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Staff Response Weight Limit Display Bug

Discussion in 'Bugs - Archive' started by Himmelsfall, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Himmelsfall

    Mar 16, 2018
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    Hey Guys,

    i just started grinding after the patch and found two different bugs.

    Bug one
    first of all i get two times the weight limit on my screen. left side from minimap and bottom of the screen next to black spirit icon. The "number" of my limit is not the same in the top and bottom display.
    This can be seen in screenshot 1 and 1.1
    After a while the number updates but i guess the math behind both numbers works differently so it it wrong for a while or at least not the same.

    Bug two
    if i have both numbers at the sam % (e.g. 109%) and i use my storage maid only one number will decrease. This can be seen in third screenshot i attached.
    the bottom number is correct. The top number needs some time to update. sometimes just a few second. sometimes a serious amount of time.

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  2. GM Dew

    Game Master

    Mar 11, 2016
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