've spent in the game. Those aren't the ways you are achieving nothing and if you were an adult you'd already know this. You keep repeating, "AgAiN?" to the people who answer to your complaints, but you are the one who answers the same crap because you aren't reading what you'd like to read. If WHOEVER got their account back (and that's the only thing you could get back, the fact that you suggest perhaps getting your money back instead is yet another example of how much of a selfish moron you are.), that is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Each person is a different case, and you, despite giving such vague details about the others but providing their names- the easiest way to accuse but the less relevant-, have given US the forum community enough reasons to consider you a toxic crybaby. So now go and try imagining what the GMs think about you. Good day.
  2. LuigiC

    Nov 5, 2019
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    They gave second chance so many other people, for the same thing.

    And anyway I was aware that I would not have received even a favorable consent, I am here only to annoy the GM since, as usual, they take the piss.
    I am not here to receive the support of the community but only to expose the reality of the facts.
    I'm nobody's friend, and I don't need it.
    And as I said GMs are not their friend but their client and I want to be treated in a certain way.

    Even now, the fact that all this time I have complained that they delete messages and are not canceling anything now is another proof that they are continuing to kidding me.

    They will be doing a lot of laughs, so they have a community of people who will always lick their ass, I can stay calm; they will be right even when they are wrong.

    They don't even have the courage to come and write something.

    How disgusting.
  3. LightningFFXIII-4

    Dec 14, 2016
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    Of course it's the ppl who participate in PVP that does it lol. Needs to start naming and shaming these ppl by showing their family/character names and what guild they belong to.

    72 hour suspension is too light of a punishment for deliberately exploiting a bug.
  4. Sadalsuud

    Sadalsuud Tamer 62 EU

    Mar 26, 2016
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    Your opinion, your version of the so-called "facts".

    And when a client is deliberately ignoring rules, or even ignoring common sense, why do you think they should give him a special treatment? Such an attitude will annoy other clients, isn't that logical?

    So you're complaining that they do not allow you to do whatever you want? Such an entitlement.

    About the licking ass community, you're far from the real reason : nobody likes cheater. Nobody will defend them, except maybe other cheaters.
  5. Because at this point you sound more suicidal than despondent. Having exhausted every avenue of action, your final one should be to walk away.

    Kakao is sometimes wrong in how they handle their bans. They do not have a zero tolerance policy, and some players are forgiven, banned by mistake from the offset, or are just too valuable to the company to let go. It sucks, but that is just the way Kakao operates, and such arbitrary enforcement is the reason I quit my first mmo, and one of the main reasons I quit this one.

    If we are expected to play by the rules, it is reasonable to expect the rules to be equally enforced. That is not the case with Kakao.

    The best thing to do is recognize it and walk away as I have. Invest in yourself, fight harder for your real life than your virtual one, and make friends to help you move on.

    No, it’s not fair. There are better companies that care more about their product and their purchasers than Kakao. This company isn’t worth bleeding over. Count it a blessing you don’t have to spend any more time or money on something with no return on investment.
  6. WhySoSeeryus

    WhySoSeeryus Wizard 63 EU

    Jan 31, 2018
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    stupid mistake is something accidental or rash, not "oh, naisu, im gonna exploit for a looooong period of time and then blame them for having stupid system if i get caught."
  7. CM Servantes

    Community Manager

    Dec 1, 2017
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    Anything related to suspensions or bans should be addressed to the GM team by sending in a ticket. As this is not the place to appeal an in-game suspension, I will be closing this thread.

    Also, one note about this:
    Our players are our number one priority, that is why if we fear their life might be in risk we have to call the police. They are the best option to check if everything is all right and they can offer you the help you may need.

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