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Re-cap of 2019 Contest Winners

Discussion in 'Events' started by CM Avalace, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. CM Avalace

    Community Manager

    Jul 11, 2017
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    Re-cap of 2019 Contest Winners!

    Dear Adventurers!

    You've scavenged among the past year's patch notes and used your Black Desert Online knowledge to the best of your ability. Are you the wisest though?

    Here are the answers to the Crossword Puzzle! It seems numbers 18, 4, and 12 stumped many!



    1. Defeat Nosferatu Zodd in this collaboration

    4. Protect a relic from monsters and bosses in each illusion

    6. An Ancient city which can only be accessed by diving underwater

    9. The next best weapon besides Kzarka and Offin

    11. A class that fights off incoming threats with a giant boomerang

    15. One of Shai's beloved Donkeys

    16. Fish worth 500,000 Silver at Terrmian Beach or at the part of Demi River south of Heidel

    18. Are you awake?

    20. Archer's Radiant Storm


    2. The site of a meteorite impact

    3. Try out several different classes at Lv. 60 at certain arenas

    5. Can be accessed in game or mobile web page using silver in the Warehouse

    7. Collect 50 seals at this location to trade in for one of the brand new pearl swimwear for


    8. Brings you back to your roots by giving you powerful new skills focused on the original

    weapons of your class

    10. A new expansion to the world of Black Desert Online, where you can maneuver new

    ships through ocean current and wind

    12. There are 12 of them that you can use in chat

    13. Lifeskilling clothes, tools, and accessories

    14. A trail-blazing Dream Horse that will only accept the fiercest of riders

    17. Cute white elephant from a mystical water festival

    19. The Eye of the Great Ocean

    Prizes will be sent out during the Jan 15, 2020 maintenance.

    All participants who answered correctly will receive:
    • Black Stone (Weapon) x10

    • Black Stone (Armor) x10

    • Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x2

    • [Event] Enhancement Help Kit I x1

    Random 5 participants who answered correctly:

    • Crayodel Outfit Set - Exclusive to your class x1

    • Sweet Bear Tree x1

    • Sweet Town Snowball x1

    • Sweet Papa Bear x1

    • [Event] Value Pack (7 Days) x1

    • [Event] Sealed Book of Combat (7 Days) x1

    • [Event] Sealed Book of Life (7 Days) x1

    • Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x4

    • [Event] Enhancement Help Kit I x1

    Plagiarism is not tolerated. Those naughty adventurers who answered correctly, but caught cheating were disqualified from prizes.

    Thank you for participating in the Re-cap of 2019 Contest. Without further ado, here are the winners! Congratulations!


