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Shadow Arena: All for nothing

Discussion in 'Bugs - Archive' started by Roadman1991, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Roadman1991

    Mar 18, 2016
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    sorry for my bad english before hand.
    I just want to share my experience so far with the actual bugs in Shadow Arena and how the support handles rare cases of bugs.

    The new batttle royale expansion ist finally here and there are some prices waiting to move in your inventory. You even get extra rewards when you buy a kamasylve-buff :). So the journey begins and you try your best and luck in the shadow arena to get the event prices and maximum out of it and buy a kamasylve buff. After all teh tries and frustration its finnaly there, the viktory with you and your team. Great achivement and we can look over all those disconnects or making a new party after every around or the game closing on some party members every now and then because you finally achieved your goal. It's finally time for the payment.

    But unfortunately this is also luck based on bugs. You can win the battle royale but getting rewards is on the other hand. First the party with screenshots of your first achievements with your team and then the frustration when you look in the mail and nothing is there. This is a big downside and you get frustrated and confused. Is it worthful to invest you hard time and work and try to reach for the top again when there is a chance you get nothing?

    In this frustration we wrote to the costumer support and were hoping for support, as we hope that kakao values their costumers/players. Unfortunately Kakao Games do care as much as givng you a copied answer and asking for a nice feedback with a ticket status of 'solved', which is very nice as it is on the costumers side not solved yet. This is great start of a conversation, to deal with a frustrated costumer who paid to get the rewards if there is a win in the Shadow Arena. Onfurtunately discussing this further with the support led to nothing but more frustration and usurpations towards the player/costumer.

    I will share and write articles on other platforms to share my experience, if nothing is going to happen with this kind of behavior to the player base and my case status. As this kind of support is very lovely and helpful for their loyal players who also pay regulary.

    I wish you a very nice day and are greatful for the great support from kakao's side how they handle their beloved player base :3...

    best wishes,

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