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State of the Game and Dev's Lack Of Concern

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by Ticket, Jul 23, 2018.


Are you happy with the "improved" communications to the community since rebalance

  1. Yes 100%

  2. Yes Communications have improved, but can still improve

  3. IDK/I dont care

  4. No communications hasn't improved

  5. No -1000% Rating, Communcations has actually gotten worse since "rebalance"

  1. WastedJoker

    WastedJoker Striker 61 EU

    May 7, 2016
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    True - I was using my tank setup during NW on Sunday and was stunned on the ground for ages. Switched back to my bomb gear because at least I died quickly and the res timer started earlier.
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  2. Exception

    Feb 20, 2016
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    If I made and sold a widget that irritated, yet people continued to buy my widget, in some cases the same people that have expressed irritation, tell me - why should I invest money on fixing my widget?

    Now apply this to any company, even the one that maintains this game.

    You want the company to value your feedback? Produce a situation that will cause one day of zero income. They'll be more than ready to listen then.
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  3. Kakiusis

    May 16, 2017
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    That's basically the problem, people keep complaining but at the same time there are a lot of other or even the same people linking pearl boxes in the chat.
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  4. Veight

    Feb 7, 2016
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    I have been pearl free for about two months now, and I used to buy everything for the hell of it, also used to have VP since release. Now I live the free life no regrets,
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  5. TeRRoRibleOne

    Mar 12, 2016
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    So the dev's think they are doing a good job. Let's just take a look at their "goals" and see where they are.

    Black Desert Online is a MMORPG that must contain different types of gameplay.
    The first action to deal with repetitive problems was the introduction of the Renown Score and a new season of Node/Conquest Wars. I want to apologize again for not coming to the consensus with the community before the change and I hope to share the details of future development directions below.

    So we can see that they know we didn't like the change yet nothing has been done. It's great in PvE but in PvP it is a disaster. All it does is call for AP builds so there is zero build diversity in the present meta. They have failed their goal here.

    Balance between classes; the fundamental problems will be fixed.
    The PvP pattern of repeating “a single combo” that so many of our players have adhered to, increasing difficulties in performing skills, the balance among classes. We really wanted to fix these known problems that many adventurers have raised.
    To give you further details, many adventurers who were killed by the “single combo” performed repetitively lost the fun and interest in combat as this seemed to be the only way to go. With the introduction of Awakening skills and resistant skills for CCs, and as the dependency to this “single combo” increased, performing skills have become increasingly difficult. Without a Grapple skill, it became very difficult to face blocks and Super Armor skills of opponents depending on class types.

    If anything, this is not only the game but even worse. The higher the AP you have, the easier it is to one combo or even with some classes one shot. The CC and down smash changed it to where you can continually be in a state of either and die very easily. Grapple in itself has been buffed where it is almost impossible for it to miss now. With the loss of super armors, iframes, CC's on some attacks the combos have become more stale and the amount of skills used have decreased on many classes. If anything, PvP is in an even worse state than before. They have failed their goals here.

    We came to the decision that it would no longer be possible to maintain the current structure and make incremental changes to solve this issue; and now we seek to improve the fundamentals.
    In short, this week’s balance updates aimed to lessen the gap caused by Grapple, Super Armor, Invincibility, Guard, and dash skills whilst allowing ease in controls and combos to bring about the pure fun in combat.
    This decision was carried out with the latest updates but we fell short on satisfying our adventurers and we regret this. Many factors, such as adjustments to certain classes were unable to be implemented with these updates.

    If anything, all these changes have INCREASED the gap with those items named above. Classes that have a grapple were inevitably buffed since their grapples rarely miss at this point. The dash classes were inevitably nerfed with the changes to stamina hence losing their appeal in PvP. In the end PvP is not "pure fun in combat" with the current state of the game. They have failed in this goal completely. We have also yet to get all the classes to be "fixed" as we still have the same exact two classes who were god tier still be god tier after multiple classes were nerfed into the ground. Failed yet again.