    AlIure [NA]
    Ambersnow [NA]
    Apokai [NA]
    Arentias [NA]
    Ashwolf [NA]
    Auroses [NA]
    Award [NA]
    Bagelox [NA]
    Bearwild [NA]
    Befco [NA]
    Benier [NA]
    Bikkoism [NA]
    Black_Neighbor [NA]
    Bogdan [NA]
    Caelium [NA]
    Catalystt [NA]
    Celador [NA]
    Chippi [NA]
    Chisuya [NA]
    Cinu [NA]
    Dahlins [NA]
    DarethZ [NA]
    DC12 [NA]
    Deady [NA]
    DeeLegends [NA]
    DepressionChan [NA]
    Eilshelanna [NA]
    Elucetile [NA]
    Endelhart [NA]
    Eruesudi [NA]
    Filolial [NA]
    Fisteye [NA]
    Fuujin [NA]
    Gankkya [NA]
    Geniewiz [NA]
    Glutenfreechips [NA]
    Haltrove [NA]
    Hiraeth [NA]
    Hirayamanawari [NA]
    Hodoo [NA]
    Husaria [NA]
    Hypocrytes [NA]
    ImmortalMerc [NA]
    Intensified [NA]
    itsvelka [NA]
    James_KevinJames [NA]
    Jormungandr [NA]
    Jouer [NA]
    JuciestLemonade [NA]
    Kathariel [NA]
    Krolvac [NA]
    Kusanagiwara [NA]
    Laraily [NA]
    Laurelin [NA]
    LeVixon [NA]
    MacaroniAndCock [NA]
    Marescone [NA]
    Medicable [NA]
    Mel910 [NA]
    Memojie [NA]
    Mimichi [NA]
    Mocha [NA]
    Montagne [NA]
    MrGoodVibes [NA]
    Mtszkii [NA]
    MythicZombie [NA]
    Noxypetalum [NA]
    Pamiya_Dimatibag [NA]
    Parmenides [NA]
    PeppermintMocha [NA]
    Pikariluna [NA]
    PixelCupcake [NA]
    Projectmilky [NA]
    Recital [NA]
    Rinovar [NA]
    Rustbrook [NA]
    SC0327 [NA]
    ScarletSeraphim [NA]
    Serendipitii [NA]
    Shirime [NA]
    SILD2 [NA]
    Sillly [NA]
    Slapdot [NA]
    SolarSyzygy [NA]
    SouIOfCinder [NA]
    Spyceh [NA]
    Styrkur [NA]
    Sunflowery [NA]
    Sym [NA]
    The_Gerbs [NA]
    TheRealBill [NA]
    Tiaria [NA]
    Todini [NA]
    Tuscarora [NA]
    Utsurowazarumono [NA]
    Vanclyde [NA]
    Veritaas [NA]
    Vincettio [NA]
    Viverette [NA]
    Whaleooraoor [NA]
    Whisperious [NA]
    Wolffe [NA]
    Wosunang [NA]
    Yakshi [NA]
    Yesoma [NA]
    Yukimura [NA]
    Yuzh [NA]
    Zextry [NA]

    Akaibu [EU]
    Akisama [EU]
    Alexithymia [EU]
    Alter_Nora [EU]
    Alterist [EU]
    Apo_Family [EU]
    Arnum [EU]
    Avisis [EU]
    Ayumika [EU]
    BearShark [EU]
    Belphemas [EU]
    BlackbeardsCrew [EU]
    BlkButterfly [EU]
    BotDorito [EU]
    Chakakan [EU]
    Chiku [EU]
    Chogiwa [EU]
    ChoosenOne [EU]
    ClicknKill [EU]
    Comedioses [EU]
    Cyanic [EU]
    Cyiann [EU]
    Dayztwo [EU]
    Deas [EU]
    Deshacore [EU]
    Dimitriy [EU]
    Dranoc [EU]
    Dunadain [EU]
    ElDesorden [EU]
    EspEpic [EU]
    Eumel2 [EU]
    Eustace [EU]
    Fanflakes [EU]
    Feoh [EU]
    Ferve [EU]
    FireballKraken [EU]
    Firstlook [EU]
    Freya [EU]
    Funak [EU]
    Gabba101 [EU]
    Gorjuice [EU]
    Gromax [EU]
    Gzymsons [EU]
    Halasz [EU]
    Haribocookies [EU]
    Hatice [EU]
    Heavencleanse [EU]
    HeavyRayne [EU]
    Hekatos [EU]
    Hwest [EU]
    Hypetrain [EU]
    Innkvart [EU]
    Iomestria [EU]
    IronBreath [EU]
    Jensenen [EU]
    Jiao [EU]
    Joceninja [EU]
    Kaellys [EU]
    Kahdun [EU]
    Kilyar [EU]
    Koffel [EU]
    Kormoczi [EU]
    Koyuu [EU]
    KrZxTeRmInAtIoN [EU]
    Lahankreeb [EU]
    LaMeute [EU]
    LeniU [EU]
    Leoure [EU]
    Lieblingsjunge [EU]
    Loliseeker [EU]
    LowkeyRip [EU]
    Lpwithluise [EU]
    Lysomeo [EU]
    Mahes [EU]
    Melinoe [EU]
    Menhur [EU]
    Mintsu [EU]
    Mistleaf [EU]
    Mizer [EU]
    Moist [EU]
    Mostynause [EU]
    Motoal [EU]
    Nagissachan [EU]
    Naiades [EU]
    Namyia [EU]
    NannaOgg [EU]
    Neneh [EU]
    Nistrae [EU]
    Nobira [EU]
    Nyavenger [EU]
    PallasAthene [EU]
    PitBull6699 [EU]
    Proffeso [EU]
    Rachnael [EU]
    Raiga [EU]
    Rajines [EU]
    RaspberryPuffin [EU]
    Ryky [EU]
    Sanberg [EU]
    Savi [EU]
    Scaretactic [EU]
    Scarlet88 [EU]
    Scheutz [EU]
    Seistemas [EU]
    Shadecutter [EU]
    Sheynji [EU]
    Shijimoto [EU]
    Shimazuh [EU]
    Shotrah [EU]
    SilverRoad1997 [EU]
    Skylars Lena_Urd [EU]
    SoTiny [EU]
    Stouthearted [EU]
    Sukyni [EU]
    Thay [EU]
    Thyriss [EU]
    Tinetehle [EU]
    TrueFon [EU]
    Tsuyin [EU]
    Tuovin [EU]
    Unknown0101 [EU]
    Unmei_Kaze [EU]
    Vihane [EU]
    VinylMix [EU]
    Violiner [EU]
    Virava [EU]
    Vulpa [EU]
    weskershoni [EU]
    Yitsoe [EU]
    Yoda [EU]
    Yoosong [EU]
    Zerohi [EU]
    Zodiiack [EU]

