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Traces of the black spirit raw guide

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by Angar, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Angar

    Angar Angar Sorceress 62 EU

    Mar 20, 2016
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    For velia is the order in which i found them and NOT THE ORDER OF THE PAGES.
    There are duplicates.
    Take it or leave it.

    DISCORD FOR TRACES https://discord.gg/Ge8sxeW

    Different spawns on different channels for every player. Because enhancing rng was not enough.

    Velia2 Santo mazi: behind him. to the platform where the npcs are
    Velia3: church behind the temple
    Velia4: Corridor behind tachros
    Velia5: Bridge opposite side of tachros
    Velia6: right of storage npc
    Velia7%8: Face tachros. Go straigh right to the other side of the road
    Vel9:Next to indasil (check images bellow)
    Vel10: check images bellow
    Vel 11: Face Bahar. Behind the left horse inside the stable
    Vel12: roof 3-2 vel13: barel roof 2-1
    Vel14: destroyed house next to artemio flaza
    Vel15: David Fintos tavern. Right outside of small entrance
    Vel16: Face blacksmith. Turn 180 degrees ad go behind the wagon on the other side of the road
    Vel17: Klau npc (old moon). Pigs. Platform on top of them.
    Vel18: Behind Alustin
    Vel19: See Vel15. Cross the road. On top of the big rock
    Vel20: 2 boats on top of 1 platform near the night vendor
    Vel21: Roof behind cmp npc (yep got 3 doubles somehow)
    Vel22: Face storage npc. Go left to the docks. 3 barrels. On top of 1 of them.
    Vel23:On top of the roof behind bahar

    Heidel: WIP. In page order.

    Heidel2: Left of wyrmsbane Heidel3: Right of Cleia cmp npc
    Heidel7: Behind Tapu (the one left of the blacksmith)
    Heidel8:Roof of the building where Ficy is.
    Heidel9: Face cmp npc. See the road behind it.Not the 1 in your right. Behind a chicken.
    Heidel10: In the right corner of the room right behind of storage npc.
    Heidel11: Face Olivia. Look up and see the castle. Move right so you can see the flag. Go there
    Heidel12: Check 04:01pm message above
    Heidel13:Face Lebyos. Look up and to the right. You ll see a small tower.Behind the tower is a wall with a door. Should be on top of the wall.
    Heidel14:Face fusto. Step to the right. Go straight till you see a table with barels and boxes on your left.
    Heidel16: Left side of 7-4
    Heidel17: 5th tent to the right of Lebyos. 1st one is the big one behind him
    Heidel18: Fountain near ornela
    Heidel20: Behind Siuta

    Calpheon Coming soon™
    Page13 Behing scarlet bal6
    Page5 near elina leight on the statue bal6
    page14 next to rubin
    page18(?) center of calpheon arena
    page9 Near thecian
    page15 table infront of storage npc
    page6 behind dobalt
    page2 the fountain in the garden north of 2-4
    page4 close to 1-4 or 1-5 to the side of the church
    page3 inside church. locate statue with 4 small carpets on each side. Hidden bellow one of em bal6^--
    page19 behind harden bal3
    page11 infront of fredelles herba. other side of the road. invisible bellow an umbrella
    page12 close to 1-5 inside a fountain
    page15 behind storage manager
    page8 locate the small 2 bridges that create a square to the left side of calpheon. To the garden south of the right bridge
    page 10. Right bridge from the one mentioned above. Like, to the other half of calpheon. There is a boat on the river. trace is there.
    page20 near ddimanthor
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  2. Oldar

    Feb 9, 2017
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    Where are those images? :P
  3. Kurano

    Kurano Kurano Berserker 63 NA

    Mar 30, 2016
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    Image of what the "marks" look like?

    Nevermind found it.

  4. sthammack57

    sthammack57 LedHammack Lahn 62 NA

    Apr 11, 2016
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    It's a "raw" guide, you get no images. #smileyface
  5. Angar

    Angar Angar Sorceress 62 EU

    Mar 20, 2016
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    #5 Angar, Jun 5, 2019
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  6. Andaro


    Feb 8, 2016
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    I do hereby bump this topic ^_^
    Great to see positive work in helping fellow players

    The event discord has a nice structure of images and help for the event.

    Perhaps Pentra & the discord staff might consider turning it into a full time BDO Event Discord OwO
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