    “Progression”, the key element of fun for MMORPGs, will be made better
    Progression is key in MMORPGs and the fun factor that excites the crowd. However, it is also a reality that it takes our adventurers anywhere from a few months to over a year to increase just +1 or +2 AP.
    With the “Caphras Enhancement” (to come for NA/EU) introduced in South Korea last week, the drop rate of certain accessories have doubled to help our adventurers grow their beloved characters and we are continuing to look for ways to improve on this. Our goal is to allow our adventurers to reach the so-called “soft cap” in equipment with more ease and interest, through either loot or other methods. We also aim to facilitate the process of obtaining equipment beyond the “soft cap” gears easier than the status quo.
    Renown Score was a change to take part in this. We wanted to compensate the adventurers who had overcome the risk of Enhancement and spent millions of Silvers while growing their characters. We also wanted to reduce the instances where adventurers would get killed instantly no matter how good their equipment was due to a slight mistake in PvP. Despite our intentions, the gap in PvP balance has deepened and we sincerely apologize for causing so much concern to our adventurers.
    In the following weeks, Damage Reduction boost with the Renown Score will be adjusted downward and damage inflicted will also be decreased. Further changes that will polish class balance will be implemented.

    NA and EU still do not have Caphra's put into the game. Japan today was given Dreighan when this content is released but in NA/EU our content is currently being held back? Why? My only guess is to try to keep people playing when the WoW expansion comes out next month. The drop rates of accessories are still pathetic and our accessories market is completely dependent on events to bolster them. So in this respect they have utterly failed the community yet again. The Renown Score has not helped in this at all. What it has done has caused an extremely larger gap based on AP. So yet another complete failure on their part.

    Repetitive Node/Conquests... A new season will aim to reach a higher degree of completion.
    Node/Conquest Wars are the end content of combat in Black Desert Online. But with the updates in the last season, the actual number of wars declared was declining and the intensity that formed among the guilds seemed to have been lifted off to some extent. In some countries, we had cases where a single guild had occupied a territory for 33 consecutive weeks. We needed a change.
    So while planning for the new season of Node/Conquest, we wanted to create a structure where even smaller-sized guilds can try to take down castles occupied by strong guilds using various offensive weapons, tactics, and strategies so that the fun of this ultimate combat content can be experienced.
    We wanted to highlight this intention. But we will aim to solve the fundamental problem of class balance first then polish out the season rules of the new Node/Conquest Wars. We will share the detailed schedule when we have it ready. We will strive to take in all feedback from every region of our adventurers and present the season most suitable and fun.

    Still up in the air since this is the first week but it wasn't fully implemented per the patch notes so a somewhat fail yet again. The two node wars I was able to attend this week on a T3 and a T2 were only filled with "snipe" forts. There needs to be some kind of punishment for guilds that do this as they are ruining node wars. I don't like getting fully buffed to find out that no one is showing up even though they built.

    Overall, they have utterly failed their goals.
  6. Ticket

    Feb 29, 2016
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    Thanks, this is the more I was going to add if needed. It just exemplifies how much is not being done.

    ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS....or written words in our case. They state one thing or one direction and either fail completely or end up taking us right back into the same situation with no word or plan/goal being told to us. The only reason this game still has numbers logged in everyday at this point is due to AFK skills. If this game didn't contain it the numbers every day would be far far less and the stocks possibly could be affect thus driving some positive change for us. But unfortunately due to these afk mechanics it bloats their numbers making everything look better. I personally haven't spent a dime on this game since January of this year because of the lack of commitment and goals they have yet to achieve.

    Their talk is big (when they actually give us feedback), but their game is ****!
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  7. Information

    Jun 6, 2017
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    I hope they lower their communication, that way they would lie to us every year instead of every 6 months.
    Progress right ?
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  8. Alexandrious

    Mar 13, 2016
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    Content? You mean running around with little to no story, beating on the same mobs for hours upon hours on end, to then RNG Casino to determine if you stay gimp, or can actually do PVP, and doin it all for a year?

    Or you meant the content you make for yourself?

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  9. Rayin

    Jun 6, 2016
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    Nice humor there buddy, sad and sharp at the same time.
    And true.
  10. lochtar01

    May 18, 2016
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    Kakao Is just a puppet learn It live It they cant do anything to help you go to KR forums only way your going to get something back
  11. Nubek

    Jul 14, 2018
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    The sad part about it is, this game is exactly like FFXIV.
    The communication between the foreign developer and international-english speaking community is absolute 0.

