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Wagon Transport System - Not User Friendly

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nicci, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. Nicci

    Dec 16, 2017
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    I was kind of indifferent when the transport system changed from 100-anywhere with more limitations to fixed wagons with more destinations. I liked having more destinations, though the wagon limitation really made the process of transporting cumbersome. I used to transport from EVERYWHERE it seemed like. I used to almost constantly have that 100 count maxed. Now I am much more prudent with my transportation, limiting it and doing more on my own, which is inconvenient. I can live with that much of it, though.

    What I don't like, however, is the draconian specification of "wagon in use" concept. I'll use my recent experience to explain. I ran out of Value Pack which cut 2 lines out of my bank and character inventories. This put my Velia over the limit and shut down my workers. I had little space on my character, and a ton of things shipped to Velia. I needed to mail out items just to clear space. I'm juggling items left and right between my character, the marketplace, the bank, mail... and I only had 3 slots of bank to work with. Seeing as how the mechanic is that items have to be in the bank before they can go into transport (I don't understand why I can't load the transport wagon from character inventory, I think this should be an option), I and shipping things 3 at a time on the same wagon.

    This is a problem with the current system. I'm still in the process of loading a wagon and have not used the "20/20" slots that I am supposed to get. If the current system decides that it's time to ship, it doesn't care if I still have space on the wagon, it just ships it off and whatever was on it went, and that wagon is out of commission. It's out of commission until it's run a whole course of slow-traveling, meanwhile my own personal playtime was interrupted trying to do menial work of inventory space management, and I can't even finish and have to quit and leave it for the next day when the dumb journey is complete.

    The suggestion here is simple. Instead of the draconian 1-wagon, change it so that the wagon represents the use of a particular line: i.e. Velia>Tarif or the like for that wagon path. If the items shipped, allow players to continue to use the remaining unused spaces. It's not like we know when those things are going to go out, it's all a big mystery and very little in this type of regard is communicated with players.

    wagon transport system.png
  2. Nextgengame

    Feb 8, 2020
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    No ****, the whole UI is not user friendly as ****, and their recent changes only made it worse.
    Don't even hope that they will fix it, they are completely incompetent in UI design.
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  3. Lord_Xenon

    Jan 12, 2019
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    You have 5 mins instead of x seconds to y mins to load the wagon.
    Only up to 20 instead of up to 100 to a location.
    Limit of 5 different compared to the up to 100 transportations.
    The + weight limit is good.
    The 5 min transport is good in most cases(before you had to wait up to 1h due cycle).
    -- the maximum transports. This was a huge step backwards. I used, as you, the transport as a handy storage but this isn't anymore.

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