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What I note from playing the game, what would make the game better for me

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by TwinDenis, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. TwinDenis

    Jun 15, 2016
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    I am a relatively new player to the game and would like to share my experience thus far, I have been slow-leveling my character over the months not really focusing on leveling and feel like I level fast from whatever I do which makes me feel like I always do the right thing in the game which for a sandbox game fulfils its role.
    So the positives about the game for me are of course the combat, the PvP, professions and exploration.
    The negatives would be for some the grind (if I was a hardcore, but even as softcore player I like grinding from time to time),
    some p2w elements getting addressed with rewards which do the same things and limits and so on (I got Pets for free and blessing of Kamasylve for free too) which is nice, I can also say that personally the graphics are cool and of high quality and low quality depending on how you look at them, as a 3D Artist I can say that the job done is not of the highest quality, I would say it is a rushed work seeing how much copy paste the game has and how few customization options it has, I mean sliders are cool and all but technically they are not a big deal, hairstyles and other features are what I see as quality and so far I only see a few of appeal especially in male characters.
    The game has heavily focused on making the game realistic and looking amazing while utilizing many of the same assets per biome.
    In games I like 2 things and in online games 3 things, graphics (Good Performance+Good looking design and style), Gameplay (combat +content) and social aspects (Mechanics that Encourage social interactions).
    In my experience the game lacks some of each, in gameplay it lacks some content and to be expected since the game released not long ago but time has passed and we have seen progress on that, on the social aspect I see a great deal of lack, at least in the initiation phase where you get to start interacting with someone, most people are afk thats the truth either that or doing grind competing for spots or pvping depending on the individual player, I have tried several times to interact with players in the world or in the chat which lately has become a chore in and on its own. I come from most mmorpg games and from that experience I make my comparisons to see those missing key things (for me).
    For graphics I feel like its lacking in performance and while it looks initially cool if you play for a few hours it becomes non-relevant how realistic the game looks but there are immersion-breaking things happening, I feel like pearl made the same mistake as Square Enix with their ultra focus on graphical fidelity and rush to cover as much ground as possible in the least amount of time, rather than focus on key features and performance. Personally seeing an item randomly popping up 1m in front of me if not right in front of me is quiet weird, at least the way it pops up is sudden and feels out of place. I noticed though they made improvements on the performance though the game needs some more polish, it will still look amazing while keeping the performance on a very good place, also the copy paste materials that we notice I believe should be replaced gradually as they keep on developing patches and updates to the game, some of which are the copy-paste faces on certain npcs which after a while feel weird, it feels like they photographed 4 random people from Europe and pasted their face all over the world of black desert. I feel like black desert is fully able to develop its graphical style as the game progresses, keeping its semi-realistic approach while running perfectly fine even for an action combat game (which by the way can be more taxing than a traditional mmorpg tab targeting game). I believe that the fact that they made their own engine for the game is a very good start and polishing both the engine and the game to match the needs of the players can easily be achieved seeing how they should have full control over their own engine.
    One more thing that might sound weird that I do not like as much is the energy system, seeing how I was used in those mobile and facebook games where developers would make people use energy so they either pay and such, then again after a while it gets pretty normal but as a new player it made a bad impression, that and some other stats such as strength, in general there are many unwanted features and many loved ones that I believe the devs should look into, I urge the community to start more suggestions and share their opinions here on the forums on things they believe should stay or go and of course why that would be the case.
    For me the game has a lot of potential and if they manage right the game can be a bigger success.
    I guess thats it, The point of this post is to make everyone who has their own idea of how they want the game to be to just post about things they like or dont like and what they would do to fix them so the game improves, I also encourage the admins to promote such suggestions to Pearl Abyss for them to have a better idea of what the players want the game to be like so they can have a better guideline to make proper decisions. In the end what makes a good game is good design decisions and being in touch with the audience/playerbase.
  2. Shastalya

    Shastalya Warell Musa 50 EU

    Jun 6, 2016
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    That was painful to read, some space please. .

    And suggestions are useless, not effective and memed inside.

    Bdo is grind till you get 250 ap then full on lagfest from a badly optimised game as a reward.

    De Nada.

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