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Split classes into 2 specializations

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by Spectrari, Oct 19, 2018.


2 Specializations?

  1. Yay!

  2. Nay...

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  1. Spartakatz

    Mar 3, 2016
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    That's also why Power Rangers and Walker Texas Ranger have no bows ;)
  2. Yuusayn

    Nov 29, 2016
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    Your idea is already in GW2, go play it there if you like it so much
  3. Arreyanne

    Arreyanne Lahn 59 NA

    Dec 16, 2015
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    Just to say that another dev team tried this:

    Tera, when the game released in the West Lancers the tank class needed to be grouped with a DPS or it didn't kill anything after the starter island in less than 5 minutes, Priest and mystic even did more DPS than Lancer s at Western release not much more but to level efficiently each of those three classes at RELEASE needed a DPS
  4. Escapism

    Oct 12, 2016
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    Thats just another thing i highly disagree with in modern "holy trinity" class design, its absolutely ridiculous and absurd. By definition, the tank should be the best armored and durable FIGHTER, perhaps even the best fighter overall with the best training and most physically fit, it wouldnt make sense to just throw a huge shield on an un-fit, untrained initiate and rely on him to defend you.

    There is absolutely no logical and realistic reasoning as to why this specific armored soldier should be doing less damage than any other fighter, In fact they maybe even should be doing more damage than most other fighters, as they should have overall better equipment, training and strength.

    The reasoning for why tanks should be doing so much less damage comes from a class-balancing point which has simply been "inherited" and taken over for years now from older (and sometimes bad...) rpgs without putting much thought into it. Because if tanks could do the same or even more dmg than pure damage-classes, then why even play anything else? But this issue could so easily be fixed by just giving non-tank classes more mobility, more utilities which are actually useful and wanted for groups, more diversity in gameplay. Instead of designing and revolving your whole game and combat mechanic only around higher numbers.

    If you look back at the very first old scool rpg's, you usually had parties consisting of 1-2 warrior-type classes, a thief/rogue, a mage, a cleric, ect. It wasnt uncommon at all for the warriors (your tanks) to be the ones dealing the most dmg of all and perhaps even doing most of the fighting while the others just stood back. But those warriors would have been completely helpless and useless on their own and would have gotten nowhere without all the support, buffs and heals of the bards, mages and clerics.

    But the thing there with Tera is, it would be completely fine and acceptable to have some classes which actually couldnt fight on their own, if fighting wasnt the only content. If fighting, grinding mobs, kill-quests, dungeons and pvp are the "only" content, then obviously everyone wants to, and has to, be able to fight.

    In Star wars galaxies, crafters didnt have to kill any mobs, they would just travel around harvesting resources, finding better quality resources, set up & manage harvesters, stay in towns crafting at stations, try to set up their own trade empire and reputation with their own vendors, experiment with new blueprints and different materials, nowhere would it ever be required for a crafter to go out and kill/grind some mobs, So it wasnt a problem that they couldnt anyway. One profession in swg, the entertainer, would literally only stay inside the towns cantina's, dancing or playing music all day and socialize with others (though tbf 99% just did this purely afk with macros). But they were still a useful and appreciated profession, because they provided some buffs and were the only ones who healed combat fatigue.

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