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Role Play Rules & Guidelines

Discussion in 'RP' started by CM Kabz, May 5, 2017.

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  1. CM Kabz

    Community Coordinator

    Apr 4, 2017
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    Greetings Role-players!

    I would like to welcome you to the Role Play Forums, by popular request I am pleased to show our support of the growing RP Community in Black Desert. Before posting I recommend everyone read the rules fully to prevent their posts from being removed. The rule set for this forum is more in-depth than the others, which is to be expected, and allows for a healthy and enjoyable atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

    Role Play Creation

    Content & Rating

    • Content containing explicit sexual content is not permitted.
    • Role plays may not violate the basic Forum Rules.
    • Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
    • All initial role play posts should contain twelve sentences, this will give others content to work with if your RP has multiple writers, and ensure your post has actual content to reduce the amount of spam.
    • Out of Character comments should be hidden via the Spoiler Tool on the Tool Bar.

    Joining a RP
    When creating a new RP you can utilize the Tags feature to let others know how to join if others are welcome to join in your RP post. If you do not put a tag it should be assumed the RP is invite only.

    • No PM - Anyone is welcome to join this Role Play.
    • PM Only - If you want to join the Role Play PM the OP first and get permission.
    • Invite Only - You must be invited by the OP to participate.
    • Solo - You will be writing this post without any other forum users, no invites are available.

    Forum Tags
    Our forums allow users to tag their posts to give insight into the content prior to reading the full post. Users are encouraged to use the feature in the RP Forums to outline their content and keep the forum organized. Below I will provide a couple example tags.

    • OOC - This tag will let others know your post is out of character and while relevant to this forum section is not an RP post.
    • LFM - If you are looking for more people to join in your post this tag will indicate as much.

    Trolling and Harassment
    Due to the nature of this forum section there will be zero tolerance for any form of trolling, flaming, or abusive posts. Users found breaking this rule will be removed from the forums.
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