    Full Contest Rules and 4K Wallpapers: [HERE]
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  2. Jannanomana

    Jannanomana Jannanomana Witch 62 EU

    Aug 8, 2016
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    atleas the cheaters disqualified :D

    <_< those Nasti "Black Spirit Emoji".. i said Emote
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  3. Gogata

    Jul 12, 2018
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    is there a way to get feedback on what we got wrong ? i know i got everything right and i just check to make sure but i don't see my name up there in the answered correctly list.
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  4. CM Servantes

    Community Manager

    Dec 1, 2017
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    Hey @Gogota

    Feel free to send a PM to me or @CM Avalace on the forums so we can tell you exactly what you got wrong.

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  5. Nackslacken

    Nov 9, 2019
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    "Note: Plagiarism is not tolerated. Those naughty adventurers who answered correctly, but caught cheating were disqualified from prizes."

    I did this event with two of my guildmates and we got disqualifired.
    There was no note from you that is against the rules.
    So for me this is no cheating.
  6. CM Avalace

    Community Manager

    Jul 11, 2017
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    As this is a contest with highly sought after prizes, we evaluated and awarded individual entries - not as a team or group. As a result, entries that were detected as copies were disqualified for plagiarism. This type of contest requires a lot of effort to search for answers or use existing knowledge. It would be unfair to those who put in effort. Next time, we'll be more clear about this in the rules.
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  7. mintfudge

    Jan 27, 2019
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    Yay I got them right! This was like a cross word and a scavenger hunt to dig through the past years patch notes. Thanks for the fun!
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  8. Eryola

    Eryola Ranger 62

    Apr 5, 2016
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    @CM Servantes @CM Avalace
    I have to protest here against number 18:"Illezra". The "Are you awake?" from the trailer was released in December 2018 (the story revamps were done together with the archer release) and as such is not part of 2019 content, which is why I ruled out the possibility of it being the correct answer. I answered with "talents", which also fits the crossword puzzle and was a common question (even officially answered that way) about Shai's awakening:"Shai doesn't have an awakening, she's got talents."
  9. DafuqYouLookinAt

    Apr 15, 2018
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    Ayy nice!! Thank you for providing a fun and creative community event.
    :)Congrats to the top prize winners too!
  10. CM Avalace

