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Small fixes I'd like to see

Discussion in 'Valkyrie' started by Muhaha, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. Muhaha

    Muhaha Valkyrie 62 NA

    Feb 19, 2016
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    Since the shitty devs probably wont fix anything else for over another year, maybe we can get some small changes.

    Lower the CDs of Shining Dash, Elion's blessing ~ Ridiculously high CDs.
    Shining Dash is a 35-40s barely usable skill.
    ~Needs to be like cut in half, maybe even remove the wind up on it.

    Elion's Blessing/Valk PA, compared to other PAs, Mystic's PA's cd is only 30s, and witchardz is 2min 30s/150s. Vs Valk's is 4min/240s. So we can PA once, a Mystic can PA 8 times or a witchardz can PA almost twice.
    Valk PA says its "Limited max resist for status debuffs from players" for 6s
    Mystics PA has SA during and +30% grapple resistance for 5s but can't move
    Witchards PA "Increases resistance to all status debuffs except grapples" for 8s
    Dunno if its just the wording, or if its literally saying Valk PA = trash, being limited resist to debuffs/highest CD.
    Could drop it by 1 min, make it a 3min cd, so its still longer cd than witchardz and is still up for less time than witchardz with a smaller radius.

    Sharp light, Shield throw either need lower CDs or they need to stop resetting the CD.
    ~ Way too many times I've seen the CD at 1s, and should've been ready to be used for that CC, but instead it just resets the CD.

    Verdict, Ult Cel Spear, only needs 2-3s removed from their CD. So instead of 27s for verdict it'd be 25, Ult Spear: instead of 15, it'd be 13s
    ~ Verdict isn't a big deal, but Ult Spear needs a few seconds lower, or they need better servers. Cel spear is 7s cd, ult spear is 15s, they should go pretty hand in hand, unless the servers are shitty. I've seen ult spear get 2-3s behind cel spear somehow.

    Plus Terra Sancta should have a PvE defense imo. I could see it being unprotected for PvP, but PvE, like the 280ap underwater area, it'd be nice to have a defense when they almost 1 shot you.

    Resistance on DLC going backwards
    ~With classes literally iframing everything, we should be able to have resistance on DLC going backwards even during CD. Or Shield chase needs resistance/turned into an iframe or movement SAs.

    TLDR: Lower the shining dash CD to near half, PA CD lower by 30s-1min. Lower shield throw/sharp light CDs or just make the CD not reset. Verdict/Ult Cel Spear lower CDs by 2-3s.
    Terra, could use a defense during PvE. Fix movement issues.
    ~Most of it is lowering CDs/removing CD reset.
  2. Legacina

    Apr 4, 2016
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    Can definitely agree on alot of stuff here but well lets be honest in the end they change whatever they want.

    - Shining dash would need a complete rework its just garbage.
    - Either make it 1 big dash that costs 150 Stamina. full SA and like 10 second CD.
    - Or i could see it as more of a shield charge kind of skill. where you run through masses and cc people. SA and like 15 sec cd.

    - Skills shouldnt reset, Counter, Just Counter, Sharp Light, Shieldthrow. I really dont know why that even is a thing. cause those skills arent even protected or anything besides just counter.
    - Counter needs the spacebar move removed so we can go into awak without having to use shieldthrow.

    - Shield Counter could need some love aswell.
    - The Pre awak one should get FG. or at least remove the long ainmation if you failed to hit something and make it so you can instantly go into awak. the skill could be really good.
    - The awak one should either be lockable. or make it so you can use Verdict regardless of if your in the counter animation or not. cause i dont want another skill on a hotbar. i dont play this game to then use 30 skills from hotbar.

    - Yes remove CD on ult spear so after every 2nd spear its rdy again.
    - They should remove way more CD on Verdict. it doesnt deal insane dmg. Is still easy to dodge (just like Cataclysm but with like 20 seconds difference) 15 seconds would still be a fair for a skill that doesnt even cc. our SA rotation is already bad
    - Remove like 300 Stamina cost on Rightous charge. 450 is just beyond ridiculous. its not even protected.

    - PA i dont even mind to much. i see our pa always better used reactionally to protect from bombers or other quick attacks
    its way faster than Witchzards and no sages memory needed, and hits up to 10 people. mystic pa is just for herself.

    - id like to see them rework FG already. so our dashes arent garbage. also make it so youre not stuck on place when you get hit in your fg dash. a mystic just walks out of a fight. and we struggle to do half the distance with all 3x shieldchase that he does in 1 dash and we even can get cc'd during that. our disengage is the worst

    - dont have many issues with getting ccd in Sycria. always using BSR terra if possible cause it feels faster + the buffs. but well i wouldnt say no for a pve protection. would make it easier. same for promptness.
    that place is Heaven for Valk. you do need some dp but im doing more than fine with 327 DP kutum. and im running the statue rotation that has way more big mobs.
    The only deaths i had at sycria so far was cause of gear that broke out of nowhere. and forgetting to equip Armor...
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  3. Tamosaki

    Feb 25, 2018
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    I just think we need more useful skills. I actually liked shining dashes mechanic just not so much on its wind up time. So yeah if its removed I think the skill can become a lot more use even though it has a long CD.

    Now in terms of generally lowering cooldowns I wouldn't be so excited for that to happen. Reason being I prefer they just make more usable skills. I mean just lowering CD on the ones that is useful keeps us predictable. We are doing more or less the same small amount of skills. It's about giving us some options, and I dont mean easy options.. just options for more skillful play.
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  4. Legacina

    Apr 4, 2016
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    yea thats true. would like to see alot more pre awak skills be usefull just like for warrior. they seem to have way better stuff even tho its looks clunky aswell.
    but the reset mechanic has to go its just beyond stupid and some skills do need less cd. and it wouldnt even make them broken even if they had half their current cd
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  5. Maginha

    Jun 14, 2018
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    That would make a already good clss too strong imo, dont you think valks are in a good place rn?
  6. Legacina

    Apr 4, 2016
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    Whats so great about the class if i may ask.
    Also those are things we would like to see for our class
    if we were to get changes like this other classes would get some aswell. which would make it just fair.
    and it would still not change our awfull early game pve. i feel sorry for everyone that starts this class and then has to do pve. must be the worst experience in a persons life.
    at least we have a solid endgame pve... on like 2 spots

    Valk has 99 Problems but Dmg aint one of em. thats the only good things. but people dont even realize what we have to do to deal that ''dmg''

    we got 2 ''bigger buffs'' since the cc changes.
    while other classes get nerfed on a monthly basis and they are still considerer stronger.

    there are lots of good and easy solution to fix big problems from alot of classes. but were still waiting to see one of those changes to happen.
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