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[Suggestion + Feedback] Partnerships/Trading for characters

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Shyela, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Shyela

    Jan 27, 2019
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    The idea of "partners" in game

    The idea to have this was to have it where you can connect to another account/character(only one character per account, etc) and having perks. It could be a couple, a marriage, 2 best buddies, siblings, etc. With this, there'd be hard work to try and get together to make the perks better, etc and help everyone.

    <3My husband and I play together a lot, and it's so much fun. However there are a lot of times where he has something I need whether for a quest or for some crafting, etc. He can't sell it on the market, give it away, it's useless except for maybe 5k silver. It's a waste.

    I propose we bring in a buddy system. Whether it is through accounts, or through just one character. Meaning we can trade some items through the trading system to help each other out.

    Now with that being said, this can OBVIOUSLY be taken advantage of, and that's why I have an idea to help everyone, including Kakao Games making money. :D

    Here are the rules I am proposing:
    Make a quest that you both have to do as a little story line to get "married" or "common-law" or "business partnership", and you can choose where your "hometown" is, and you can only trade in that town(like the Elonian Priest for example as a the NPC who has the quest). And have it where if it's marriage, you need a tux/wedding dress, and you have to grind(in harder areas, like 180-220 AP areas, but not a super rare drop like that Intricate pattern stuff which is ridiculous) to get the mats to get an NPC to make it(part of the story line), and you have to wear these outfits and be in your hometown to trade anything. By the end of the quest line, you can connect the 2 characters/accounts. If it's common-law, let them wear the same outfits, like the tux/dress and same with the partnership. Or make a new outfit for the other story lines, etc.

    Each day you play together for 2 hours(or more, maybe 3-4 hours?) you get a coin towards your first perk(Can only happen within the 24 hours of reset time). You need 30 of the coins to hand in to the a NPC you got the quest from to get 1 new different coin to trade with your partner to set up the next perk and the next 30 days.

    Every 30 coins you get a perk. HOWEVER, these items once traded CANNOT be placed on the marketplace or sold at a vendor at all. However can be traded back and forth between the 2 connected accounts(certain items can only be traded once, depending on rarity).

    I suggest this for every 30 days:
    • 30 Coins: You can trade common crafting materials and green tools(ie: Logs, Meat, Hoe, etc)
    • 60 Coins: You can trade food and blue tools (ie: Cron Meals, Crispy Fish, Steel Axe, etc)
    • 90 Coins: You can trade green gear (ie: Grunil, Seleth, etc)
    • 120 Coins: You can trade uncommon crafting materials (ie: Traces, Powders, etc)
    • 150 Coins: You can trade yellow tools and common crystals(ie: Shining and Lucky tools, Green and Blue cystals)
    • 180 Coins: You can trade common enhancing items(ie: Black Spirit Stones, Sharp and Hard Crystals, etc)
    • 210 Coins: You can trade transportation(ie: Registrations of Boats, Mounts, Wagons, etc(this includes their upgrades too, etc))
    • 240 Coins: You can trade blue gear (ie: Lemoria, Akum, etc)
    • 270 Coins: You can trade rare cystals (ie: Jin, Won, Red Crystals)
    • 300 Coins: You can trade yellow boss accessories (ie: Crescent Rings, Tungrad, etc)
    • 330 Coins: You can trade boss gear (ie: Kzarka, Dandelion, Dim Tree Spirit, etc)
    • 360 Coins: You can trade costumes, pearl items, money(ie: Certain Pearl outfits, Certain Pets, Certain Value Packs, max amount of money can be 50mill silver, etc)
    More to come...?

    D:<With all those nice perks, there are also some bad things that can happen if you "separate" or get "divorced". If that happens both of you need to agree(unless the other person has been away for over a 2 week period, then they can separate on their own), and you have to give all your coins back as well as pay a fee of 50mil silver. You then have to wait a week before you can regain the quest again for a new partnership.

    Now I did say Kakao Games could make money with this, eh? Well here are some items I was thinking that could be pearl shop items:
    • Outfits (2700 pearls each): The outfits, like the tux and dress idea can be bought, instead of going out and grinding the mats for it(however each "partnership" will need new outfits so this only works for the one).
    • Speed up Coins (1500/3000/4500 pearls each): Buy a special coin to speed up the process by 10 days/20 days/30 days.
    • Divorce Papers (2500 pearls each): By buying this, you will nulify all penalty of the divorce; including the silver, and waiting period.
    • Time Warp scroll (500 Pearls): Using this will make it so you do not need to play the max amount of hours to get a coin and will reduce it to 1 hour.
    • Re-Value item Scroll (1500 pearls): Using this scroll will make it so you can put 1 item that you have traded have value again(ie: It can now be put on the marketplace/sold to a vendor. Enhanced items will not work with this).

    To add in some notes(I'll add more if people suggest more here):
    • The outfits are useless and have no DP or AP or anything and only used for trading with that one person(if you divorce, you need to give the outfit back to the priest/NPC). Each new "partnership" you need a new outfit, whether you grind or buy from the pearl shop.
    • Maybe add in new outfits depending if people don't want to marry? Or atleast make it so that two males/two females can get together for the "marriage/partnership". Cause not everyone plays all males or all females, etc.

    P.S.: Sorry for any typos. <3

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