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What changes would you like to see happen?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Muhaha, Jun 21, 2020.

  1. Muhaha

    Muhaha Valkyrie 62 NA

    Feb 19, 2016
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    Aside from PvP, once changes from global labs hits live servers, I'm sure everyone will have something to say. So don't want get too much into pvp just yet, unless its not going to be affected with the global lab changes.

    For me,
    1. The camera bs changed, get close to a wall and can't see anything. I can usually just look down quick enough, but when it happens out of no where in the middle of a fight, it can be annoying af.~~~Hit a wall, instead of it zooming your camera in to the point you can't see anything, have it push the camera upward to be looking down, always showing your character.

    2. Star's End, couple things could be fixed, like teleporting mobs that either take no dmg until they finish teleporting during their attack, or somehow get stuck hella far away from where they came from and become immortal.
    Other thing, auto pathing to and from the daily npc near the docks, it runs you right through a rotation instead of taking the normal clear pathway.

    3. Kratuga, needs a NPC/Revive area (been a long while since I've pvp'd/died in there, maybe they changed the rez spot? couldn't say.) But last I recall, rezzing at the safezone took you out of the area. Which means if you don't have another claw or seal, you're screwed. And for those that don't have enough storage maids or a horse whistle to get their horse in, are screwed over once they get full on weight.

    4. Protected Area/Ellion's Blessing, really need to be looked at. ~Either turn PA into a guild skill that the gm/shotcaller/officers can use from a hotkey, PA-ing everyone... Or add a debuff to PA to keep it from being chained. Like a 30s-1m cooldown that keeps you from being PA'd again or something of the sort.

    Aside from T1s, wars are pretty much whoever has the most PAs wins. I feel like PA kinda ruins the entire concept of 'play what you like' when it comes to wars. Speaking of T1s, honestly wouldn't be surprised if lack of PAs keep some from moving to T2+.
    Aside from those, I'm still waiting on new RBF maps/modes. :D
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  2. sajdas

    Apr 2, 2020
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    great post in my opinion, so lets start

    for me:
    1) give deaths in arsha server a meaning - if someone die twice to the same person/party/platoon, he will be forced to respawn only at town and not a safe zone. (also, disable elion tears from arsha server)

    2) make it so that once a player attack you/cc you, for 10 seconds any death will be count as pvp death and not as pve death (this one is for all channels) - this will prevent mobs feeding or accidently deaths from mobs while fighting other players.

    3) make it so t1 will truely be for low geared players/new players - make a special npc that sell T1 gear (with variations, you can choose a full dp, hybrid or full ap builds) that can only be used while in the node war time and area, any other gear wont works there. - this will prevent "exploits" that players use to bypass the caps such as extremely high max hp, special items with modifiers while still being at the max ap and dp of t1 and 346 dp for the 20% dp bracket).

    4) fully agree with you here, PA should become a self buff for the classes that already have it and give an aoe PA for GM/officer/shot callers to use once every few min with out chaining it.

    5) the mandatory request for true challenging and engaging pve group content which is also rewarding for progressing on the same level as grind.

    6) since you mentioned rbfs, i would like to see the hp of my allies to know if they need healing or not (why do we even need to ask for it and its not there by default -.-)
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  3. Stealthe

    Mar 29, 2019
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    All those would be great improvements for sure.

    -The camera angle while against a wall is definitely something that could use change.

    -As a wiz I would also love to see PA removed from wiz or make it apply to self only and change it to be viable for self use only.

    -New RBF areas would obviously be a plus although im not sure on a detailed level what would be the best way to do it since it isnt really a map but an actual place in the world.

    -Maybe change the current rbf area once a week maybe?Maybe cycle through a set of maps.
    -Maybe turn an unused grind spot into an rbf map?
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  4. Oldar

    Feb 9, 2017
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    All these are great ideas. Nevertheless, I would divide the suggestions into 2 categories: Technical and Marketing.

    In the Technincal category I would add what you already mentioned. I would also add

    1. When a player is being attacked by another player, the attacker should not have the opportunity to change his gear so that he could give to the other player who he is defending his post karma bombing. That is a huge negative design from the devs imho. Maybe I can accept the fact that the defender can do that. But it is not fair for the attacker when he sees that he cannot win the battle he started to do something like that in order to get away and send the defender to jail.

    2. Make the Rift Bosses challenging. There is no fun in fighting the same bosses again and again and again with different tier difficulty and the only thing that changes is their health pool. This is rediculous. Tier 1 RB, are being killed in 10 secs and I see 3 to 4 attacking mechanisms, and when it is Tier 5 I kill it in 2 mins and I see the exact same mechanisms. Where is the fun in that other the time I waste killing those for the rewards? I would suggest to re-make the design of Rift Bosses and add more rewards. It is a shame that the tier 1 RB has almost the same rewards with the tier 5.

    - An idea is to make the Rift Bosses like WANTED Quests. You can choose which one you should take. Some bosses are easier if you take them with certain classes. That case you can decide what to take according to the class you like to play at that time. Each of these quests will reward you with one token according to the boss difficulty. Having e.g. 25 or 50 tokens you can trade them with something the boss you killed had e.g. a weapon skin, a class costume or in case of Kavali a horse costume. Devs can decide if the players could sell those in MP or they would be family bound.

    3. Fix the auto-pathing system in the land and in the sea. Although the current system is something the game needs, it is far too old and it is such a shame to have to watch your character walking miles and miles of the game map that takes whole minutes in order to go just to the next door which is 2 secs away.

    In Marketing area, I would advice them to do something that imho would help a lot of players as all the cosmetical and so called "convenient items" such as pets, costumes, value packs, are more hard to get than ever these days... That indicates 2 reasons: Either those who are playing the game and were providing the MP with all those goodies they are not interesting in doing that anymore OR they have stopped playing the game. Both of these reasons are bad for the game and the playerbase in general.

    So, in the marketing section I would suggest:
    1. Let the players who are buying costumes with real money in order to have the crons and valk's from those to keep them both AND the money from selling them in MP. In that case all those costumes that are going to waste otherwise will make at least 1 more player happy. In this situation, the seller (who bought the costume with real money) when his items is getting sold in the MP, he receives the silver plus the number of crons and valk's in his game mail. The player who bought the item he can no longer sell it except from either wearing it OR destoying it for crons and valk's. Even if they allow him to re-sell it, he would receive only the MP money and not the other materials.

    2. Bring more reasons for players to buy VPs, tents, costumes etc. An idea is to give more motives. I would happily buy more pearl items if there was an event with 1+1 VP, or 1+1 Costume etc and not just some sales. That would make more players to give you more money and they could help with the stacking pile of pearl items that are being asked in the MP.
    - An idea would be for a specific period to allow players to buy items the MP needs the most (VP, costumes etc.) and give them 1 of the same item as a gift. So, lets say a player is buying a VP for 15 Dollars/Euros. He would received 2 items: 1 would not be placeable in the MP BUT it would be usable by any family character and 1 item he could sell in the MP (it would be unusable otherwise. That way they buy what they want, they earn a little extra in silver and they make another player happy.

    Thanks for reading this.

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