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Serpent Ascension animation duration bug (Ninja)

Discussion in 'Classes and Skills' started by Frixs, Oct 19, 2020.

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    Sep 21, 2016
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    Thread Title: Serpent Ascension animation duration bug (Ninja)
    Date of occurrence: From 2020-09-02, To present
    I already reported this bug in the feedback thread (https://community.blackdesertonline...cension-change-feedback.526869//#post-2545344). I made a separate thread specifically for this type of bug here. The testing is made a few weeks ago, but the bug is still present in the game.

    The overall feel about the skill is very clunky to play with. It might be because of the 2-wave version of the Serpent Ascension where the first wave is canceled. The player does not feel the smooth execution of the skill.

    But the real issue we have to face is the unstable animation speed of the skill. I have made a video with a short example (see the video link below) of how the speed differs.
    If we consider, we are ninjas based on fast-paced actions and the skill is not protective and non-cancelable, we have to be fully sure what we have in our skill kit. The skill has no stable animation duration, it makes the whole gameplay as a ninja unplayable or at least very clunky/worse/frustrating. It might be due to a 2-wave version of the skill where 2 waves are bound together into 1 skill animation. The code still recognizes the skill as 2 different skills instead of 1 (my point of view).

    From my experience, I guess the 2-wave version of the skill is hard-coded from the 1-wave version of the skill (1-wave skill version does not exist in the game anymore). The 2 single waves are bound together where the first wave is automatically canceled earlier to follow-up the second wave.
    With this, it comes to another issue we have to face. If you get a stutter (very common for some users) while casting the skill, you get stuck between the 2 waves, one when the stutter fades away the second wave will start. It is because the 2-wave skill is actually 2x 1-wave skills together bound in 1 skill animation.

    Reproduction Steps:
    You can practice it on your own. It happens very commonly.
    Use Serpent Ascension skill to hit an enemy object (you can see the difference in the video) and try immediately dash out of the skill animation to measure when the skill ends and allows to a player continues in a combo.


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