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tamer is even weaker and more pathetic than we thought

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by irrelevant, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. I also play witch and she has similar gear as my tamer, just a little lower, and yeah it seems like monsters and PvP baddies die more easily but I think it's just an impression due to diff play style tho ... Yeah maybe reasoned tests are needed #reasonmatters
    Anyway as @Ashenvall said it's not the end of the world if there are some issues because other classes have them too, there is no need to act highly emotional, and offend others, even if you have invested a lot of time in a class umm didn't you have fun in that time? Time is not lost #timematters
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  2. Poko

    Dec 1, 2016
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    Im not arguing with u anymore. If u dont enjoy ur class, dont play it just because all of the time youve invested. When this game ends, ALL of your time will be a waste and you will have nothing in return. Even worse, you will have years of playing something you didnt enjoy. If u rerolled, at least you would enjoy your time and eventually be back up to where your tamer is. U get all the skills at 60 now anyways. If u complain about tamer THIS much, u cant be having that much fun. U should seriously consider rerolling or at least having a second main rather than an alt. I play sorc, and as much as u think its op, it has many flaws. I also have a brain dead wiz and striker alt to mess around on when im tired of the disadvantages.

    Overall, once this game is over, all of your time is wasted. Video games are a waste of time. Whether u enjoy it or not is the main fact in making it worth it, and it doesnt seem like you do enjoy it.
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  3. flukeSG2

    flukeSG2 Tamer 60 NA

    Feb 18, 2016
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    I love how all the good tamers agree with lemon despite his aggressive approach to the problem. I also love how all the people who get rekt by those good tamers cry about it because they got their **** pushed in.

    In a game designed around large scale group fighting, everyone is so quick to remind us "but temer op in 1v1, lel" ****ing idiots.
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  4. irrelevant

    irrelevant Fiery Tamer 61 EU

    Jan 19, 2016
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    there's really no point arguing with words because everyone can say anything but not everyone can do anything

    there's a reason why most of you here are completely unknown

    My only hope is that somehow this will reach a staff member that matters (linked to him by one of our CM's/GM's or he randomly stumbled upon it) and then he'll check everyone's credibility while reading their posts and realize that what i'm talking about actually makes sense and deliver us justice

    the thing is, i don't wanna bother with the forums at all cause arguing here is a joke, cause i've never met a single person who argues in the forum in game that's good and that i didnt beat something like 15-0 or 25-0 because they are completely oblivious to how bdo works but if i don't post these things no one else would and at least now there's a 0.5% chance that maybe PA will see reason while if i don't post there's no hope at all

    i don't even wanna talk to you people, i wanna share the issues that the class has with people like Aethon or Jouska or some GM that can link stuff to koreans but yet all the trolls in here just infest all my threads because they don't play the game (because they can't since their delusions don't let them get far in the actual game) but troll the forum for their own twisted entertainment

    when i play a game, i don't respect a person who can't play the game as much as one that can and i give way more credibility to the good player than the bad one because if he became good he must be doing something right in the first place

    the next time you go to do pvp and perform horribly just remember that its your forum attitude that makes you do horribly on a regular basis, because in the forum you can be in conflict with reality but in game that'll smack you right in the face.

    by the way, if you play a game and if there's someone that has better results than you then you should look at that someone and see what he does better than you and actually learn from him. You should never give your opinion about balance if there are people who do better than you in front of your eyes because they show you what's possible that you're incapable of doing. None of you here are best of their class so none of you has even reached the max potential so you basically all have l2p issues, while i don't know a single tamer that performs better than me on average in group pvp or siege kda or duels BUT EVEN IF THERE WAS ONE literally every active tamer player that does pvp actually agrees with my opinion so even if there was one we would share the same opinion because you don't need to be a rocket scientist to see reality as it is, just reasonable and fair .. and like i said, you don't get good at pvp without being reasonable and fair, that's how we know a certain person here will never ever be a good ninja and no one will ever consider his name when talking about good players
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  5. CarL

