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Wizard need gear advice.

Discussion in 'Witch/Wizard' started by bydlaq, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. bydlaq

    Sep 13, 2017
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    Hi guys, i am writing here in hope to get some advice about gear progression in EU.

    All the boss gear i made myself except TET Dande, its from market. I also have PRI Urgons (may change them Muskans)
    I sold DUO Ogre (1,2bil) to afford more things, bought TRI Serap's (320mil). Rest of accessories is a mess i guess.

    I never grind, i focus on questing/exploring, alts questing, solo SMH, active fishing, cooking/alchemy/processing (no gathering tho, hate it) ALL with casual mindset, so my income is rather garbo. I also occasionally PvP on RB.
    I also promissed myself not to touch enchanting past TRI... (Tho with bunch of scrolls +50 from events and AoV i may try one day one item)

    After selling ALL my things from events and my life skiller life i have around 1,8 bil to invest for gear from market.

    So i would love to get some advice what would be best upgrade for my current gear?
    Especially now when everything is on market and rather cheap. Do i care about DP? Or should i only focus on AP on accesories. What should be cost of upgrade for like 1AP?
    I still didn't touch Kama and that new G..something area, planning to do all quests there soon so my current gear may not be enough. My gems are basic so may invest in those too.

    Thanks for any suggestions and time reading this :]
  2. Nycroyse

    Nycroyse Nycroyse Ninja 62 EU

    Jun 22, 2018
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    As first thing i would get 2x tri ring of crescent guardian or eye of the ruin kings, tungrad/narc earrings and tri basilisk belt
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  3. WhySoSeeryus

    WhySoSeeryus Wizard 63 EU

    Jan 31, 2018
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    do grana questline twice for 2xgrana earring or at least once for grana +anbelief earrings.
    do valencia quest line and get ring of power. (if u have 2 characters twice) or get one and get TRI mark of shadow/TRI kagtum ring/duo crescent
    keep urugons, sell muskans

    gem for pve(ap in weapon, offhand), u r not pvp ready anyway. be cautious to have 5 cast speed with crystals (any viper in gloves u can afford will do the trick).

    with this gear u should do most of valencia grindspots comfortably and efficiently (well, those one shot areas at least)


    cheapish and should be effective for pve until u get more funds. there are some more expensive crystals but they will increase your damage so its not really bad investment.
    keep in mind breakpoint u should definitely reach with sheet ap is 209.
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  4. LRG


    Apr 1, 2016
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    You want the Urugon's. They are flat out better than Muskan's, and you have a Griffon's helm which increases the value of DR you gain from Urugon's. Since you don't really grind, you might want to consider selling that TRI Kutum and replace it with a Nouver. You're a Witch/Wizard you want AP, nothing else really matters. The extra monster AP from Kutum isn't really helping you because it's overkill in the places you're able to grind with your gear. The raw AP from Nouver would be more beneficial imo.

    There's a questline once you finish Valencia 1+2 and Kama 1+2 for a DUO Crescent equivalent (11 AP) ring, so that's something easy to shoot for.

    61 is a fairly easy grind. With it giving a TRI Crescent equivalent it is advantageous to push 61 along with the free DUO from the quest rings actually aren't the first acc to focus on anymore IMO. With those two free acc in your back pocket you could focus on a TRI Basi or Valtarra belt and end up ahead in sheet AP and save quite a lot of money. Hitting DUO on that Okinrad's belt is also a good idea because it's cheap, it's good, and it's a great backup.

    TET really isn't so bad with AoV, but you should really focus on getting better accessories.
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