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Staff Response Returning Player - Dark Knight / Leveling Question

Discussion in 'New Adventurers' started by Sweetdeal, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Sweetdeal

    Nov 6, 2015
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    So I am a returning player and have barely 100 Mio. Silver on Cash.

    I wounder what Weapon / Armor etc. I should use for the Dark Knight and if I do the Black Spirit quests since they got changed.

    My Armor I have:

    Saiyr Offhand +11
    Tree Belt
    2x Weapon Core Belt
    Cresent Guardian Ring
    DUO: Mark of Shadow
    Mark of Shadow
    MON: Witch Earing
    MON: Witch Earing
    DUO: Bares Neck

    Ultimate Grunil +15 and Ultimate Heve +15

    + a 20 Failstack ITem.

    So I wounder which weapon I should get to start with. Some on Reddit suggest me to Sell the Tree Belt + Cresent Ring and get the Asula Set (2x Ring, 2x Earing, 1x Neck)

    Would be nice to get advise :)
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  2. GM BBrilliant

    Game Master

    Oct 24, 2016
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    Hi @Sweetdeal Hope you are well! In regards to your question, I would start off by getting your off hand to at least +15 so focus on that and if you can your Grunil and Heve to DUO, you'll have a good base.

    Does the community have any more suggestions?
  3. Layliara

    Oct 26, 2017
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    You should probably keep the Tree Belt +Crescent Ring in case you want to try to enhance it later, you could get the Asula necklace, belt, and ring to use in place of your Tree Belt, Crescent Ring or Mark of Shadow, and DUO Bares Necklace. As for your other gear try to get your offhand to +15 and depending on what main-hand you're using get that to +15 also before trying to get to PRI or higher, then you'd want to slowly get your armor to PRI or higher.
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