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PvP Questions

Discussion in 'PvP' started by Ventrez, Mar 13, 2020.

  1. Ventrez

    Mar 29, 2016
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    So I have a few questions as a returning member to BDO

    1. Is Shai's damage really that bad for pvp as people claim it to be or is it because they have no defenses when using their damage abilities?

    2. What are the top fraggers in node wars these days? If I wanted to play a class that jumps in and blows people up what would you say it would be?

    3. What are the top classes for node wars? I hear witch, wizard and shai most of the time, why are they needed?
  2. Rilok

    Rilok Ranger NA

    Feb 20, 2016
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    1. Short answer is - yes. Shai’s are support. They have virtually no damage because of this.

    2. Not all, but most classes have a chance to top frag in wars with enough skill and gear.

    3. Witch/Wizards are needed because of the group buffs and heals they provide. They also provide a skilled called “Protect Area” aka PA, which gives a nice defensive buff for guild member/teammates within radius. This is of course on top of being able to deal great aoe damage.
    Shai’s provide group buffs as well as a “shai bubble”. Nobody gets in or out; including damage. This can halt enemy pushes and a number of other things when used creatively.
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  3. AZzalor

    AZzalor EU

    Aug 3, 2016
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    1. They have lower pvp dmg values than all other classes and at least for pvp they are meant to be supports, so yes they won't deal dmg.
    2. Basically every class besides shai can be top fragging in nodewars. It depends a lot of what kind of nodewars you do, what calls your shotcaller does and so on.
      In smaller nodewars, agile assassin classes are more likely to do better while in larger nodewars, witchards and bruiser classes will perform better. You also have to take in account that classes scale differently with different gear, meaning that for example witchards will do way more dmg at lower gear compared to other classes but later on they fall off while different classes scale better.
    3. It's pretty simple: They are the only support classes. Especially the protected area skill (gives +999dp to allies) is nessecary for pushes in a blob vs blob fight as otherwise everyone just dies within 1-2 seconds from all the aoe dmg skills flying around. Healing ofc is the other major factor that allows for your blob to stay in fights longer after pa runs out.
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