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Staff Response Returning player - how would you proceed?

Discussion in 'New Adventurers' started by krisztian922, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. krisztian922

    May 5, 2016
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    I've quit the game around 1.5-2y ago (just when seamonster farming became a thing). Back then I kinda messed up my gear, I blew up all my accessories and all my equipments are duo. I've got a lvl61 witch to work on, thinking of maybe going for another char but I've invested (weight limit/inventory etc.) in this witch and I wouldnt wanna do that for another char now. I've got a (back then) kay-ish worker empire, some lifeskilling such as m14 fishing/cooking, m4 gathering and some lower lvl others.
    To tell the truth I wouldnt really wanna go full on grind cause I was never great in pvp (plus my gear now wouldnt help) and lifeskill wise I'm not enterely sure where I should go now.
    Thanks for any advice :x
  2. Issiana

    Issiana Tamer 61 NA

    Feb 25, 2018
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    Welcome back :)

    I'm not going to try to tell you what to do, but rather tell you what I do.
    If you think that's something that might interest you well then...

    For me, I find grinding incredibly boring, which is kind of ironic since I fish actively and Harpoon a lot, which to most grinders would be incredibly boring.

    So what do I do? Well I play only one character, and I play it like it was me. I go exploring in the world and I get into mischief going places I shouldn't be at my gearscore. I lifeskill to make my own items, I go out swimming some days just because I can. In short I find enjoyment and wonder in nearly everything I do in game because I stopped caring about the latest meta's, efficiencies, $/hr or PVP. I am free.

    I'm simply an active person in the world doing my thing in what I find to be an amazing sandbox game. Could it be better.. yes. Will it be better.. maybe.. does that really effect my enjoyment in the simple things in the game... absolutely not! Getting off the gear treadmill changed how I viewed the game and I have far more enjoyment now going at a my pace doing anything at any time when I feel like doing it.

    One day I might get a PEN item, but if I don't it wont be the end of things. I've been playing 1st on EU and now on NA for over 3 years and have yet to feel burnt out, done it all, bored. My secret I guess is simply moderation in all things. There's very little I cant do in game as a result of doing everything a bit at a time as i felt like doing it.And the areas I can't reach due to my gearscore.. well that's what friends are for. The game pushes you towards solo a lot, but that doesn't mean you cant make friends and have laughs along the way.

    So kick back, relax, enjoy the world for what it is and maybe, just maybe, once day our paths might cross in some random place in game :)

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  3. Ringlin

    Apr 12, 2020
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    Welcome back! You have good timing. The Oasis Event running now makes it easy to check out parts of the game you haven't seen.

    What did you find most fun when you last played?

    Sounds like PvE? Maybe some questing and lifeskilling?
  4. GM Fenix

    Sep 26, 2018
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    Hi there!

    Welcome back to the game \o/ We're happy to have you with us :) It sounds to me that even though your gear is worse off than when you left, you are still in a decent spot especially for lifeskilling as you have master level in some of the main lifeskills ^^ I recommend that you follow @Issiana 's advice and find what you enjoy the most in the game and do that :D It's the best way to get the best experience out the game ^^
  5. xAlucard89

    Jul 16, 2016
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    Hey whats up bro! im also a returning player, would love to play the game with u if ur interested! Im not as high lvl as you as im only lvl 56 but if your still interested lmk!

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