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Discussion in 'Gildenrekrutierung' started by Skarmon, May 22, 2019.

  1. Skarmon

    Jul 19, 2017
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    Hello BDO User, welcome to our Recruiting from WANTED (SERVER EUROPE)!

    In BDO there are very many Guilds, and I can say from my own experience since I was in 7 Guilds before as a normal member, and I noticed they had a lot of issues. So i decided to make my Own Guild, to do something for the players that want to enjoy BDO the way I do. As an old player the lack of organization and knowledge in many guilds are very dangerous for especially new players. The fact is the new players get fed with the wrong information, and because of it they waste time and the guilds leadership does not care about it. They want to have a big member list, but internal they have 70% blue contracts and just 10% active players. Why make a Guild if you do not take your responsibility lead? Why not use the power to grow as a team and bring people together to better gear and a better guild economy by following a plan. We are always working towards improving the guild, and fix issues when they come up to make it enjoyable for all. Since I started this Guild, we changed a lot and the guild Wanted rose up in a very positive way beside up & downs! Along the road we have gained a lot of experience and use it to lead the guild more efficiently. The fundamentals of our guild, we created to enjoy BDO, work 100% and we have results from players that got 450-500 GS in only 2 Months.
    All the knowledge I have from playing the game since beta I compiled into a list of guides that all our members have access to, that way our members have a red line to follow and it is up to date from 2019. We are now looking for new members and working on new Content like NW & many other things. The Base is set up; we have: all the skills in the Guild Tree, Guildhouse, Guild Ship and the Mounts for NW are in the stable. Now we are looking for PVE/PVP Players, that really want to focus on the Hardcap, and want to be part of a very efficient and active Guild with a great attitude, where you get full support as a member. For every Invite there will be a pre chat in Discord Voice, that will be a must, cause we wanna keep up the social part, and shows if it fits for both sites. in game, you can whisper the in game Family name ( SKARMON ) or you join our discord straight away.

    Discord Invite Link:

    Please be pationed when we can´t answering in the first minute, but no worrys, we will registrate it and get back to you as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

    What we offer:
    Full guild buffs, self made PVE & PVP knowledgebase, huge weekley payouts through SMH between 400-500 Millions a week for T10 + daily payments.

    Requiremnts and must have:
    - discord and working mic
    - Entry Age 25+
    - GS 500+ or 300 CP <-------------- this requirements just a red line, cause we wanna make sure the player is active and not only here for test BDO from a free trial weekend. We don´t wanna waste time and also we are looking for active once.(Real Life is Nr 1)

    What we expect: active & loyal members with teameffort!

    For more Informations join our Discord like following:

    Please join our Discord now with your BDO INGAME FAMILY name and class ( Not Character Name! ) EXAMPLE: Skarmon [Class name between those brackets].
    To rename you in discord to your ingame family name / right click your name in our server and save. Thats very Important to Track you ingame to whisper you, otherwise you get kicked from there:

    Talk soon
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