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The Curse People of Manes~

Discussion in 'RP' started by Xiomara, Jul 23, 2018.

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    The Curse People of Manes
    By Nura Arella ~

    The People of Manes were a prominent people of high class and wealth beyond dreams. They prided themselves on their farmland - the rich soil grew just about anything. However the people who lived there were also known for their foolish pride and cruelty towards others. An old woman from Heidel had lost her wagon and carriage due to an attack of bandits while traveling from Heidel to Altinova. Although she fought a brave fight, the damage was already done. Her carriage was destroyed and her horse slain. She had but one option and that was to get to Manes. She knew of the tales and heard about the people there but she needed shelter for the night.
    The walk wasn't easy for the old woman. The stiffening of her joints made the walk unbearable.
    Meanwhile, the people of Manes were celebrating another successful harvest. Food was abundant. Their livestock flourished and they prided themselves on having the very best in all land. That night was the night of paying their devotion to their Lord Kzarka for yet another plentiful harvest season. The celebration consisted of sexual relations, drinking, and sacrifice between the adults.
    As the old woman finally walked up to Manes, she started to feel tired, her feet were blistered, her body bruised and sore from the attack.
    She didn’t want to stop at Manes but she was parched and she still needed a place to stay for the night. So she reluctantly walked into Manes.
    The people there looked down on the old woman and sneered at her as if she were invisible. Feeling disgraced, she made her way through the square.
    One of the leaders looked at her with disgust and was appalled she even step foot in the square.
    She begged and pleaded for a place to stay for the night.
    Becoming bored with her muttering nonsense, he gathered up the leaders for a tribunal.
    They formed a circle around the old woman.
    “Here, we will help you out” one of the leaders boasted while tossing useless items at her. “That should be enough to help you.. you old hag!”
    Breaking the circle, they spun the old woman around to face the people standing in the square.
    “We shall give her our finest silk!” one of the other leaders shouted.
    Stripping her in front of the people in the square, they put an old dirt sack on her weary body for her to wear.
    “We will give her some of our finest foods!” another leader shouted.
    The people in the square took handfuls of rotting food and tossed it at her. The stench of the food was so foul the leaders had to take a step back.
    The old woman fell to her knees as she tried to shield herself from the incoming barrage.
    “We will give this old hag the finest DRINKS!” another leader shouted. Tipping his cup, he slowly poured liquid onto the old woman. The old woman coughed and sputtered. The booming sound of people laughing at her was all that she could turn her concentration to.
    Three men came from behind her and dumped a massive barrel of pig waste on the old woman. They tied her ankles tightly with rope and dragged her into the dirt, mud, and rocky path around the town square. The leaders looked upon the event but did not mutter a word. They laughed and watched with personal satisfaction. They lifted their glasses and toasted to one another.
    After about ten minutes of being dragged, kicked, and spat on, they didn’t realize that the old woman had finally departed from this world. They shouted and proclaimed it was their sacrifice to Lord Zarka. When it came time to dispose of the old woman’s body, they hurled her over the cliffs and into the DimiRiver Bank .
    The area immediately began to shake. Buildings crumbled to the ground and entire families were crushed by the debris. The plentiful land that was once fertile now lay uneven. The people then suddenly took notice of a physical change in their appearance. The looked at each other, completely stunned at the events that had just taken place. They were mutating into horrible beasts. It was only moments before their minds went into a frenzy; their bodies now rugged and grotesque. Some of them started to attack each other, killing and eating the livestock. Their sacrifices cost them dearly. Any human emotion or appearance they had was gone and replaced with something very animal-like. What remained was a body and mind that matched the depths of their wretched souls. They would pay for their sins.
    The people that did survive took shelter elsewhere in which we call Wandering Rogues Den.

    -If I posted this in the wrong area I didn't mean to that just simply direct me to where it needs to be posted and I will do that thanks again ((digi hugs)) Nura Arella♥-
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    Such a good read ^^ I would love to read more of your ideas for this game.
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