    CarL Musa 56 EU

    Feb 20, 2016
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    When will tamer finally be nerfed?
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  6. As soon as I denied with my post your emotion-driven assumptions:

    You started messaging me in private with personal attacks and more emotion-driven irrationality, cowardly not replying to me on the public forum, can we stop that please ...
    There is a channel to contact the staff directly at https://blackdesert.zendesk.com though if you want to post on the forum then "unfortunately" you have to put up with the community, which is a nice community imo if taken with rationality #reasonmatters
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  7. irrelevant

    irrelevant Fiery Tamer 61 EU

    Jan 19, 2016
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    yea i wanted to write to support but there isn't a graph where you complain about class balance and i already made tickets bout the bugs

    as for the private message, i asked you to stop talking to me (yet here you are, quoting me once again) and to stop harassing me (yet here we are, you told to 5 + of your troll buddies to harass me even further) and then you answered with "sorry i dont read most posts " (basically confirming that you're just here to troll since your posts arent related to threads or to issues)

  8. It wasn't me starting the private conversation in the first place ? Which started with personal attacks so it was futile to read everything in the text umm anyway as I said the forum consists of all the people in the community and it can't be barred to members unless they break the rules so back on topic ...

    IMO your discussion in the old forum was structured pretty well and would be a pleasant read for anyone I think you can elevate a ticket to the senior staff members and they surely wouldn't mind reading something of the like, best of luck [​IMG]
  9. Muesticblade

    Muesticblade Kunoichi 61 EU

    Dec 2, 2015
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    Kakao needs to be blind if they never saw a post from irrelevant. All of them have good points but saying stuff like "tamer is the worst of all classes by far" etc doesn't help at all, it just lures all the people in your post to shittalk you, you shittalking back, they shittalking back and so on. Yes Tamer is worse on some stuff than other classes and PA should finally fix broken stuff (some tamer skills, some kuno skills, wizard being able to block, ..etc) and im sure most classes have something that isnt working properly. Also desync is a really gamebreaking issue, for some classes way more than for others because of their design.
    Sadly we wont see anything of their "balance" in form of rabam+absolute skills for a while because they prioritize stuff like kama and mystic and rate class balance as a big update that needs to be scheduled behind and not simultaneously. (Maybe they do that because not doing it in the same order as on KR would break a lot of things and they dont want to be bothered with fixing that)
    But MOST important would be a desync fix imo.

    Also pls pm me who the best kuno is on EU so maybe i could learn something new (quit people dont count), I actually learned something on paiz stream when i randomly tuned in like 2-3 months ago that i didn't know yet.
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  10. WastedJoker

    WastedJoker 60 EU

    May 7, 2016
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    As a former Tamer and current Striker all I'll say is there are only 4 classes I truly hate fighting; Tamers, Ninjas, and Musa/Maehwa.

    Tamers also do all damage types with their skills - not many classes have that perk.
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  11. LogicaI

    Sep 20, 2017
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    @irrelevant As alice said. http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/...ass-in-bdo-and-it-even-got-nerfed-last-patch/

    And i have quoted this same logic in the past, Your previous thread on the old forum was actually pretty well informed. Well written and full of a bunch of factual information.

    Unfortunately irrelevant you don't carry yourself here the same way you did in that post. If you truly care about changing tamer for the better and you believe in those things. Then please refrain from the current attitude you now exude on the forum as it makes it impossible to take you seriously.

    I realize many are toxic in the face of your opinion. But doing the same in kind or acting defensive/aggressive back at those who are aggressive
    further invalidates your opinion.

