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Quest Suggestion

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by A1Legged, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. A1Legged

    Jun 7, 2017
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    So in black desert most of the quest are hidden and you have to go out and explore this I like. But, what I don't like is the fact that all your quest that you have done are not logged for viewing pleasure. I suggest that there be a log of completed quest. This way you can see if you have met certain requirements for another quest. I don't want to change the fact of going out and exploring the world but I do want to save the hassle of trying to remember what quest you have done. Also allow amity games to give you hints towards other quest givers or quest conditions in the game would be good. Like you talk to an npc get 100 amity with them they let you know they have a quest for you at night while it's raining and it gets logged in certain tab on the quest log. This way the amity game is more useful. I rather that a form of note taking in the sense of receiving the knowledge of these quest so you as a player may do them later when the requirements are met because you did gain the knowledge of the quest. but before talking to that npc you didn't know the requirements. This means you can still stumble upon that quest even without talking to the npc. Because that's how BDO is you adventure and find new thing. Another thing would be to add Knowledge trackers. Being able to mark a hostile Mob so you know you still need to gain knowledge of it. Sorta functions like a Quest Objective marker. these 3 changes I feel would help with backtracking, new use for amity, and a quality of life change for the knowledge system so we don't have to keep alt tabbing the game and losing the immersion.

    1. Quest Log for quest that you have done. (sorted normally by all the normal sort functions in the quest log page. Town, Story, Trade, etc...
    2. Adding to the amity game. Giving knowledge log of a quest condition that so the player can come back and do it later. The amity game is not the requirement for the quest but a way of getting info on a future quest. Meaning they give you knowledge the quest requires it to be raining and at night. so they ask you to come back then. Now let's say you never talked to this npc before. So you don't know the requirements. It happens to be raining and night out. They give you the quest because you fulfilled the requirements. The knowledge of the quest gain through this will be logged in the quest log and you may toggle it on or off but doesn't give you the direction to go in only the name of the Npc you got the knowledge from.
    3. A marking system for mobs similar to the quest objective marker this way you can mark specific mobs you wanna kill or focus out.

    I am not asking for all these to be fulfilled but I do hope my suggestions help.
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  2. Metalharpey

    Metalharpey Metalharpey Witch 62 EU

    Apr 5, 2016
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    I'm very much interested in some sort of quest tracker myself to see which ones I've already done, maybe some sort of library with titles of quests you haven't done with some sketchy hints or indeed go to x NPC and get 100 amity for hint or whatever. I've been trying to 100% my regions but I have no clue what I'm missing and what not XD Pretty saddening (I'm an achievement junkie)!
    I think your third idea could be nice as well but some are meant to be hard to find, so maybe just some sort of indicator or hint where they are... Can't make it too simple :P

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