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Rant on how game feels it going to waste from a ranger perspective

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Sankaba, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Sankaba

    Jul 11, 2017
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    Some suggestions/thinking/expierence on ranger:
    Make wailing wind faster - not protected cc skill that is slow which tends to get us killed
    make PW great again, we had another way to compete on dmg with shotgun and it was super refreshing and nice
    make dash iframe fully protect animation
    make explosive evasive shot fully protected
    make class a bit more hastier, its too slow compred to most super quick classes full of protections while we are like wizz witch but with close to no protections
    our passive are actualy picked out of garbage can
    elven rage is slow and isnt fully protected, most of the time its suicide to use it.
    What was thinking behind making Call from the sky SA instead of iframe? its useless now,
    with high ap brackets ppl get killed during animation, and it have downsides to it already, like unprotected start and end of it
    Stamina consumption on ranger - thats not even fair, how much work goes into managing it (like a whole mechanic you need to work around just to be in ok spot)
    Whats with the passives? call of earth? why its such a mess of unusable skills in any kind of situation?

    Sea monsters? are we letting game die just like that? end game content being best way to gain resources is to ram monsters with your wooden ship in the sea?
    to get best average currency/h +rare drops? And even IF PA will nerf/change/ or do anything about it - guilds that done that activity will have funds to payout FOR months?
    No cc and protection on the same skill, while some classes still pack those packages
    some just can instantly cancel theyr skills/spells for protection
    where did that mentality dissapeared?
    Some world bosses wasnt killed since new system of shared hp?
    Its close to impossible to get offin now since changes
    wheres the communication with community?
    to be fair all im expecting is some generic answer, but hey gotta reach out before getting reach out to

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