    Dont bother and think you will ever have any impact on the game at all, you do in games like League, CS go, Dota, GW2, WoW, but not in the asian games that are just published in the west, because asians doesnt give a flying duck about their white sacks of money.
    That being said, Korean developer Pearl Abyss barely even listen to our publisher Kakao games, and why should these greedy fakers ever listen to us at all?
    Just deal with it or leave the game, im playing it from time to time because i like the combat, but not investing my heart into this game.
    Even in War thunder and Wot community has bigger impact than in korean origin games, even though these games are being developed by stubborn Russians and Bialorusians.
    The game devs listen only to korean community, thats it. Kakao games could only read this and sigh.
  12. Draconnix

    Draconnix Berserker 62

    Mar 16, 2016
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    Gw2 is dog ****, don't lie they have communication because they did **** on pvp for years.
  13. Wollbert

    Wollbert Witch 61 EU

    May 28, 2016
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    and still there are no stairs in rbf. naise
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  14. TeRRoRibleOne

    Mar 12, 2016
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    I made my final decision on node wars and sieges. The current node war system is somewhat cruel for a couple reasons. Allowing guilds to build on ANY conquest node no matter what they own already seems a little unfair. Yes there are more nodes open allowing people to participate in siege but I don't think the higher tier siege guilds should be building on the T1's. The only reasoning I can even make is to get fights because last week my guild had multiple snipe forts on a T2 and T3 resulting in no fight at all. Also the choosing of people who to use during a fight is somewhat messed up. Essentially the lower you get, the likelihood of the people chosen are going to be from the god tier classes even if those others ones can out kill them. Or a guild leader will choose people they like better even if they aren't better.

    As for siege I somewhat like the new changes as far as timers go and not allowing the use of medkits. This allows for guilds to actually have to learn to fight each other using tactics instead of just ball vs ball and medkitting who's left after the engage. There is a negative though which relates to the lack of the dev's not even coming close to finishing their nerfs. Currently the top siege guilds are trying to "purge" a majority of the melee classes who aren't "god tier". Most of them only want the following in their set-ups: witch, wizard, striker, mystic, and beserker. The reason for that is because striker and mystic are tanks. Beserker are also a somewhat tank with ranged attacks that do damage. As for the rest of the classes not mentioned there they are being found as useless as they have no range attacks and are not tanks for witchards to do damage. So for as far as fun factor goes, they have really failed yet again as guilds are purging the non-god tier classes now.
  15. Ticket

    Feb 29, 2016
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    Another week with no response to the community. Another week with no patch notes to address the glaring imbalance that they have created in this game after it has been live for so long. It appears more and more each week that they are only here to do what they want as Dev's and not listen to the community that lets them work!

    Below is a ticket response I received from a GM "player support".

    LEAST THE GM's admit to the balancing isn't finished but what is this week 7 with no noticeable changes to improve this **** storm we have that we call PvP/Node wars.....

    GM Azurtle (Black Desert Online)

    Jul 26, 14:52 CEST


    I am GM Azurtle and I will be assisting you today,

    I understand from this email you would like to have your thread reviewed and responded to as you feel that communication is lacking when it comes to the issues you mention. Please know that our GM team will always be here to assist players, old and new. We also always endeavor to provide amazing support and assist players in whatever ways we possibly can.

    So first up a little something about myself, I am GM Azurtle, I am a member of the Player Support team so I am not a developer or a member of the forum team so I won't be able to give indepth answers to your issues but I hope that I can shed some light on them.

    The first step I've taken is to pass this thread along to both the development teams and the forum team, while the devs love to frequent the forums they often prefer to keep to themselves as they are unable to dedicate the time that would be need to conversing and replying to the different issue and threads that come up on the forums, not saying its impossible but it is unlikely but that is where the forum team come in as they would hopefully be able to get a response for you and help to update that thread.

    Alright with that out of the way I will be hitting on the few things I can assist with or comment on.

    I can see from reading the thread the biggest things you wish to have addressed would be.

    1. More communication from the teams to the players.
    2. Closure on the Pvp changes
    3. Pvp/Siege issues in general

    So lets start with the big one. Communication. This has been a topic we have been working on (ironically) mostly internally. The idea being we are creating a better internal infrastructure such as direct routes for information between teams alongside increasing the people on the frontlines such as on forums and social media so that we can get information out to players frequently.

