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[RedLegacy][PvX] Guild Perks/High Payouts/Discord/LV58+

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Scyther, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. Scyther

    Dec 7, 2015
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    < Red Legacy >

    We are a large scale PvX guild, currently looking for new members to kick off our career in Nodewars and Largescale PvP.

    What we are looking for in you.

    We expect our members to be active and to talk and communicate via discord.
    Level 58 or Higher, with a renown score of 420+ and a willingness to improve at the game and to help us grow as a guild.

    What you can expect from us.

    A social and helpful enviroment
    Active Discord
    Detailed Guides made by our members, and helpful links to guides made by the BDO community.
    Weekly Guild bosses, always as a large group, banter included.
    Guild perks such as:
    All AP +5
    Max HP +100
    Damage Reduction +3
    Fishing +2
    Gathering +1
    All Accuracy +3

    We are currently finishing up preparation for Sea monster hunting, by building the Guild Gally and we will be starting that soon.
    Preparation for Node Wars are also in high gear with practice sessions to prepare for the coming fights.

    Contact one of our officers ingame or on (discord).

    Guild Master
    Snapdragons (Snapdragons#9527)

    Sinze (Psyke#0835)
    Carsteine (Bunny#5399)

    Community Officer
    Ryc (Aspect#9377)
    HerpDerps (Max#8394)
    DevilApes (DatDevilApe{Vasilis}#5432)


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