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Rent-able Residence Crate Workshops

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Atias, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. Atias

    Mar 5, 2016
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    Because Trading Mastery has yet to appear on the horizon. Trader's main option to level up is mass crating. Personally I produce on average 30K/week and growing as I gain more packers. The recent exp buff was excellent, and I am a little jealous on how fast some of these green-horns are leveling right now haha. but even still, looking far down the road, one will still require dozens of horse loads of crates once we start encroaching Guru levels.

    A problem I'm realizing, and many other mass craters face is running out of workshops, occasionally requiring on average 3 CP/workshop for solely the sake of leveling trading.

    A solution for this would be in the form of being able to rent workshops to be installed in a residence.

    For 10CP, a player can rent a 5-worker Lv1 Workshop (or 20CP for a 3-worker lv2 workshop), of a specific type (Crop/ore/timber/etc) of crate. (doubling the CP cost with each purchase. *May include a Trading level requirement to purchase first/additional so it's not OP from the start)
    Make these installations large enough where you'd need a medium or larger residence to install in.
    lv1 Workshops are smaller than the level 2 workshops obviously.
    Because a player has only a maximum of 5 residences allowed. They would need to pay a whopping 130CP for 21 workshops (3x lv1, 2x lv2). Or

    It may seem like a lot today, but I'm thinking long term. Your paying more CP for convenience and gaining the ability to produce more crates at an advantageous location you otherwise couldn't such as Trent, Grana or Arehaza. As the game progresses and players grow, so will their available CP and crate requirements. Much like SP allotment for some classes.

    Not only would this be a little more forgiving to craters and allow them to optimize their CP/Node management. But it will allow smaller more far away/smaller towns to be able to produce crates at a much higher efficiency/distance bonuses, etc.
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