    This is a massive conceptual overhaul as it involved a variety of teams and tasks and while we hope to get this implemented and running smoothly in the coming months it is not something that can be done overnight. While we understand players just want to hear more about patches and upcoming changes and why those changes are happening this can be an incredible balancing act as while we wish for players to know what to expect we don't wish to start building expectations that can be shattered.

    One big step forward with this would be the Lab Realm, this would be a way to introduce players to the patch cycle early and to allow us to get feedback on changes that aren't quite ready to hit the servers just yet. This would allow for more focused and direct feedback.

    To summarize we are working on implementing changes to how we interact with the players through various sources such as social media/tickets/forums and hoping to continue to build on this. I know this is not a direct answer to your question but I want you to know that we are aware of this issue and it is a priority for us. To that end I have requested that we get more frequent is less impactful dev dairies released at a semi regular basis.

    Pvp changes (Renown,CC changes etc).

    While this might more so be for the pvp changes overall then the recently overhaul we will never be finished tweaking and changing aspects of the pvp systems as to strive for balance we will always need to play an active role or stop development and as BDO is a growing MMO we don't plan on stopping any time soon.

    In regards to the Pvp overhaul in which we changed up things like CC and added the Renown system, the bulk of these updates should be mostly done, in saying that we are far from done. The point of the updates was to add my valves and levers to each class that can be turned and tweaked to buff or nerf them. The whole one combo thing stemmed from a problem some classes had in which the would be 1 trick ponies and if that trick was strong the class was just strong and that was it. The balance was very swingy and not enjoyable for anyone involved so we had hoped to open up more avenues to balance classes by shifting power around their kits and this process is very much still underway as I am sure you will be able to point to a class that is either under or overtuned currently.

    Pvp changes (focused)

    So last up was some of your wider points such as asking if a particular clip is a good indicator of where we want the changes to be and classes not having the tools others have such as grabs or super armor.

    The CC update is still very much underway, a large portion of the skills in game apply either hard or soft cc and there can be a variety of interactions due to combinations of these CCs (Stiffness being a great example as initially if you had several sources of it you could essential reduce a person down to a crawl) each of these situations and combinations are being reviewed and tested with each patch and it will take time to find a place for all the CC changes to feel completely balanced if you run into a situation that seems out of place please report it as player logs and information is a great boon to our investigations.

    Node and Siege wars are also undergoing some massive changes as we just announced the other week and we will be looking into the militia systems and other problems with them as well.

    Overall we are just working to improve the game as a whole and to do this we need players like yourself to keep pointing to the issues you see and asking us to investigate and so I would like to thank you for taking the time to write up your thread and I hope that some of the things I have said today will address some of your concerns!

    If there is anything else we can assist you with today please don't hesitate to contact us again either by re-opening this ticket or creating a new one.

    Kind Regards
    GM Azurtle
    English Game Master
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  16. Ticket

    Feb 29, 2016
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    @CM Yukimura or any CM GM that is lurking in the shadows.

    You stated that communications was a primary goal and that communications would improve....We haven't seen a post of our feedback nor and updates from you since the beginning of MARCH.

    THAT IS 4+ Months of NO communications.....what is your definition of improved communications?

    What is the plan to improve the PvP scene and the class imbalance that the Dev team has created? What feedback have you been providing? I would like to know because we are NOT asking for graphic improvements.

    Your Concerned Gamer
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  17. CandyCat

    Mar 26, 2018
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    Lol, this threads gonna get pulled down faster than a bride's nightgown.:O
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  18. Ticket

    Feb 29, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Good I'll keep remaking it until they actually go through with what the stated as a company.

    They need to start somewhere! Plus this doesn't break ToS, so if they pull it down RM :)
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  19. Factorial

    Sep 24, 2017
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    the russian, japanese, and sea publishers seem to know how to do their job. those regions are getting the little content the game has to offer

    what is kakao busy doing? making partners with cheaters such as @Blade Boques
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  20. JM

    JM Tamer 62 NA

    Jan 31, 2017
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    If we could just get some honest communication I would feel so much better. But it gets tiresome week after week without even giving us a nod that they hear the concerns and are trying to convey them to PA.

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