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Thousand Years War (Otters vs Papu)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by LordSeige, Aug 14, 2020.


Is a good way to revive Papua Crinea?

  1. Yes

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  1. LordSeige

    Feb 14, 2018
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    Info obtained from multiple guides:
    Adventurers who have completed the Papua Crinea quests and received the transformation scrolls to turn into Papus or Otters can keep gaining amity with the Papus or Otters and join them in the battlefield. When a battle breaks out, an alert will be seen throughout the server. If you want to participate go to Papua Crinea, then transform into your Papu or Otter form and volunteer for your side in the fight for pride and glory!

    • The Thousand Year War between the Papus and Otters of Papua Crinea seems to have rekindled.
    • Every day, the Papus and Otters will battle it out on Bloodshed Beach, in three random servers.
    • If you are in one of these servers when the battle breaks out, an alert message will appear on your screen.
    • Transform into a Papu and Otter and join in the fight! The battle should last around 20 minutes.
    • You can exchange your loot from the battle for Rainbow Fish Bone Coin or Rainbow Petal Coin.
    So... the first problem:
    Three random servers (There are no statics like horse race, nor info like red battlefield to know where they are.
    No ones knows until that happens so no one is going to maintain an stationary character in Papua Crinea waiting for it, and there is no way to teleport to the isle in that 20 minutes frame.
    That's lead to null expectations of participation.

    We need to change some things to make that a doable event, and maybe enjoyable for many...

    - Fixed times and servers (like world bosses)
    - A way to move to the island in time (we all know that the island is in the far extreme of the map so nobody want to move from Valencia or Mediah, and less in a 20 minutes time frame), so maybe a teleport like RBF.
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  2. BlueSatin_old

    May 18, 2020
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    I can't vote... but seems like a good suggestion.
    Papua Crinea right now is empty... soooo empty.

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