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Reducing Clutter in Cities

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Cairenn Tairisiu, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. Cairenn Tairisiu

    Cairenn Tairisiu Tairisiu DarkKnight 61 NA

    Mar 8, 2016
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    Cities in BDO are really rather well done. They are functional, decent sized, and pretty, each in their own way.

    But much of this is problematic because cities are also congregating points for players. That's not a bad thing but there are two large blocks of graphical objects that simply cause problems for players in cities. The first large group is AFK processing PCs around the storage vendor and occasionally around market vendors. The second large group of graphical objects are AFK mounts such as horses, wagons, elephants, boats, etc.

    These objects cause multiple issues.

    1. They make the cities look ugly, congested, and detract from the visual quality of the game.
    2. They cause the servers to send data to clients that serves no real purpose at all.
    3. They cause the client to render data that serves no real purpose.

    The first situation, AFK PCs processing, has a couple really easy solutions. One solution would be to detect when someone processing is AFK (not chatting or otherwise moving) for some period of time, say 10 minutes, and stop sending the data to other clients or having clients render them. The other solution would be to reduce the price of housing storage containers and also allow people with the cash shop processing outfits to use the container inside their house the same way you can use the storage system. Ideally, both of these solutions would help, as many AFK processors would simply stay in their homes, and not rendering AFK processors in the streets would reduce congestion.

    With mounts, there are also a couple solutions as well. One, again, would be to not send the data for or render AFK mounts who are idle more than X minutes inside a safe zone. This would include AFK auto-pathing mounts as well. The other alternative with mounts would be to auto-stable any mount that is idle more than X minutes inside a safe zone but that is not auto-pathing.

    As always, players and mounts outside safe zones should be rendered, simply because outside safe zones is not supposed to be safe at all.
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  2. Solgen

    Solgen Vehas Sorceress 55 NA

    May 24, 2018
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    Gawd yes, I wish there was an option to 'not show other players mounts when not mounted'

    Personally, if i pvp then yeah i might turn that on to kill their mount or whatever ( heck dunno I haven't pvp'ed yet ) but honestly thats what kills my fps right there to half.

    the other half, the 50 folks afk fishing or processing or whatever by the area the storage is at.

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