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What the game needs (In my perspective)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Vanessaa, Sep 4, 2020.

  1. Vanessaa

    Feb 19, 2016
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    So here are some of my suggestions:

    - Party gameplay should not be punished but rewarded or kept in the same spot as a solo farming. Party loot would increase in parties and split between the people.
    - Harder scrolls meant for party play, for those who are not in a guild.
    - Nightmare Guild bosses.
    - Guild house + Decorations.
    - Treasure hunting.
    - Hunting Grounds for parties that work like Blood Altar, with normalized mobs and bosses in each room. (much like dungeons, but works the same as Blood Altar. but to enter you have to do so at the entrance and give tickets.) Different ones for different gear scores, with a different kind of rewards not overpowered.
    - World Boss- Rework. The world boss rewards are quite bad and everything can be bought in the market, but why not make unique account/character bound rewards?
    - Reworked Skill Addons because most of these are totally useless. Some Class-specific addons.
    - Shift E Buffs ( Not all classes should get the same buff " Crit+ attack speed) These would need to bring a different flavor on each class out.

    The next thing that would encourage party play, but not taking away too much. and making some class balances easier to manage. Just suggestions but something similar.

    Tanks : ( Warrior, Striker, Mystic, Guardian)
    - HP recovery skills
    - Defensive buffs
    - Higher base HP
    - Selfish buffs
    - Taunts

    Things to lose:
    - Damage

    Support : ( Witch, Wizard, Shai)
    - Better group tool buffs
    - Better situational and support skills.
    - Better debuff skills

    Things to lose:
    HP recovery skills. ( Not skill addons)

    Pure DPS : ( Maehwa, Musa, kunoichi, Ninja, Ranger, Archer, Lahn)
    - Weakening skills
    - Making some skills perform better, in certain situations.
    - Situational selfish skills

    Things to lose:
    - Lowering HP- Recovery from some skills.

    DPS/DOT+ Crowd control : ( Dark Knight, Sorceress, Hasashin)
    - Better damage over time abilities.
    - Curses
    - Enemy markings ( health steal for a party, mana steal, etc)
    - Crowd control skills

    Things to lose:
    - Lowering HP- Recovery from some skills.

    Next are some classes I think are/should be hybrids

    Valkyrie = Tank + Support
    - HP Recovery Skills
    - Taunts
    - Better Group and self-support.
    - Party Buffs

    Berserker = Tank + DPS/DOT
    - Higher Base HP
    - HP Recovery Skills / Health steal
    - Damage over time

    Tamer= Support ( Pet) + Pure DPS.
    - Heilang higher supportive skill buffs
    - Situational Selfish skills
    - Better Heilang mount skills and combat.
    - Higher Damage.
    - Hp recovery skills.

    Each class should have their own identity but this would make some classes perform differently. These changes don't need to define each class, but add something new to the game. Still, think these changes would make the base game more balanced. PvP would still require not to get one-shotted and these changes would make people need more DR.
  2. BlueSatin_old

    May 18, 2020
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    A group incentive is not a bad idea...

    We already have that "wifi signal" icon to identify who is around you and count the kill (if any quest require of it) for the two...
    So maybe some type of EXP / drop increase for party groups may be effective to get rid of the "Spot Taken" scheme.

    A 2.5% drop rate increase per member around (Total of 12.5% in a full party)
    10% EXP increase, 50% if the party is completed. (That's maybe is to much, but is about do a calc).

    No one can deny that the groups in that game are grossly underrated and need something to enhance the experience.
    After all, it is an MMORPG.
  3. Alodylis

    Mar 6, 2016
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    Instanced party farming maps that share loot rewards at the end. Would give a currency to buy stuff plus loads of silver.
  4. LlamaSpeed

    Jan 28, 2018
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    pretty much asking for a whole new game with some of these suggestions, while I and probably most like and agree with the ideas black desert is in a state where its path is set and these kinds of things are just not what pearl abyss is looking to do, aside from group content though they're starting to budge on that.

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