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What happens after lvl 50?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by AndrewChar, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. AndrewChar

    Feb 27, 2017
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    So am a returning player in the game. Sure a lot of things have changed but I haven't played the game for a year. The only thing I remember from the last time I played the game was to kill things until I reach a higher level build up my strength and that's it . Sadly I never gave much attention in quests, only in the beginning when I was at a lower level.

    Obviously as a first timer in the game with a year without playing it it's like am starting from the beginning again .Right now am a bit confused on what to do. My first character is a Valkyrie level 50 since the last time I played.

    Now I set some goals to reach a good armor set and get a better AP and DP. Sadly I don't really remember on how to do such thing. I tried to follow some guides in Reddit / YouTube and other type of forums but sadly I don't really understand what to do.

    Is there any way that I should farm for example (from lvl 50-52 kill this mobs) then from 52 to 54 kill that mob. Is that how it works? Also about armor and weapons what is the best way to get a better armor farm it or make some money to get it from the marketplace ?

    Last but not least since I am a returning newbie I haven't had the chance to see how it is to play as awakened. Still I don't know how to unlock the skills for that. Is there any specific level for it or i need to reach a specific amount of combat points?

    I know it might look confusing to many people but I maybe have reached level 50 but I don't really know the game. I thought that starting the game from the beginning would be a good idea but I still have hope to my level 50 Valkyrie .

    I would like to know more about it but right now it feels a bit hard to me. So I would like to ask for any tips suggestions or recommendations to understand better the game and what should I do once I reach 50.
  2. Unranked

    Unranked Unranked Striker 64 EU

    May 28, 2017
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    1. how to reach higher lvl?
    Either join a guild and ask someone to boost you (lvl 58 shouldnt take less then an hour these days) or grind mansha's catfish or ruthum til 53-54, then move over to mediah and use helms/sausans/ironmine/rogues/manes to get urself to 56

    2. how to get better ap/dp?
    Pick everything up those mobs from the previous answer dropped, sell it and buy better gear. repeat this progress on stronger monsters everytime your gear grew enough.

    3. how to awaken?
    When you reach lvl 56 the blackspirit will give you a quest, follow that quest and you will learn the skills and get a simple awakened weapon
  3. Phoenixxx75

    Phoenixxx75 Lahn 61 NA

    Feb 24, 2019
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    Do all the black spirit story quests as you will get some really good rewards including decent armour and weapons. You also get a lot of silver and black stones and failstacks from the quests.
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  4. Angar

    Angar Angar Archer 61 EU

    Mar 20, 2016
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    Do all the main quest lines on your main. The rewards are great for a new player and you also get a lot of cp.

    Google for bdo valkyrie discord server and join it. Read the #faqs_and_guides. It has checkpoints for everything including armors,weapons,crystal setups, skills, add-ons, combos.

    Join a newbie friendly guild that can guide you to whatever you may need.

    You awaken at 56. To start this you get a quest from your black spirit.

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