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Will PvP focused MMORPGs Always Fail?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by WastedJoker, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. 2Cents

    Jul 26, 2016
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    This isn't the same generation and not the same environment. If you simply give vague directions in a MMO like BDO nearly every player will just look up in the information or give up on it.

    A better solution is "live events" similar to what Rift tried to do. You just encounter a situation and go from there. No need to follow a set path, you just come across an event while travelling, grinding, etc.
  2. Zascha

    Mar 15, 2016
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    Live Events is something I had considered. But, I'm not sure if what you're talking about is what I was thinking about. Most Live Event activities in games simply fell by the way side, because the development team simply didn't have the ability to keep up with it for a substantial amount of time.

    As far as players just looking up answers, I'm not so sure they would. Certainly, a large majority would. But a substantial amount, I would say even more than half, wouldn't. The Secret World had some pretty significant puzzles in its quests. Some of them were maybe a little too vague, however. Point is, often, players gave the puzzle a decent go before they admitted defeat.

    And besides that, I think looking up the answers to the puzzles isn't really that big of a deal. I mean, a player could do that if they wanted to, sure. But even if they did, the puzzle is only half the problem. The other half is literally getting to the puzzle point. All the strategy guides in the world aren't going to actually get you to the place you need to be. Again, Dark Souls is a great example of this. I read LOTS of strategy guides on that game to help me out. My problem wasn't that I didn't know what to do. My problem was that it was just stupid difficult to actually pull off. So having the answer is only half the battle.

    And besides that, you could use something like what Shadow of the Colossus uses as far as leading the player. In that game, you press a button, and your guy raises his sword. The sunlight bounces from the blade and points you into the direction of the next Colossus. Certainly, a game guide for something like that would help you just go to where you needed to go, but that only works because where you need to go in that game is pre-scripted to follow a certain path and order. You can take the same mechanic, and remove the pre-scripted nature. Where you have to go could literally be anywhere in the game world. You just never know where the next place will be.

    There's always a way to overcome these kinds of challenges. Too often, people think of reasons not to do something, instead of thinking of ways to overcome the reasons not to do something. That's how you make the original idea, which is already pretty good, better.
  3. Brutex

    Jan 9, 2016
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    your still joking right? there more pvp no more then ever.. just since January the 3 biggest battles ever took place and huge war in all of null and low sec.. with the additions CCPhas made this game is full on pvp.. and its more alive the ever.. The addition to steam has brought in soo many players and now that CCP made it so you can level up faster to catch up to the older players..**** is going down baby wooooooooooooooooo i wanna play eve now ..bye

    I honestly think you dont play eve and never have, you would never say something like this if you did? everyone knows EVE is getting even bigger with steam players, so much so they had to get custom made servers to handle to population (KAKOA, you could do this to)
  4. Wyvinters

    Wyvinters Sorceress NA

    Apr 11, 2016
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    Are you daft? He said "PvP focused" not "PvP" you're taking it for face value.
    Holy sh*t. The game is PvX. Most PvPers and veterans at that hate this game because
    the game doesn't encompass for PvP entirely like it "Advertised" it was.

    The game's two distinctly different pvp modes are open world pvp (randomly killing people) and node wars.
    That's it. Nothing else. You kill people in Red Battlefield the same way you kill people in open world.
    You kill people in Arsha the same way you kill people in Red Battlefield the same way you kill people in open world.

    Node Wars is literally the only thing this game has got to entice people, and its usually only the newbie PvErs
    that got their arses handed to them that complain about it all. That or really bad pvpers. No true PvPer
    would whinge and cry about karma. It's part of the flawed game. Git gud and learn to deal with it / get better gear.
    That's why I was laughing my arse off when they introduced the pvp servers that hardly any of the people that cried about it use.

    Simply, don't like it? Don't bother with it.
    ^ It's something so hard for these idiots to understand.
    They would love the game if they didn't get inconvenienced.....but that 'inconvenience' is part of the flawed game.

    Whoever is determined to own the spot and outfarm the other for its purpose (usually of farming, and not pissing on someone's parade)
    will keep the spot while the other out of "COMPETITION" will be forced out. They're basically blaming themselves and not realizing it
    because of Logical's whole point of people getting lazy or accustomed to laziness. They don't want that inconvenience coming their way.
  5. PandaPolishesPotatos

    Jun 18, 2016
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    As much as I hated ESO before I got banned, it was a good MMO at the start and could be learned from. The way they went about doing PvE alongside PvP was great for the first 2 years. PvP had leaderboards, ranks, stuff you could get from PvP currency. Sort of open world area and tons of gear sets to **** around with the way you wanted to play. PvE had leaderboards, smaller dungeons for 4 mans, larger dungeons for 12 mans. Certain gear could only be obtained through specific PvE quests but then they added it to a PvP vendor if people wanted to get it that way. But then after about 2 years they introduced a system that vastly overhauled progression, made a lot of things meaningless, kept giving us new gear that broke the game and went unpatched for a while. Neglected classes that needed balancing changes forever and just stopped giving a **** about PvP.

    BDO's PvE endgame IS NON-EXISTENT and just serves as a mean to establish a way to make money for the PvP endgame. Which you know, is fine, I think the way BDO does PvE is fine. It's like a shitty Facebook game, log on, milk your cows, make some money. Some people enjoy that, fine. But the way they went about doing PvP and gear is so infuriating and backwards that I don't understand it, PvE is a requirement in BDO due to grind required to even begin to be competitive in PvP, and because you need a way to make money. You can't do that through basic PvP. Now I understand why they did gear the way they did, and there isn't a way to change it, the gear in BDO is the progression system, because level is pretty much irrelevant. It just sucks that it's so RNG-based and the way combat in PvP works is totally non-reliant on intelligence but your gearscore, yes, I know exceptions due to absolutely retarded players are a thing but still, gear makes too much of a difference in PvP. That said I do very much enjoy the combat in BDO, even with the shitty desync, blatantly overpowered classes and gear-gap. It can be loads of fun, or make me saltier than the dead sea.

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