    So because i believe many of the issues you bring up with tamer to be true , by testing and by reasoning,i ask that you realize not everyone on the forum is out to defame/disprove or break down your research and testing on tamer and try to come at this from a different perspective with a new attitude. =) have a good day.<3
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  12. It's so true, I wasn't much surprised to find out that my skills are also magical since you can see flames and sparkles sprinkling from staff moves (like Legendary Beast Dance), knowing that now I rhythmically shift on the sides (Leaves Dropping) to enhance the magic damage, helps a lot against baddies [​IMG]

    Edit: not remembering skill names earlier [​IMG]
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  13. Velexia

    Mar 21, 2016
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    You mean literally exactly baseline defense and 2nd best offense? LOL.
  14. Kurotori

    Kurotori Kurotori Tamer 60 EU

    Feb 25, 2016
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    I don't post very often on the forum and I don't have a good english (yes I know it's a very good introduction).

    But let me tell you what I think about the Tamer class. I play tamer since the release and I love this class, it have a large pannel of action, a lot of cute anim, need training for realy exploit all this possibilities. It's fast, nervous, does great dammage, have a lot of mobility.

    But suffer a lot of bug. Like all the class, and I know that. So just imagine, you play a class that you love the mechanics, the skin and the skills, but they are not relayable. You pass a lot of time to train and master all the apect of the class, but one by one they are stolen to you. And new class or other class that you beat before destroy you. Then you normaly be mad.

    I understand that the void travel was a broken mecanics. but for me the tamer is like the mechanics of the void travel, it's a squishi class that do a lot of dammage, and escape as fast as it can.

    Now tamer do a lot of dammage it's true, but when it does dammage she can't protect herself. The mobility skill that would have a SA don't work properly, the ingage skill don't have the block who it must have, Iframe don't work a lot of time, grap is don't releable. and it's continue.

    I think Lemon don't think tamer is the lowest class, because it's not the case, tamer is good, but I think, tamer have a lot of problem that destroy the games mechanics of the class. And when you had past a lot of time in training, in tests, and practice, and you see tat other class can do exactly the same with less skill, and less stuff it's very disgusting.

    Yes Heilang it's very godd, and save my life a lot of time, but also a lot of time he do nothing, and it's just a jerk.
    Yes we have a lot of CC's and we can chain cc's with the grap. But we don't be the single class that can do that, and our cc are the shortest of all.
    Yes we have mobility. But with awakening all the class have gain the same mobility of us, and for a lot, bigger mobility in shrt distance, that it's game breakier for class assassin like tamer that need speed engage/do lot damge/speed desengage. Now all the class can chase us and kill us when we are weak.
    Yes tamer is a good class. But in fact is not as good as peaple think, obviously because we don't have a lot of tamer and peaple don't train with good tamer (that are, we can tell that, rare) and so peaple don't know all the weakness of the tamer (and they are a lot).

    So tamer is a good class, but not an over power class, just a missunderstand class, that have a lot of weakness, and some of them can be resolve simply, because they are bug.
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  15. Narsi

    Feb 15, 2017
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    THIS !

    INSANE DMG !!!
    OP cry about low survivability lets talk also about insane dmg and that bugggy dog...!!!
  16. Columba

    Feb 28, 2016
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    why is this terrible player still in this game?
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  17. damascus

    Jun 22, 2017
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    Lol, I have a feeling I've run into you a few times while out grinding... :D
  18. Lystra

    Lystra Katzeshi Wizard 61 EU

    May 13, 2016
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    IDK man i'm starting to lose hope Pearl Abyss will ever do with that unbalanced class. I've been hoping they'll bring a round of nerfs by the time they introduced Striker, but apparently they don't mind Tamer being overtly unbalanced and overpowered, even though it would be so EZ just to lower base damage of skills and lower pets accuracy + HP. As of now any Tamer can just faceroll, press few random buttons and dominate 1v1, while also being quite strong in larger PVP :(.
  19. Nomos Shrugged

    Oct 25, 2016
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    Tamer is the one class I have issues 1v1ing as Warrior
  20. PandaPolishesPotatos

    Jun 18, 2016
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    This is ****ing great.

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