    Community Manager

    Jul 11, 2017
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    Hmm you are actually correct about this, that Illezra was introduced in Dec 2018. Her opening line however is famous in the community and the first thing you hear when you first start a new character in BDO. Majority of responses had answered Illezra. It's a bit of a stretch to consider Talents, but I see where you're coming from. We will be sticking to "Illezra" as the final answer. Next time will be sure to fact check on our questions/answers. Thank you for pointing this out!
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  11. SillySin

    SillySin DarkKnight 62 EU

    Mar 23, 2016
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    How come i won but in NA :) i am in Eu and pretty sure didn't pick NA. @CM Avalace

    fam : Siilly (double i double l)

  12. Leyren

    Jun 28, 2019
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    People gather the answers together anyway, and considering that that certain event discord has thousands of people, most likely the vast majority will have at least inspired their answers from there. Just rewarding those people who then gave those 2 minutes extra to rewrite it again, seems kind of silly to me. Especially since there was no statement that you have to find the answers on your own. I mean, in the end, the previous events from the last few weeks gave you enough possibilities to laze through them as well.

    I see of course how it's frustrating when people just want to leech the rewards, but then might as well properly think about it from the start, or just accept it as is. But don't suddenly pull back afterwards, as this is not the fault of the participants.
  13. KAPU

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    All of the answers were on the event discord.
  14. Kattnisss

    Dec 7, 2018
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    This was very dirty pool. I guess husband and wives and a few guild mates weren't allowed to work on it together. It said NOTHING about sharing answers. Kind of shitty all the work a lot of us did in finding the answers and it was all for NOTHING. Def wont be doing another one of your stupid activity's, cause I'm sure ill do something wrong that you're not specific about.
  15. CM Avalace

    Community Manager

    Jul 11, 2017
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    I will DM you.
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  16. CM Avalace

    Community Manager

    Jul 11, 2017
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    This is the first time we've hosted this type of contest by the CM Team, especially with such highly sought after prizes. It's difficult to predict what the players will do or how they understand the rules/guidelines until we see the submissions. Just to be clear, the event Discord is not an official Kakao Games Discord and not associated with us. The reason why the submissions were via google form was to prevent other players from seeing your entry, to prevent plagiarism in the first place. I noticed that there were players commenting "Reserved" or "Placeholder" intending to post the answers in the announcement forum post. I stopped them immediately before their efforts went in vain by other players copying their answers. It wouldn't be fair.

    In previous contests, we've started out with general guidelines/rules. As we see what players submit or hear their feedback after the contest is over, we adjust the rules for the next contest of the same type. Any word-type of contest generally has plagiarism as an auto-disqualification. We will be clear about this in the next contest.
  17. Klept0

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    I did Emote also as thats what its called when you go to purchase them :(
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  18. CM Avalace

    Community Manager

    Jul 11, 2017
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    They're officially called Black Spirit Emojis as announced here: https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/2200

    In the Pearl Shop you can find them under Function:
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  19. Leyren

    Jun 28, 2019
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    Being clearer about it in the next contest is one thing, admitting to your flaw in making the rules is another. You are punishing people for your lack of foresight, and that's not how it should be.
    I had to plan things IRL from time to time as well, and sure, you don't always keep every possible outcome in mind, leading to flaws in the ruleset. You have the possibility to adapt the rules on the run, but having people make use of your flaw and then afterwards come out with it is a no-go from my perspective. At least if it's not something completely breaking the premise of the game in mind. As already said, probably only very few solved it on their own, be it because of the event discord or doing things together with friends. One might be fast to forget this in BDO, but this actually is not a single player game.
  20. LittlestLioness

    Dec 10, 2019
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    My only question is what do you consider to be copies? If everyone is supposed to do this individually and enter the words electronically - a majority are not going to handwrite the letters one by one into the boxes. Then the text they used will most likely all look the same - will those then be considered "copies"? There are only so many text types out to use. I'll just have to hand draw a crossword if there is ever another event like this.

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